Monday, October 17, 2011

KOM making a return!

Oh god. There are no words for how much I've missed blogging on Stardoll's King of Media. I miss all the drama created from the whole Maggie spreading a virus to my numerous fights with Tylerisbold. I treated this blog somewhat as a diary/gossip blog and I've just miss every moment of it. As I accepted an offer to write for Stardoll's biggest and baddest blog Stardoll's Most Hated, I basically said screw you KOM I'm moving on to bigger and badder! But I think it's time for a comeback, lets attempt to awaken Stardoll from this "dark age" and get our fun back!

Stardoll's King of Media will be getting a makeover (once I find a graphic designer), but I was hoping some of your lovely followers would help me with a theme.

Also, if you feel you are a perfect fit for Stardoll's King of Media, please message me via dollmail. My username is Elite-girl and I can't wait to hear from you all! I ask that you bring a playful personality, easy to work with, and you must be a trustworthy person(basically the polar opposite of Missmileycyrus9). Other characteristic, aren't as important to me so don't be a douchebag/douchebagguette.

I'm also in search for a manger of the blog, when I'm absent your boss.

Fino alla prossima volta il mio amore.