Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I was notified recently by Stardoll user hay_lin75 about the Dollacker that's sweeping Elites one by one. Stardoll user, McKenzie1379 has others worried, because he was hacked and lost about $8,000 Stardollars worth of clothes. The hacker sold all of his rares and kicked him out of every club he was a part of. Read his comment in writemarycat's guestbook:

His presentation also asks that everyone pitch in to repay him...

Hm, is the Dollacker real or is this just a myth to trick users into giving away money. All other evidence has been deleted, and his guestbook has been shut down.

Party with a DIVA!

The girl who has been featured many times on best dress lists To_Royal, will be throwing a party that you won't wanna miss! The theme is Viva Las Vegas other wise known as The Sin City. I can already see the many great outfits inspired by the 7 deadly sins and show girls.

Can't wait! Here is the Invite.

The History/ What Really Went Down

I recently spoke with Vasia28 about her history with findurlove, and this is what I learned:

Me: Okay, so how'd you meet findurlove? Are you guys aquaintances in real life?
vasia28: No,I have been knowing her on stardoll for like a year ,I met her in sumer 2009.We became friends and later in the winter we became bffs and we used to talk everyday pretty much about everything
Me: Soo when did she start acting strange?
vasia28: when she starting hetting too much fame ,I guess,fame and glory make people acting strange
Me: Did you ever confront her about it?
vasia28: no,she was still my friend then :/
Me: So, you just pretty much left it alone?
vasia28: yeah,actually,it hadn't influenced me then.
Me: When did it reach the point that you had to do something about it?
vasia28: Well,I was so pissed when she made the eternity contract and she only mentioned her name and manolosand they called themselves owners,while we were all supposed to be equal.
Me: What did she contact Eternity for?
vasia28: well,she made a contract to make a deal with mary,the contract was saying that DG would own eternity mag by then
Me: So, is that why you left?
vasia28: I left,because they broke their own rules and actually the idea of a ''group'' was mine and I left by saying '' I quit,now you can own anything ,even people'',I remember it like it happened yesterday :(
Me: Wow. So have you recently talked to her since the incident with Eternity and the virus?
vasia28: yeah,we had made ''peace'',but she did that with the virus 2 days ago
Me: When you asked about the virus, how did she respond?
vasia28: sloane asked and she said that she did not know what it was,while she knew it was a virus and she started laughing -.-
Me: That's defenitely low. Have you talked to her since the virus?
Me: And do you ever plan to?
vasia28: I blocked her from everywhere when it happened :/
Me: Do you ever think you will unblock her?
vasia28: No ,I won't unblock her after what she did to me and my friend and she even planned it!
Me: I wouldn't either. Last question, where did you meet her?
Me: Like you said you met her over the summer, where?
vasia28: I added her on stardoll and we started talking through messages at first and then skype :P
Me: Hmm, interesting. Well thank you for time, hope you have a nice day (:
vasia28: Your welcome :D you too!

So the virus was planned, and findurlove was met on Stardoll... What have we learned today? Never to trust anyone on the internet!

Why did she really leave Dioguardi?

Well yesterday we found out the reason why Vasia(Vasia28) left Dioguardi but really from Maggies(Findurlove) point of view, the real reason she left was because she wasn't being respected by Manolo and Maggie. Here is what Vasia had to say about the leaving...

"We used to be really good friends,but one day when she made the contracts for E,I saw only her and manolo's name on it as owners of dioguardi group and I got mad,since I found the idea of ''the group'' when I wanted to create a magazine and manolo said that we would be all owners,all equal and it was fair. Well,I told manolo how I felt and he said that he did not know what to say ,since I was right and she promised me that he would fix it .The next day maggie started ******ing at me on skype and I told her ''I quit,now you can own everything,even people'' You can also contact Karla,because she knows what happened and she was angry,too. By then,I quit dioguardi group and dioguardi couture later and I did not want to join again,I was not welcomed anyways. After it,Manolo hired emma and nicole to replace me and he was like wow,emma is so amazing and innovative etc,obviously he was telling me those things to make me feel less good at what I did. Some months later,Manolo announced that he would leave sd and that he would give dioguardi to maggie and emma and when we had a conversation on skype,I told him that every single decision he took on stardoll was naive and he propably got offened,while I just wanted to help him and she told emma that I DID NOT LIKE HER,JUST BECAUSE I TOLD HIM THAT HE TOOK NAIVE DECISIONS. The next day manolo had completely left stardoll.Now,about the virus thingy,maggie and sloane made a convo on skype in which was me ,charlotte,sloane and maggie.They wanted to create a fake fight between us :S Later,maggie sent that link and sloane asked her what it was she said that she did not know and then she told us to did not mind,but how the fack couldn't we mind when we clicked? then she started laughing ,using the laughing smiley on skype and then I got the facking virus and my computer facked up,I felt so much hate and I was too angry ,I was ready to do a virtual murder lol then,I blocked maggie and maggie also left the convo. I also got told that maggie is a big liar,I don't wanna say who told me but ''Well, we were really good friends awhile ago, and she kept telling me these lies! Like she went to a really good college, Oxford, and she couldn't spell. :p And how she was 17 and going there. It was unbelievable the lies that she told me! :p '' that's what she told me .I just cleared everything,maybe maggie is not that lovely girl everyone thinks she is ''-.-"

I said all I could say about the drama between them.

I need your opinion, whose wrong and who should apologize, Maggie or Vasia?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Teach that bitch a lesson?

Just when we think it is over, its not! Since the whole Dioguardi chaos neither Vasia (Vasia28) or Maggie (Findurlove) has really, truely gotten along. One of the girl was holding a grudge and was planing on teaching a bitch a lesson! Well I was contacted by Slaggot out of the blue saying...

"I wasn't going to say anything, but since all that DioGuardi drama has finally aired, I thought you might want to know: about a week ago Maggie and I were talking, and she was telling me what went down. She thought that Vasia totally overstepped her bounds, and was starting to take her (Maggie's) control away, so she says, and I quote, "I need to teach that little ***** a lesson".

I had no idea that the lesson would be sending a ****ing virus, or that she thought I had to be a part of this lesson too :s. I think the link thing is a total ****ing cover because she was bragging to me earlier that her computer has all the top notch virus protection stuff on it, and that it would be impossible for her to get a virus. She just knew a friend had a virus and copied that so she would seem innocent, even though she's totally not.

She's such a lame poser who has fooled loads of people, myself included for the longest time.


Well if Slaggot is tell the truth than Maggie's side of the story was all BS. But every thing seems so sneaky, I mean the supposed friend of Vasia's, Sloane could have told her that Maggie had it out for her and that she was planning on doing something to teach her a lesson. I hope Sloane wasn't behind this, by the way thing ended I would not think she was part of the virus spread.

Vasia Revealed !

Hey everyone, it's Rachel again ! So, I was speaking to Vasia (Vasia28) on skype just a while ago. We got on the topic of a recent post on here, then moved onto some old Diogaurdi drama.

Personally, back when Manolo (Manolo.Dicicco) handed off his company, etc. off to his co-workers, I was confused. Vasia had suddenly left, and I'd wondered what was behind it.

Here is the reason why Vasia left Diogaurdi Couture so suddenly.

Here, Vasia just let's me know that there was some animosity between some of the Diogaurdi workers, particularly Emma (mysecketlover) and her. Vasia says that it was without reason, and she began to dislike Emma due to mutual distaste. Apparently, the fact that Vasia did not like Emma was passed on through Charlotte + Manolo, if I understand correctly.

Well, Vasia wants to put it all behind her and 'clear everything around her name', hopefully sorting any problems out between Emma and her.

In this next one, Vasia recalls why she left the group. Manolo apparently had planned to make it that no one was the complete owner, and that everyone worked together. But, according to Vasia, Manolo + Maggie began to "act like bosses while they were not".

All I know is that Vasia still thinks 'maggie is a stupid bitch', and all of this with Diogaurdi was why she sent her the virus.

Confused, much ? Ahh, well. I'm sure we'll be hearing even more on this.


When did the hatred start?

As I talked to Vasia (Vasia28) and Maggie (Findurlove) today I found out that its not just that Maggie sending the virus that had Vasia mad its also when Vasia want to be apart of Dioguardi group she wasn't allowed.

As we all know Manolo had to leave his business under the hands of two others, mysecketlover and Findurlove. Vasia thought that she was a good candidate to be co-owner of Dioguardi as well but both Manolo and Maggie thought she didn't deserve the title over Maggie, and so that's what started the fuel between Vasia and Maggie.

That would explain a comment I seen on Haus of Sin that she posted, and it went something along the line "Manolo doesn't deserve all the credit, her barely did any of the graphics, the shoes he had nothing to do with". I'd show you what she said be of coarse Applead would deleted the post after realizing he was trash talking Manolo, his so called friend.

Well Vasia, I guess you can't be the co-owner of Dioguardi, but you could be the co-owner of my heart. If that makes you happy.

Updates + Fashion Post

Stardoll's slow this morning, but I'm positive something exciting will happen later on. It always does. Anyways, I just want to bring some blogs to your attention that I've found decent or of potential. So here they are !

This Stardoll-graphic related blog created by Louise (taloulaaa) shows that she has skill. She seems to be barely starting out on her graphics, but they're already tons better than what I'll ever be able to do. She also has tutorials, so if you're a beginner, I'd check this out if I was you ! ; )
This fashion-related blog here was created by Darling_Diamond. She & BrissieBella post an outfit that they like , rate it, and describe it. Sounds good to me. If you're looking for some inspiration, just check out this blog. I'll definitely follow this one!

Anyways, seems like the Stardoll Dollywood is getting back on it's feet. Thank God, I was beginning to get a little bored with the monotonous past months we've had. A ton of new blogs are starting up, from fashion to gossip alike, but most wont survive for too long of a time. Let's see who makes it.


Findur- Vaccine speaks...

So as we all know Vasia28 caught this terrible virus from Findur-Vaccine(Findurluv) yesterday. Vasia started to get pop-up and her computer just went out of control. Sad for Vasia, I guess her computer wasn't protected but lucky for Slaggot hers computer was. This is what Findurluv had to say about it all...

"As I normally do, I go on MSN and skype, My friend's window popped up and it sent me around three links, I opened them, and it took me to an Myspace profile. I immediately closed the tab and around 5-6 windows popped up, then my MSN chats froze. I signed out of MSN whilst it wasn't responding, and then talked to my friend on Skype; momentarily I lost control of my laptop, and it started sending all the messages to almost all my contacts, I went to each and every conversation and deleted each link, since I didn't want anyone to get what I got, so the last window that I closed was the conversation with Charlotte, Vasia and Sloane. Unfortunately Vasia opened it, and when Sloane asked what that was, I said never mind and :D, it was very shallow of them to be blaming me for something I didn't commit - of course, Vasia started freaking out, I told them what happened, no one believed me, and I just left the group, thinking there is no point in explaining myself to people who dont want to listen. Of course, not only Vasia's computer crashed, mine did too, and basically everything that my computer did, hers did as-well; moreover, I restarted my computer and everything stopped sending. If you wish to seek anymore proof, ask Aba (shake-something) herself."

I never knew pop-ups could access your skype or msn and start send links to your contacts. I don't know if I believe her because he she kept laughing at them but I'll leave the deciding to you guys, did she send this on purpose.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Clash of the Diaries

In my recent Stardoll searches, I looked for one of the best Stardoll diaries I could find. And I found it. Stardoll Style Diary, created by user, Psychotic-Freak; now this girl's got talent. Just look at her graphics on her other blogs. I enjoy reading her entries, they're very realistic. But there's also some controversy over her and Blake's diary, The Style Diary, even though they're two totally different blogs. Some people believe Blake copied Becka's work. I personally think they're both great and unique. Who's do you favor more? Comment and let us know.

A virus is being spread! What the victim has to say!

Earlier today I was in Vasia28 guestbook, just being nosey and I came across a posted Vasia posted in her own guest book saying "I HATE FINDURLOVE!" and after that message social psycho Slaggot post, "I KNOW VASIA! I FEEL YOUR PAIN!". So when I asked Slaggot what occured to make you and vasia feel this way towards Maggie, and she says,

"Me and Maggie (Findurlove) were chatting on skype and she sent me a link - and since we were chatting, and I trusted her, I didn't think that it was such a big deal and I opened the link. However, it turned out to be a ****ing virus - luckily my mom's firewall (yeah, I was on my mom's computer, without her permission - WHO WORKS AT A BANK) blocked it, which saved my life because it would have been catastrophic if it didn't. Anyway, after I asked her why she sent that, she started laughing. (WTF I know). My computer wasn't harmed, but she did the same thing to Vasia whose computer now does have a virus and whose msn and Skype isn't working - and she was also laughing at that point. However, when me, Vasia and Charlotte (who were in a group chat) asked her about it ... she was all like, I wasn't laughing (she was) and then blamed it on someone else, Aba something or other. She took no responsibility for totally ****ing up Vasia's computer and almost ****ing up mine. Both of us, plus Charlie are like totally ****ed - within reason, and ... she's got something coming to her. She totally used our trust against us and didn't even bother to come up with a semi decent excuse.

(Don't open links from her and DON'T TRUST HER if you know what's good for her - and Vasia will totally tell you the same thing)."

So Charlie (N1mka4eva) is a ride or die chick, stand up for her girls, I respect that. And well that Maggie better watch her back, because with three mad bitches after her she dead meat bb.


I'm a new writer, Blake aka -Pop_Tart-
The supreme bitch, Findurhate (findurlove) has committed the biggest mistake in Stardoll history- sending a virus link to the most popular members including Vasia and Sloane!
I was notified by Slaggot (Sloane) that she hated Findurlove and never to trust her. I already knew this because of prior scrapes with the uber-bitch, but I curiously asked why.
Apparently, Sloane and Vasia had gotten links from the devil, and upon opening them, they sent out viruses. I had my doubts, but Sloane even had screen prints! I'll post them here (7) and you can judge for yourself whether you're Team Stardoll or Team Mags. I personally am Team Stardoll, because the devil is just....ugh.


A little too similar...

Mosky-Magazine has just released the first challenge of her new project "Stardoll's got Talent". The challenge for the contestants is for them to create a graphic, outfit, or scenery of their medoll wearing a gown to a club or award show. This is a competition very similar to Miss_LolitaF "Big Brother of Stardoll", not saying Tiffany copyed but she had to see hot big a hit BBS is.

Mosky also uses the same grapic designer that Lolita uses, ForeverGorgeous. ForeverGorgeous(Lana) is the co-owner of Mosky Magazine(The Magazine not account) which had been in the works for like, ever. Lana also works with Lolita with her invites for BBS, and if I'm not mistaken does the graphics for Lolita's magazine(Lipstick Magazine) also.

Both Mosky and Lolita OWN club name after their usernames. The difference with this is that Mosky's club is bussiness, and Lolita is bragging about what she did to become famous, which was just whoring herself around at parties, but who doesn't do that. Lolita is manger of MoskyMagazine (The club) also.

Another comparison is that they both list there achievement! Who does that? Braggers! Or is it just one bragger behind two accounts? I wouldn't say they are the same person because I haven't talked to them personal, but with these clues I'm not to sure.

Most of you probably disagree, but comment and say whats on your mind.

Team Blake vs. Team Latte

So here's another post on the BMK club, yet again. But it revolves around a well-known Stardoll user, -Pop_Tart- aka Blake. A user by the name of LatteHoney's harmless comment sent him over board and into the Pacific. Team Latte & Team Blake; who's side are you on? Read the conversation below, and when you're done, be sure to comment and let us know who's team your on!! ( Looks like Latte's got a member!! )

Who are you for?

Elite Network Premiere Party

Hey guys, it's Erin again. In recent news, EliteNews's new blog Elite Network's invite is here. The blog is based on a media outlet, and will be showing series such as The Real Elites of Stardoll, and others coming soon such as Baya Lately and Drab to Fab. The invite is below:

So who's going to be there? Of course, I will. Will it be a success? Who knows...

BMK - Elites, only?

It's Rachel, here.
As a member of the BadMediaKarma club, I spend time looking through the topics. One, particularly, caught my eyes. 'Now, Elites only' created by Mary (writemarycat).

So, apparently BadMediaKarma is just for 'idea supporters' . I don't know what she means by that, but there is another club for the 'elites'. Sounds interesting. Also, there's an 'a list' , 'b list' and 'the media'. If you get mentioned in the popular blogs of Stardoll, that's pretty much an instant invite to the even more exclusive club.

Sounds like Mary has something of potential up her sleeve here, will you make it into this even more exclusive club? Who do you think will make the a-list?


Hello !

Hey guys, it's Rachel/Nik (firecracker.) here. I'm the newest writer for Stardoll's King Of Media. I'm not gonna tell you about my whole life, just a few key points. I'm a blogger, I've written with The Stardoll Freakshow and the Haus of Sin, back when they were up and running. ; ) Anyways, I'm here to tell you about all the latest gossip, fashion do's + dont's, and about anything that catches my eye in the Stardoll world. If you have any ideas or gossip - hit me up on my guestbook or through message.

Also, I'd like to promote The Style Diary, a new fashion-related blog created by Blake (-Pop_Tart-) . This is what he has to say about his new project :

"The Style Diary is all about my outfits and makeup in Stardoll. I will include a picture of the outfit, the inspiration, and my input on the outfit. I will occasionally invite others to have one post about their outfit of the day. To be chosen for this, you must be a follower and my friend on Stardoll."

As you can see, this blog will have potential, as he'll post consistently and it's just a good idea. ; ) So, head on over to , and check it out. Personally, I think and hope it'll be a success!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

BMK/writemarycat Ass Kissers

People will say just about ANYTHING to get into the BMK club created by writemarycat. I mean, come on people, it's just a club! It's not like it's going to predict if you're going to be a fat person and die old and alone with 17 cats. I think the club is alright, but the people in there are such fakes. "Omigosh, I just spilt a martini on my prada bag!!" ... Yeah, the one you bought from Walmart? Read this application for BMK; I almost pissed my pants!

Peeps? Well, strange thing, you need to go back to 2nd grade! Who says peeps anymore, besides my 5 year old cousin?

And some act like they've known Mary since she was conceived at birth. Read one posted by some nikki chick:

Okay, emo much? She's not even on her friends list, and when have we ever heard Mary mention the girl?

Maybe Mary should also pay more attention to who she adds to the club:

This girl's posted like 20 or 30 discussions talking about "how elite" she is. And she wonders why her posts are getting deleted.... Some people are even talking about how Mary just adds random users and doesn't even look at their pages. Some controversial club....

Is he, or isn't she?

*Photo from EliteNews*

Well I just wanted to elaborate more on the whole Nicole-0 being Manolo.DiCicco topic. As Gweneee said in the interview they do some similarities, the way they both dress, Nicole's shoes in this picture is what Manolo did regularly with his, but that's not a valid explanation because so does other Stardoll members.

Its something that I know, but can't fully explain about them that makes me think they are the same person.

If they were to be the same person, do you think the person behind the mask is a guy or a girl?
What do you think of the whole scandal?

I know they're becoming old news, but you guys really need to bring home the drama.

Who wore it the best?

Bows has been very big on Stardoll this season, mostly everyone is wearing them. Yesterday I went browsing around Stardoll and tumbled upon Vasia28, Marikate14, Elite-girl, and N1mka4eva wearing them.

The winner of the polls will win, "Bow Whore of the Week"!

Who is she really?

So today I released the blog, and its seem that Gwenee was happy by what I had to say about her being a fame-whore. After getting to know her and giving her a interview I noticed that she is no where near being a desperate as I said.

I started the interview saying...

Kingofmedia-So I know the scamming must have been
hard for you to go through, and a shocker that it was
Nicole-0 who scammed you. But what were you more
shock of Nicole's actions, or the public’s opinion of you?

-I would say the publics opinon, some people
were judging me before I could say a word,
saying I was an attention whore, and I was milking my fame.
But that's okay with me, because everyone does have
the right to their own opinion.

Kingofmedia-Well the people who knows you as
“The girl Nicole-0 scammed”, what would you like
for them to know about you?

-I would like them to know me, for me, not for
someone i'm not. I would like them to know that
I am a loyal friend, I can be trusted, and that I am definitaly
not trying to be an attention whore.

Kingofmedia-What do you think of Manolo’s disappearance from
Stardoll? Don’t you think it’s kind of weird how they were
“good friends” and they both left Stardoll around the
same time? I personally was thinking they are the
same person what is your thought on that?

Gwenee-Actully, I one time pointed out I thought they
were the same people. Before Nicole's dissapearance,
She was on Manolo's Best Friends List, and he was supposely his
"Muse" and they did have their Medoll Similarities.
I also thought it was a bit fairytale-ish, that he lived in Europe,
and is going all the way to Arab, in South America, just to find a wife?

-Are you working on any projects on Stardoll
that we should all keep our eyes out for?

-Unfortuantely no, but I've always wanted to.
I might, one day atleast :]

-Well since your Birthday was the other day I’d love to wish you
a Happy belated Birthday, and have a great day! Nice chatting with you!

-You too! I hope to talk to you soon and thank
you for taking your time to interview me!

She was super polite after me being very rude to her, and this is proof where you should not judge a book by its cover.

Last but not least, the question about Nicole and Manolo being the same person, I think its so true because being such a good friend Nicole was to Manolo, she never appeared at his Fashion Shows which had to mean alot to him. So the real question is... Is s/he a he or she?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Back from hell?

Impersonator ALERT!

Nicole-0 who has been outed about her scamming of Gweneee, has a "new account", supposedly. I do not believe this bitch one bit, this isn't Nicole, this is a pathetic whore on Stardoll.

The person thats really getting on my nerves is, GWENEEE, she is everywhere telling her side of the story that we all already know of! SHE WAS SCAM! LOST $50! We all know this GWENEEE, we don't need you reminding us on every blog, and we surely won't pity you on falling for that Nicole's scam. She is just a fame-whoring chick who was once again scammed! Nicole-0 just a bitch, and I'd wouldn't care if she came back to Stardoll.

No hard feeling for Gweneee, but she really just needs to shut up about the incident!

Update: "Nicole-0." has deleted her account. Why am I not surprised?

Elite Network? A bit X-treme.

Self named "Elite" News (Baya) has teamed up with a well-unknown stardoll member x.optimistic.x in a project they think, or atleast x.optomistic.x this will be a success. The two came up with the idea of a Stardoll reality show "The Real Elites of Stardoll". The show will "air" this summer and will include FAKE gossip, FAKE drama, and of course FAKE life styles.

The cast members are (For the Elites) x.optimistic.x(?), RepSurge(?), queen-of-mean.(?), Psychotic-Freak(?), Fifibannana, Elite-girl, LauriaJane(?), fatooni(?), Slaggot, and the "Friends of the Elites whom are Elites their self" kxcatarinaxk, firecracker, and last cooldeer123(?).

The Elites are all NOBODYS! I don't know many of those people. The people know/heard of are Slaggot, firecracker, Elite-girl, and Fifibannana. Why would the owner, x.optimistic.x cast herself as a Elite, she is more of a nobody.

Baya should eraser her name and company from this project, doesn't seem promising.

Who would your top nine Elites for this show be?

Tyleris-"A Sour-Puss"

Today looking through Stardoll's ever so famous tabloid blog, Elite News, I seen that Mr. Sour-puss (Tylerisbold) left a very un-needed comment. Tyler posted:

"I would be more then delighted to clear the rumors up right now.

It is nice to provide the public with juicy gossip -
but when you use quotes from people that are not
even relevant to the situation or to anything I would say,
people are going to get furious.

Ellie and I have never dated and I am not sure where the
rumor sparked. We do go and have lunch as well as
spend time with each other, often - but it has never been more
then that. So therefor, the tabloids can stop
gossiping about the 'baby blues' rumors.

Thank you for your time."

Well, that was not really needed. We all know that Elite News is a fake gossip reporting blog, and yet you feel it is important you get the fact straight. TylerisSour-puss has been absent from Stardoll for a little while now, but from his updated presentation, he is back and more boring than ever. Wow, a person with such great grammar has to be so boring some times. Well I'm falling asleep talking about him so I'll just leave it to you.

Does Tyler deserve the title as Mr. Sour-Puss?

Definition of Sour-Puss:Someone that gets uptight about things easily, takes jokes the wrong way.