Saturday, June 26, 2010

Back from hell?

Impersonator ALERT!

Nicole-0 who has been outed about her scamming of Gweneee, has a "new account", supposedly. I do not believe this bitch one bit, this isn't Nicole, this is a pathetic whore on Stardoll.

The person thats really getting on my nerves is, GWENEEE, she is everywhere telling her side of the story that we all already know of! SHE WAS SCAM! LOST $50! We all know this GWENEEE, we don't need you reminding us on every blog, and we surely won't pity you on falling for that Nicole's scam. She is just a fame-whoring chick who was once again scammed! Nicole-0 just a bitch, and I'd wouldn't care if she came back to Stardoll.

No hard feeling for Gweneee, but she really just needs to shut up about the incident!

Update: "Nicole-0." has deleted her account. Why am I not surprised?

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Gabby1822 said...

Gweneee hasn't been going around other blog. The situation just happened to grow bigger,so everyone knew about if. So I don't think this is her fault.