Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stardoll's Covergirl

We know the girl on the cover of the magazine every morning we wake up to see, will be the most coveted person of the day, maybe even voted for a runner up of the next day. Covergirl and the broadcasting system was a simple way of scamming boys and girls out of their money, by purchasing stardollars to waste on way on the wretched broadcast system, so all who shall vote them to be on the cover for that day. Oh how Stardoll loves to see this, people losing after all money they have spent, not to get that trophy in the end, some left in tears, some left with their hopes down. But, Stardoll stands and watches their money build up. Remember when all we had to spend was 500 stardollars to win this position? Now we can see the top broadcasters spending up to 10,000, most not even getting to be covergirl.

I sit and look abaft at the screen of my computer, how doth the covergirl win? She has no broadcasts sent out, maybe not even running. Trailing behind her, are the ones who spent their money as "Queen of Stardoll", no trophy in hand. I find this meticulous, phenomenal even. I don't understand how to win anymore.

Why do we pay for this? Is it for publicity? For the honor? For the fame? For the trophy? I'm considering running myself soon enough, only for the honor and just the achievement. My line of trophies consists of this-National Covergirl trophy. What I want is to get every trophy to be lined up, to show an achievement of me. Surely, I will be knocked down, as I have before, but I think that we all should become Covergirl one day. Each of us is special, each has talent.

I knocked Linda down, and am sorry for that, because even though she has competition, she could win, but if not, receive the achievement of 2nd, 3rd, even 5th place. I sure hope she wins, because it shows we all have ability and all have integrity to endure this process. Good luck to her.

Vote her HERE

I NEED your help!

Can you guys please vote me (Elite-girl) covergirl? I really would love to win!

Sign my guestbook if you voted!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Style's holiday messages

Style_Magazine has been send holiday messages to all her close friends... mainly the people we know as Stardoll's Original Elites. I found these two more interesting than the rest:

You'd think this you for me, but no. Remember Star_awards went by the name of Linda? Well Style must have not picked up on the whole name change. A LONG time ago Star_awards announced on The Star Dose, I believe that her real name was Vanessa aka Lady V.

This message was for Fakeshake3, and I'm guess when Style mentions there 'differences' she is bring up when Style threatened Ellie that she would take Ellie off of the cover if she did sell her some items. Well that was a long time ago and seems like both Style and Ellie have changed.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

xmas comments, xmas graphics

Hello people of the United States, United Kingdom, and New Zealand!
I'm guessing today most of you know it as Christmas Eve, but is also celebrated at different times for other countries, so Merry Christmas to them when that time comes! :]

Well, I am the new "guest writer" (I think, or permanent writer). I used to write here on McKenzie1397, but now am ColtonAttack. So, I was supposed to start a while ago, but apparently there is no gossip left on Stardoll. I will try to post as much as I can!

How are you spending your Christmas?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Star Awards Star Awards just passed a few hours hours ago. Every thing went smoothly but the guestbook and the scenery page wasn't the best location for the awards because of Stardoll's new changes. The winners are:
Best Female Medoll Award

Best Male Medoll Award

Best Personality Award

Social Butterfly Award

Best Dressed Medoll Award

Best Interior Decorator Award

Best Clothing Designer Award

Best Graphic Artist Award

Best Magazine Award
Lipstick Magazine

Best News Blog Award
Underneath Stardoll

Best Fashion Blog Award
Tyler's Top Trends

Best Gossip Blog Award
Stardoll's Most Hated

Best Group Award
Fashion Group

Best Competition Award
Stardoll Fashion Week

Outstanding Medoll Award

Outstanding Media Award
Stardoll's Most Wanted

Special Achievement Award

Even though we, Stardoll's King of Media didn't win, we were still nominated and many blogs don't have the right to be called, Star Awards Nominees.

Congrats to everyone whom won, and special congratulation to Elitenews for her 1 year anniversary for Elite News!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Forever Chic Magazine- Released!

(Mandy Co-blogger)

Who this chick on the cover of the magazine, its me, its me!

This issue is very impressive! To be honest I wasn't expecting anything like this and it looks truly amazing! The questions asked during the Covergirl interview with myself was very interesting, and not boring like those other Covergirl interviews. Interesting articles on Stardoll's NOH8 organization, Winter 10/11 trends, and a guide to have perfect skin! Bravo to Tapstar321 and her team, great job!

Are you interested in knowing more, view Forever Chic Magazine: here.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stardoll's NOH8
Stardoll's NOH8 organization is a fight against many thing which add up to bullying/cyber-bullying owned by . The organization is inspired by the real life NOH8 organization which is an organization to make gay marriage legal, so as you can see its a pretty difference.

Findurlove (Maggie) was feature in a graphic which looks to be inspired by the Kim Kardashian's NOH8 campaign. The graphics looks amazing and was made by the fabulous Conii987 (Coco).

(Credit for image:X17 Online)

For more information on Stardoll's NOH8:click here

Monday, December 20, 2010

Bitch Stole My Look: Friend Edition
Yikes, best friends .Marcela.. and tcholas93 were seen wearing the same jacket a few days ago along with the same pair of tights. This is one of the most popular crimes seen on Stardoll, but its ultimately decided whom is guilty and whom is not with a simple vote.

Who wore it better?

KOM'er Awards, Awards, Awards!

Here is a totally different type of awards, theses are the awards that most aren't really wanting
to receive. These are the categories that never make the list of category for the The Star Awards mainly because they aren't 'appropriate', but this is Stardoll's King of Media and we're to do what ever the hell we want to do!

(No ceremony for the awards, its not like a real deal awards but VOTE)

And your votes won't be seen by anyone but me!

Worst dress female:
Worst dress male:
Drama queen or king of Stardoll (very dramatic):
Worst Suite:
Worst project:
Most unfriendly medoll:
Most unoriginal medoll:

Speaking of awards, have anyone notice how the Star Awards were planned to been a few days ago. Maybe it was the wrong decision to let Miss_LolitaF go last month.

Also there's two new award shows hitting stardoll soon! One owned by a very good friend of my, To_royal. Its called The Classique Awards:

If I were you, I'd subscribe this blog as soon as possible, category you'll probably ever for a different award show.

Don't forget to follow The Classique Awards

Last but not least the The Late Night Awards, owned by Madworld. I'm actually one of the many awesome judges for the Late Night Awards and Stardoll's King Of Media is one of the many sponsors. For more information follow The Late Night with Chad.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Fancy writing here I believe,
So, for quite sometime until recently the latest trend in blogging is being anonymous, and BOY have we gotten a LARGE amount of anonymous writers out there, many Gossip Girls, Gossip Guys, Elites Exposers, a relatively large amount of anonymous accounts giving critique on your suite, outfit, and other urhm, unmentionables. The reason they are unmentionables is because quite frankly, I wanted to add something but did not have the energy or time to think (considering the fact that it might really take me around a second or two to think up of something else, gimmie a moment....)

Anyway, this post is just to raise it up for discussion, do you believe those anonymous accounts or bloggers are there because they are scared of bitching about someone who is supposedly their friend, or that person is an elite? Or maybe because they think being anonymous is cool, and would instantly raise their popularity (which is evidently true, well, to most known anonymous bloggers)? Or perhaps its to follow the trend? I happen to know trends aren't just for fashion!

Tell us in the comments,
I am still indecisive (still is having a moment...)

With love,

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Indefinissable Spoiler
Sorry guys, miss you loads! Real life has been hectic yet very enjoyable. I've been lagging the past 2 weeks, and I'm not going to promise I'll be more active because... I won't.

Christmas vacation starts tomorrow for me (woooo!), we have 2 weeks off until 2011 (January 3rd to be specific) and I have plans every single day which sucks! Anywho I wanted speak about one of my greatest friends here on Stardoll, Ciaraleanne's and Findurlove's fashion line which is name Indefinissable.

Indefinissable just released its first spoiler: (seen below)
The lucky model featured in this spoiler is face of Indefinissable Missdancer583 whom I believe to be Ciara and Maggie's co-blogger over at The Star Dose, if I'm not mistaken. The spoiler looks AMAZING, can't wait for the collection to be released!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

We've reached 200 followers! about time! Stardoll's King of Media has finally reached its 200th follower. It truly feels like it was just yesterday I was 'Kingofmedia' on Stardoll receiving all this great feedback about the blog. Well I guess it time for a change ahh? Do I hear competitions in Stardoll's King of Media future?

KOM-er of the Month
(Most active follower- Medoll will be featured on sidebar)

Prizes: 100sd and advertise your project/blog on KOM for a Month!

That's going to be the first competition, more coming soon...

Stardoll's King of Media will also start sponsoring other blogs/projects. I'm normally not a fan of giving all my followers away to other blog but I'll give it a try.

The last thing we'll be adding to KOM is, guest blogger. I'm not such a huge fan of this but its about time for change! All you have to do is fill out the following:

Writing experience:
What would you blog about?:

Thanks again to all the followers again!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Perez's new look

Someone seems to be a fan of the new movie 'Black Swan' as you can tell from her suite and outfit. The movie is said to be very good I've already annoyed the heck out of parents beginning to go. Oh and don't you guys thing Perez looks amazing sporting the Black Swan look.

If you haven't seen the movie or the trailer of Black Swan, take a look at the video below.

The movie looks great and there has been very positive comments left on its youtube page, have you seen it yet, tell us a little about it.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I've been Targeted?

Minutes after my post about the Italian Mafia wannabes I received a comment in my guestbook about me being the next on the list to get hacked.

I believe this is one of Danpuffs or Saltydan(whoever he is) and those FashionCluber's ideas of a 'trick'. The reason I believe this is because Dan and only Dan has gave me the nick name of, Welite-girl, which I could honestly give a two shit about. And if this isn't Dan I believe its one of those Fashion Clubbers or whatever those wannabes want to be called.

What the hell?
Well I haven't been to active on the Stardoll world of ours but I see that hell came in the pass few days. I'm truly disgusted that people are being hacked, people who put their own money, and minds into this fantasy world we all live in.

Who ever the these 'Italian Mafia' people/person are/is, they need to get the hell off of Stardoll. My great friend and ex-blogger of Stardoll's King of Media, Blake, was hacked by who he believe to be the main runner of this mafia. I think he may be a wrong (but he may be right), the difference between his hacking and the hacking of the other by the Italian Mafias are that he gave the hacker(whom was misscarla90990, report her!) his password. And according at the people being hacked they've never even gave away their password.

I just want to stay as far away from this as possible because this is just terrible. According to Stardoll's Most Hated, there is a hit list:

1st:vpurple = hacked
2nd: mizzmileycyrus9 = hacked
3rd= jess-lolly=hacked
4th=poohg1993= going to be hacked
5th=fashionngirl.=going to be hacked
6th=emorox4eva=going to be hacked
7th=Miss_LolitaF=going to get hacked
8th=keira-v=is going to get deleted
9th=shakira-avril=going to get hacked

the list will grow each day

I really hope these people the best, hope they will not be hacked, and I hope the ones whom were already hacked gets there account returned. And on the behave of my friend Blake please report: victoria141, -Pop_tart-, and misscarla90990.

Do you know anymore information on this?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

SaltyDan new blog?

Someone (the oldest pervert on Stardoll) is planning on opening a new blog! He goes by the name of Saltywhogivesadamndan SaltyDan and he is the ex blogger of PSG (Stardoll's Most Hated). He says he might open a blog about 'welites', remember those terms random Stardoll citizens start makeup, SO STUPID!

He announced this in Fashion Club, moments after viewing my page so I'm guess I'm one of the welite he is referring to (giggles)?

I won't be reading if he does make the blog, but I'm sure some of you may.
Look at what this dumbass is ploting in Fashion Club, he is tell everyone to spam Patrick's guestbook asking him if he is Santa. Later he calls Patrick 'fatty patty' which is totally disgusting. AM I the only one who thought Dan looked like 2 COWS in his last video on PSG. Dan check you double chin before you talk about others.

TSS New Owner

The Star Shiner was just bought from previous owner Miss_LolitaF and was sold to Devie44. She sold the blog with over 2000 follower, and a staff already selected for the price of 3 RC MK items (pants, stockings, and t-shirt).
So far Patrick has spent 300sd on a new banner(which can been seen above), but word on the street is the previous owner isn't so impressed by it. She feels it looks like a porn blog, laugh out loud worthy! What a way to to compliment a guy whom just spent 300sd on this banner! But Lolita then said the banner was nice, just... different.

Happy Patrick is the new owner, yes or no?

Lipstick Magazine Christmas Issue!

Its here! The Christmas Issue of Lipstick Magazine was released moments ago. The covergirl is... yet again bluegreen86. Am I the only one annoyed with seeing Mel on EVERY magazine cover, last year she was on D Magazine's Christmas issue's cover and also cover for Eternity Magazine! There is more than a cover girl similarity between D Magazine and Lipstick Magazine, they both also featured her in lingerie.

I mean I never fully understood promoting lingerie for Christmas isn't the time to be promoting gloves and scarfs(which they did feature in the magazine as well)? And next time I'd say pick someone less known as a covergirl, keeps things interesting.

Still love the magazine, but disagree with some of their choices!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Influential Magazine Released:Seen before?

Deja vu'?

Influential Magazine, 1st issue has recently been released to Stardoll. Well looking through the I notice some graphics that I've seen before or at least the graphics look very similar to the ones I viewed.
Here is an example above, same pose, same kind of bra, same necklace, similar back grounds, there is no denying that this graphic featured in D Magazine winter issue, was used as inspiration behind the graphic in Influential Magazine.

Agree, disagree, need your feedback! Don't be lazy on me now Stardoll's King of Media followers!

Nojo returns

Part time tranny, Nojarama, didn't spend much time away from Stardoll when he decided he missed it very much. Well he is back, and seems to have forgotten everything that happened between us two since he thinks some how we are perfectly fine. I've spoke to him, but nothing good happened as a result of this and I don't see any good happened any time soon.

If you are some how a fan of this rude untrustworthy fellow then you would probably love to hear that he IS returning to Elite News (the only blog where his gossip will be accepted) , and The Star Dose.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rest in peace, Anthony/Blair/Astoria

Stardoll's first opened tranny Springate has announced that he will be leaving Stardoll this evening. He said good-bye to Stardoll in his presentation, which read:




















So long to you Anthony/Blair/Astoria, I'm sure you'll be truly missed!

The return of the 'Plastics'

They plastics back! The 'Mean Girl 2' trailer was recently (2days ago) RELEASED! Whole new cast, whole new group named the 'anti-plastics'!

The trailer has been recieve many mixed review. I personally HAVE to see it, but I don't think I'm going to like it. I think there is not a chance in hell this movie would compare to Mean Girl (1).

Some reviews:

I must go get my Mean Girls DVD and put it in my hands and pray for this Mean Girls 2 blasphemy. I will watch Mean Girls all day to get these disturbing Mean Girls 2 images out of my head. *silence for the death of Mean Girls 2*

It dosen't have the meanest of Regina Goerge , the clueless of karen and not even the Queen-pet of gretchen , the gayness of damian , the bad-ass of janis , the nerdiest of Kevin G

one word: Shit.

I feel like frickin crying because they killed the best movie ever.

& The casting is TERRIBLE, cos' Mean Girls isn't Mean Girls without Linsay Lohan.

Epic FAIL.

this sucks and why would you ruin such a classic with this shitty remake


December's Hotbuys!

December's Hotbuys look great! Great way to end the year, don'tcha think?

Sorry not super active, just SO much drama has been following me lately! And we are 4 followers away from reaching 200!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Back! Plus more news!

Ok well for the past week or so, I've been very busy, upset, and just really not in a blogging mood so I kind of took a couple of days off but now I'M BACK!

Have some of you heard of the new people Tyler, Lolita, and I are working? If you have its called Stardoll's Fashion Police (yeah I know there a fashionpolicesd some where out there but I made the blog back at the end out august). Well idea is based on the show "Fashion Police which airs ever Friday night on 'E!', so watch it! Basically the judge (Tyler, Lolita, and I) will judge all of your outfits, if it looks like crap, basically were are going to tell you it looks like crap! So don't be a little bitch if your on the worst of the week's list! Ready?
OH, and word on the street is 2 more people returned the Stardoll this past sunday. Madworld and Writemarycat has finally returned to Stardoll. Welcome back, hopefully you guys brought us something interesting back!

Don't forget to check out Stardoll's Fashion Police! Follow, follow, follow!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kasia Hacked AGAIN!

Now this is the second time this week that Kasia, known as UndamyUmbrellla on Stardoll has been hacked! For the second time Bluegreen86, Mel, posted the information on Stardoll's Most Wanted notifying everyone! This time the hacker got away with some of Kasia items and when I check her guestbook I noticed she may still be on this account crying for help!

Undamyumbrellla's Guestbook:Kasia has lost all her MKA, Lottery, and other items of hear and the alleged hacker is Katerina1996.

This is all very weird!


Kasia has uploaded some proof!

Monday, November 15, 2010

(Image credited to Stardoll Designer)

Looks like there is a new collection from Limited Edition! I see a lot I am interested in, do you?

John Returns, Nojarama Leaves

John has annouce his return to Staroll a few mintues ago, and being the he isn't the only to return lets see if he can hang with the new crowed of people whom raise to fame the last couple of month.

Last you may have heard of me was that I was deleted my account and left stardoll, technically I did, but my main goal from deleting my account was to deleting all my friends!

Returns aren't the only thing happening on Stardoll, both Nora and Solo decided to leave. I have bad blood with Solo after calling me a hoe, twat, cunt, bitch, it started to offend me personally, and then of course I aimed to hurt him back, but I won't bring up what happened. (Image credited to PSG)

For whatever reason he is leave, once a really good friend of mine, but some I'd never tell anything to ever again, dramatic of me? Maybe. But as he said it has nothing to do with Nora and I, something rather recent... I've heard word that... well never mind why would you believe me.

Happy to see you leave, sad to see you go.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sorry I know it LIES

*UPDATE* This anonymous friend is Nojarama, he seems to lie alot and here is one of the examples of his lies! YOU GUYS HE TRICKED ME YES AND PLEASE FORGIVE ME, NOJARAMA IS SOME TO NEVER BE FRIENDS WITH, EVER!

COMPETITION,Want 50% off of Lieve By Lolita

Copycat?*UPDATE: I guess this was a competion so I give you a 10/10*Wow, you'd think that was Lolita right? Its not just a girl whom obvious was inspired by her style, and she is wear Lieve by Lolita. Nice. Who wore the Lolita look better?Today is the day Lolita debuts her first stardoll collection and her items are selling like hotcakes. If you haven't already purchase some Lieve By Loltia, trouser priced at 17sd, Dresses 16sd, and Shirts13sd then do it now!

If you follow both a Stardoll's King of Media, and Lieve By Loltia then you could receive 50% off your next purchase, all you have to do is answer this very simple riddle. First correct answer wins 50% off.

What two things can you never eat for breakfast?