Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just to add

So Blake posted earlier about how the whole Charlotte dying story is fake; as much as I would like to believe Servati, I just cant believe anything happened. As Blake said, nothing of any sort was on the news. If there was a train crash, and all the passengers died, then it would be a huge crisis, it would be on BBC, CNN, London newspapers, French newspapers, it would also be on the biggest newspapers world-wide. If it did happen, you would have seen it on TV, or heard it on the radio.What made me suspicious was that I saw Servati's guestbook, and one of the french members on stardoll, EugineS, hasn't heard of the report, nor has she witnessed anyone talking about a crash. Again, how would no french citizen know about all of this? I know I haven't talked to all of them, at least I talked to a few, as well as a real life friend that lives there as well, I am sure if my best friend died and I read the report that I would bookmark the page, plus when you google it you wont find anything, I tried filtering the data and I didnt get anything :S
If you see the above chat with Cassandra (ad.astra) she told me that not her entire family were with Charlotte in the train, of course, that would mean that not all of them died right? but then when I saw Servati's reply to our very own Linda, she said that the whole family were with Charlotte and all of them died, which should I believe?
Anyway, I then saw the other party Cassandra said, that they identified Charlotte's body, but what made me think was that it was too early, because as Servati said on her presentation that no body will be identified until ALL the families are notified, it would take quite a long time till they get a hold of all the families, and for them to come to paris and identify the body.

I am not saying Servati is a liar, but I find it hard to believe that just because they have family connections that everything she says is entirely true, if in fact the whole story is true (which I am pretty sure it isnt) then R.I.P

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HausOfGossip said...

I wish I had more time to find out more but this afternoon when I first logged in there were already few "R.I.P" comments so I searched in the latest news in my language, english and french, still I haven't seen any of this. Maybe it's because I adored Charlotte so much but I totally REFUSE to beleive it. This article and the previous ones so Servati's message (on SMW- it just seems too confident about this but it's still early) totally helped me sustain my point of view.

Alice in Wonderland said...

Well, I'm from the same sorta place as Charlotte and I've heard nothing of a train crash, and I'm a regular radio/news listener plus I have Yahoo. If you ask me, it's a sick attempt to get attention

Cianboland said...
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Cianboland said...

I'm in Paris right now actually, typing on my laptop from the apartment. There is NO news ANYWHERE of a train crash. LIES!

Anonymous said...

@ Cianboland: I know right? They keep on saying that she hasn't been on for 2 days, and I am like maybe there is something wrong with her laptop or internet, who knows? :S

Dollywood Gossip said...

C is fine and well, S is clearly lying about everything.

xoxo Dolly Woods

Anonymous said...

this is fake, everything is fake, the whole shitty story is fake.
you'd make a good investigator btw lol ;)

miki/lovekuting said...

servati is a very very bad girl in dire need of a stabbing. she said she have a dark humor right? LOL!