Friday, June 15, 2012

Guess who turns 17 today!

Let's give my great friend Manolo.DiCicco a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" because today he turns the big one-seven(17).

What better way to celebrate than a little bit of Birthday Cake.

No silly, not an actual birthday cake! The song Birthday Cake by Rihanna!

Tylerisbold update!

Stardoll's King of Media correspondent has a very import announcement to make!

Jun 14, 2012 | BORN THIS BLACK by TyPetersen on

We here at Stardoll's King of Media will always love you Tyler! Follow him now on keek @TyPetersen

Jun 14, 2012 | "I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU" by TyPetersen on

MDM falling apart?

If you haven't notice Memoires Of A Medoll has been very inactive lately. Is it time for yet another notorious Stardoll blog to call a quits?

Recent decisions for adding trial writer has really upset co-administrator AislinVictory. The decision was made without her input or approve and she feels she should've been included. She shared her feelings in her recent post and has express her wanting to leave the blog. I haven't a clue why she seems so blindsided by the hiring of these trial writers. To_Royal did make a post titled "I want trial writers" which if she check the blog she could've easily spoken to Deidra to put a stop to it or just voice her opinion which from experience I know does it well.

Is MDM coming to it's end? In the recent months Aislin and Deidra have taken the blog under their wing after owners Noelle_page and Isabella.Arci became inactive on Stardoll once again. The blog is a pale in comparison to what it once was when under the administration of Noelle almost a year ago. The blog was a lot of fun and I'm sure you'll all agree! Just a year ago the blog average about 40-45 post a month. Now the blog averages about 10. I personally do not think either Deidra or Aislin are in the position to administrate the blog. I do like them a ton, contrary to our current relation I feel them being older women on Stardoll, they're great role models.

I understand we all have real lives outside of stardoll, but a post every other day wouldn't kill your social life.

Gosh this video brings back so many childhood memories!

Is it time for MDM to throw in the towel like PSG?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tylerisbold caught on cam! Again!

(Oh-my, this outfit is...)

I know you all rushed here in hopes of seeing this kid naked, again. Luckily we won't have to endure such tragedy. You all know Tylerisbold, right? Well he is an old friend of mine, up until I bashed him in numerous post for being a butt hole(check out his KOM folder!). He has been absent from Stardoll for the pass few months or so but has returned and brought us a little gift!

This blonde hair, blue eyed beauty has join this site called No he isn't prostituting(Sorry pedo, aka 50% of Stardoll) his body, but he did something even better! Reveal a secret!


Jun 10, 2012 | A true talent... by TyPetersen on

Jun 10, 2012 | Keek your heart out! <3 by TyPetersen on

Awh, cute right? Let's make this kid famous! Follow his keek @TylerPeterson.

One last thing, Tyler, don't say I never did anything for you. *kisses*

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stardoll's Fashion Star!

Do you aspire to be a fashion designer? Do you have sketches upon sketches in your sketchbook of model thin women wearing phenomenal clothing? Well great, this competition is just for you!

Stardoll's Fashion Star is a fashion competition that focuses on fashion design and is hosted Linda Pski (Elite-girl). Each contestant will compete against each other to great the best clothes and are restricted in time, and theme. These designs will be judged and one or more designers will be eliminated each week. The winner of this competition will be crowned Stardoll's Fashion Star, given 1,000sd, and many more!

Sounds great! If you're interested in what this competition is all about follow today:

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pick of the day competition! Win easy 50sd!

Want to win an easy 50sd? Great, today's pick of the day is this Gucci inspired halter top and whoever wears it the best win said prize!:

In real life this top retails for $422 USD, but on stardoll you could find the top for only 19sd. Isn't it strange how in 2008 or 2009 if we heard something was sold for 19sd we'd freak out because we only got paid 50sd of allowance a week! Now everything is being sold at that price, time have have changed folks

So lets get to the competition, 

Whoever wears this Gucci inspired Hot Buy piece wins 50sd! Superstars win the actual 50sd, and Non-superstar win gift that equal up to 50sd.

Of course there are some rules :
1) You may only submit one outfit, if you enter more than once both submission may be declined.
2)For the time being, submit your outfits in the comment sections
3)You must be a follower of the blog

For now, those are all the rules. 

Join now, and have fun! You'll have until March 3rd to submit! 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oh, our lovely little iconoclast. I present to you: Freeduck_

So I sign into my personal Tumblr and I find that StardollRares has posted about a user named Jack that hung his MeDoll. After some quiet digging, I found that Jack was the user Freeduck_. Now, I had never heard of this user. Perhaps this means that I'm just out of touch because he apparently has a fairly lucrative Stardoll blogging history, writing for big names such as the infamous Perez Hilton of Stardoll. Anyway, I click the URL to his account to find this:
(click for larger image)

At first, I thought, "Oh, my. What a sick, disgusting thing to put on Stardoll." Then I noticed the amount of detail and thought he put into the making of this image. Completely white, the image evokes feelings of coldness and loneliness. She holds a rosary as she dangles in the air, suspended by her neck. His presentation states:

every year more then 5000 take their lives
and that's just in the uk
i care
you should too
if someone feels sad
or you think they're not their usual selves
tell someone
talk to them,
make them feel better
and talk to them about their problems
no one should be left to suffer in silence
you can make a difference
save a friend
save a person
save anyone
save a life

Although I believe that Jack THINKS he only means well and the image was indeed powerful, I feel that he would be the annoying "hey guize im so indie n smart n deep n powerful!1!one!!" kid in real life. However, this is a wonderful message and I applaud him for at least choosing a worthy cause.
Otherwise, I find him to be very attention-seeking.
"Look at me, guys! I'm so deep! omg herpderp"

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Do we need guns on Stardoll?

The members of Stardoll have been getting more and more creative the past 2 months or so. After Stardoll surprised us all with a new StarDesign Jewelry people have been creating everything from new hairstyles, ipads, earrings, eyes, shoes, and pretty much everything.

But today I found a design that was very shocking. It was a gun create by CelebridadeJuu! I first saw the gun when I arrived to a page with the medoll dressed up as a Native American holding a gun. I couldn't help but laugh, but I know for certain that guns should not be on Stardoll. It will influence inapporpiate behavior, just maddness, and I don't think Stardoll is going to find it edgy and funny as I did. Stardoll is about Fame, Fun, and Fashion(I think), not Gangs, Guns, and Violence (Couldn't think of another 'G' word).
What do you think about the guns? Going to buy one?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who wore it the best?

A fashion crime has been committed. Momijigal911 and Luxeholly. were been spotted wearing the same Alexander McQueen inspired belt, which you can find in RIO for 9sd. I'll leave it up to you guys to vote for the person who really rocked the luck and the other who just made a mockery out of it.

Vote in the poll for your favorite!

Go Madonna, Go Go Madonna!

Today we've received this message from stardoll informing us about Super Bowl Couture! If you didn't watch the Super Bowl then these outfits wouldn't make much sense but these are the outfits Madonna, Nicki Minaj, and M.I.A wore during the half time performance. The infamous performance where M.I.A flipped off the audience.

What do you think about Super Bowl Couture?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Song of the Week: Part of Me

Pop star Katy Party debuted her new single Part of Me at the Grammys this past weekend! Everyone thought it was one of the best performance of the night.

Katy Perry being freshly divorced from comedian Russel Brand, has proven that divorce hasn't broken her and she will still be on top just as her song has been on top of itunes chart this week followed by Whitney Houston-I will always love you, and of course Adele- Rolling in the deep.

This song is my world at the moment. We have all felt, or are going to feel someday like someone has "chewed us up, and spit us out" for many girls and guys this song could help get over a tough time.
By the way, look at besties Katy Perry and Rihanna at the Grammys. They look amazing, and I die for both of there hair styles! Guess I could save some money and let my roots grow out!
I must not forget to congratulate ADELE! She won 6 Grammy and if you think I'm lying here is photos to prove it!
I'm sure she is saying "Oh bloody hell this is heavy!", in her head right now.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Kasia furious with MDM Staff!

Hopefully we all have those friends who'd do anything for us. The type to stand up for us when we can't really do it ourselves. UndamyUmbrellla is just that type of friend. The ride or die chick that would kick a bullies arse in a minute!

We all know about her and N1mka4eva's strange relationship(they're practically lovers), and when Kasia got word that N1mka4eva's post were being deleted from MDM she decided to voice her opinion and wrote:

After insulting the blog, and staff she she sort of insulted her friend by calling her post self-indulgent, and structureless all of which is true, but turn the insult into a complement by calling it the only genuine post on MDM.

I personally think Charlotte is full of herself, when we were friends it was all about her. She was a phony friend, and a phony person. And to answer Kasia's question about Charlotte's post being deleted, its most likely because they were dumb! No one understood what she was talking about, and to be quite frank no one cared.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Noelle finally sets the recored straight...

*new banner coming soon*
Finally Noelle_page came back to set the story straight, after two "gossip bloggers" made post about her being Eliteprotect(the Elite stalker).

Noelle recently commented on Stardoll's Most Hated:

So obviously she is NOT Eliteprotect and those of you who believe the message from the anonymous user, you guys really need to be fired from your blogs.

PS: I forgot to wish you guys a Happy New Years, so... Happy Belated New Years!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Manolo.DiCicco the ghost returns?

*personal banner coming soon,.. I hope*
So as promised, I told you all I'd bring the blog back and I am! I just really wanted to give the blog a little makeover before starting again! I got a new banner thanks to one of my great friends Eamonn! Eamonn is to me, what Hunnigall is to Tylerisbold, and we all know how that relationship works. But unlike Tyler, I pay Eamonn for the graphics.(meant to be all laughs & giggles)

Any who, remember the days when Fashion Group and Diogaurdi Group went at it to see who was indeed the best? Well those days are long gone, and so are the whole group thing, I think once MissLolita_F or someone made a group it became played out. The owner of Diogaurdi Group and Diogaurdi Couture, Manolo.DiCicco, made a little appearance to Dollywood after being absent for a few months to wed with some woman he doesn't know.

Well I have a quick question for you all, did Manolo's style get flush down the toilet?

Also who is the most stylish guy on Stardoll? I know whose not!

PS: For all you who applied to be a writer sorry, I had a overload of friend request and just checked them the other day.
PPS: Reece you're not going to be a writer(thanks for apply though), unlike Dan I don't add just anyone. (laughs & giggles)*kisses*