Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Song of the Week: Part of Me

Pop star Katy Party debuted her new single Part of Me at the Grammys this past weekend! Everyone thought it was one of the best performance of the night.

Katy Perry being freshly divorced from comedian Russel Brand, has proven that divorce hasn't broken her and she will still be on top just as her song has been on top of itunes chart this week followed by Whitney Houston-I will always love you, and of course Adele- Rolling in the deep.

This song is my world at the moment. We have all felt, or are going to feel someday like someone has "chewed us up, and spit us out" for many girls and guys this song could help get over a tough time.
By the way, look at besties Katy Perry and Rihanna at the Grammys. They look amazing, and I die for both of there hair styles! Guess I could save some money and let my roots grow out!
I must not forget to congratulate ADELE! She won 6 Grammy and if you think I'm lying here is photos to prove it!
I'm sure she is saying "Oh bloody hell this is heavy!", in her head right now.

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