Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Applead/PonijsLV Takes A Hint

I'm probably going to get bashed to the floor for posting this, and it is not my personal take on Tyler.
It's official- PonijsLV is leaving Stardoll. Tyler has decided to leave Stardoll, and only come to check up on things. Upon hearing this, I immediately said that I would miss him, even though we fought a lot. I mean, who else would I call a skanky bedheaded hoe? (:
Apparently, some people feel happy that he's leaving. Some people have questions that will always be left unanswered- such as is Tyler gay? Many many people have questioned this and think he'd be happier if he just admitted it.
I have come out to just four people, and now it'll be the whole Stardoll world. I'm bisexual, and proud. I don't care if you hate me for this, it's your problem, not mine.
Anyway, drop by his account to leave him goodbye messages! Leave your opinions in the comments.
I wish Tyler the best of luck!
Ta-Ta Tyler.

From Linda:

If you don't know Tyler... he is/was the last active (somewhat) blogger left on Haus of Sin.


Dollywood Gossip said...


xoxo Dolly Woods

KingofMedia said...

Who is that?

Oh I'm one of the four people you told:)

HausOfGossip said...

@Linda He wrotes for Haus of Sin, not for Haus OF Gossip. I'm a solo blogger.

nik - firecracker. said...

hahaha, :)
bye tylerrr! won't be missed.
haus of sin was actually good back when manolo/blake/i wrote for it.

AND then mia fired us all and hired other people and it'd flopped.

Anonymous said...

who cares? shes a nobody.

KingofMedia said...

So sorry, forgot the name. Wasn't really my fave blog, but Haus of Gossip is:D

miki/lovekuting said...

LOOOOLL! i thought TYLERISBOLD is leaving hehehehehehe! im like errr huh? wtf?! really? didnt he just opened TTT again? LOL

Anonymous said...

i bet he's not even leaving.
it's just for attention.

Nojarama said...

*giggles* Haus Of Sin was great when the trio of sexbombs were incharge after that came it's downfall...shame really it was supposed to be a nightclub