Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cover Magazine Released!

The first part of cover magazine was released here. I was surprised, I counted 23 pages, but only half of it was released, the other part of it will be released next week. Overall, I enjoyed the magazine, the graphics were good, and the articles were good, and it could still use work, but so does every magazine. It can always be improved. I will show you a couple of my fav graphics (:

I love the pose and outfit for this one, but I would try to alternate lips between them, or changing the color, its a bit distracting and they do not look like Stardoll lips (probably from i-dressup), but otherwise another good one.

I love the idea of this one, nude but covering up with a towel, sexy and classy, I would have to make her a bit wet, if she was getting out of the bath, but otherwise its good.

This one was probably my favorite graphic of them so far, the lips look a bit awkward (with the color) but overall its really great. The lighting is wrong, I mean, the fire is in the back, shouldn't the light be on her back then and not her side?

What did you guys think of the issue?
Should they continue making more?

I will not be leaving, so look forward to more posts! :D


KingofMedia said...

I just hope next issue has girls dress in clothing and not all naked.

miki/lovekuting said...

@ colton: hey thanks for featuring the mag. oh it's from roi world :) and glad you enjoyed the magazine. i'll work more on it for the next issue, i'm still learning heheheh.

@ KOM: we have clothes for the models...but sadly it all got burnt... heheeh! next issues will have clothes but cover will be maintaning it's errrr....mature theme. :)

Haley said...

I actually love it alot. It sure is mature(My mom thought I waas looking at porn.)But it actually has good graphics. Overal, I give it a 8/10

Princessvx said...

I do not know what it is with the team of Cover and nudism? I mean, can't we all wear clothes for once, and not go over board on a virtual website? :/