Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cyanide Magazine Released!

Cyanide Magazine's Halloween Issue was just released! The articles are great, and if your a fan of Greek Mythology I encourage you to take a look at the article written about Medusa. The magazine also include runway looks from designer like Betsey Johnson, Rachel Gilbert, Alexander Wang, and many many more.

Cyanide was a success and the release party was a blast, what do you think of the magazine?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cyanide Release Party!
(Thats me!)

Tomorrow Cyanide will be released! Go to the release party, attire is Fierce Freak, seems like fun!

Happy (almost) Halloween!

Is Lolita returning to Stardoll?

YES, Well NO, but YES she MAY be returning to Stardoll after all! Early today I received a friends request from Miss_LolitaF which read "I am not sure if I am coming back or not but I decided to re-add my closest friends." I really hope she is coming back, we need someone like Lolly to post about, hasn't Stardoll boring the past few weeks? But wait, what is going to happen to all you guys who used to be her friend but bashed her on PSG? Hopefully you don't go and kiss her ass just to be on her good side, cause its not going to work.

How would you feel if she was planning on bring TSS back?

Friday, October 29, 2010

That time of the year!
Boo! I know scared you, its almost that time of the year, HALLOWEEN! Time to knock on every door on you block begging for candy! Woot! I'm so ready, want to know what I'm going to be this halloween? Well I'm still undecided, either a vampire or 'Jersey Shore' cast Jenny 'J-Wow. My friends and I are planning to go as the whole cast (of the Jersey Shore) but here in New York getting pretty cold, so we might not be able to be as skanky as we planned.

Here are some of my favorite celebrities in their Halloween costumes !
Here is cast of Fashion Police- Kelly Osbourne (As ice teas' wife Coco, George Kotsiopoulos (As Justin Bieber), Snooki (as... Snooki), Joan Rivers♥ (as Snooki), and lastly Giuliana Rancic (As Rachel Zoe)

**By the way if you read this right away 'Fashion Police' is on NOW!**

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Noelle encouraging Isabella to blog?

It look like someone I looking to blog with her best friend again. Noelle_Page who is a new blogger for blog Editorialized, seems to want to blog again. As we can see she left Isabella.Arci a guest book comment simply saying blog, which maybe a great thing for everyone was was a fan Mémoires Of A MeDoll.

What do you think of Noelle and Isabella tag teaming again?
I honestly hope they do come back to blogging!

Blogs to look out for!
Missricopengin has yet another project on hands. After opening French Flamingo night club she has decided to open a fashion/modeling blog! The blog is call Editorialized and it has lots of potential to be my favorite fashion blog on stardoll, sorry Tyler Top Trend! Another plus is that the renown Noelle_page is also a co-blogger. So if you haven't followed, follow now!!

Want your blog featured? Be active and contact me!

***By the way, want to be a writer for Stardoll's King of Media? Leave a comment or message me via dollmail @Elite-girl.***

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blogs to look out for!

Lately I've been viewing some Stardoll blogs that I haven't really known of and one really stuck out to me. The blog is VERY different probably the only Stardoll blog which covers things like this.

The blog is called Stardoll's Modern House owned by Esther001 and its all about how to create a modern chic suite and give you tips on how to do so. Follow the blog, by the way the blog is not in English but the pictures will explain it all.

Do you have a blog that you feel needs more attention? Well you might be able to get feature on the very critical blog, King of Media. Contact me!

Lipstick Magazine Released!

Lipstick Magazine's new issue has recently been released! The magazine has truly improved from its first couple of issues and this one has to be my favorite as of yet. The graphic look fantastic, I'm not to much of a article reader to be honest but I'm sure there are some decent articles there. I'm a big fan of the cover as well!

Congrats Lipstick Team!

Love it? Like it? Hate it? Comment!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Seems to me like Stardoll is giving us a few new rooms which will be located UNDER you first floor. We already have 16 rooms, (14 if you didn't buy a roof top rooms), and with these extra two rooms we'll have 18, a little too much don't you think?

Well I'm not completely sure we are getting the rooms, but look closely, do you see what I see?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Owner of real life 'Darling Magazine' sues a stardoll citizen?

True or False? Who knows exactly, but there was a little message left on a Stardoll blog/magazine call 'Darling Magazine' that the name usage must changed or there will be a little legal trouble! Yikes!

This make me giggle, and I really don't know why. The owner of Stardoll's Darling Magazine is AbiiBabeh..x. She is a writer for The Star Dose, and Big Brother Stardoll so she isn't necessary a nobody.

Good luck with that mess of a situation!

Thanks to the anonymous! Love you all!


As you may have seen on the local news if you in America there has been a rise in suicide amongst the gay community. The latest to make headlines really caught my attention and my school even had a meeting about this. I attend a all girl catholic school and there a hand full of openly gay female and I'm friend with most of them so when I hear about the struggles they go through I can't think to wonder if my friends are going through the same.

I'm aware that Baya already posted about this, but she contacted me and we would really like to spread the word. HELP PEOPLE who are having problem with themselves, whether its about their sexual identity or something else! HELP, talk to them! No one wants someone they love to end their life over something that could resolved.

The great thing about Stardoll is that there is always someone online to talk to, suicide is NEVER the answer!

"S-A-SS-Y Sassy as I wanna be"

I love this song, and thanks to Perez Hilton the real one I know the video is out now! Woot woot!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Firstly I'd like to say this is KOM's 200th post to date! Woot woot!

Cover Magazine is at it again. Owner LoveKuting, or who some know as Miki has been releasing so sneak peeks, I guess you can call it, to her followers. Covergirl for yet another magazine is N1mka4eva, I can barely keep up with the many many covers she has been on but she looks great.

The question Miki has for you guys is, Do you want more?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Star Awards Judging Panel and Categories

If you haven't heard already The Star Awards has just updated the blog announcing all the judging panel and the categories. So if you looking into winning a award start kissing some ass everyone! Some say I'm a expert in that category well at least that what some rude bitch had to say at the Stardoll Fashion Week Ceremony, Debbie. While on that topic the Ceremony was a blast, Becka did a great job.

Back to the awards the judging panel are...
Bluegreen86, MissLolita_F, Star_awards, Ophelia_Smith

The Categories are...

People Categories
Best Female Medoll
Best Male Medoll
Best Personality
Social Butterfly
Best Dressed Medoll
Best Clothing Designer
Best Graphic Artist
Best Suite Designer

Media Categories
Best Magazine
Best News Blog
Best Fashion Blog
Best Gossip Blog
Best Group
Best Competition

Overall Category (
Judge's Pick)
Overall Person Award
Overall Media Award
Special Achievement Award

Sorry for the late post. Voting begins tomorrow!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Eternity Magazine not being released

Eternity Magazine will not be released today, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be the one breaking the news but it wont be happening. Owner n1mka4eva wasn't pleased with the work that has been done so all you Eternity lovers are out of luck. I've also hear the magazine was barely finished, or more like barely started. There were only a few graphics done, which was mainly the cover. I was really looking forward to this issue, am I the only one?

Lipstick rolls out the Red Carpet!
Doesn't it look amazing? It's really well produced and it shows what a transformations it has undergone after it changed owners! Though all those **LUXURY** items descending remind me of Teen Remember all those cupcakes and stuff falling in the last Teen Style Cover? Oh and the banner Style made for Tyler (which now seems like ages ago) with all those stylish (rare) crap falling? Nevertheless it looks priceless and I really cannot wait for the issue to release!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


I was visiting Alice this tedious afternoon, what did I see? CRUELLA CHIC! (Yes I just said Cruella Chic.....*cries*) Her outfits are always effortless, gracefull and amazeballs (if you’re thinking about testicals now, guess what? YOU A FILTHYMINDED FUZZY HEAD!) If only she pulled out all the stops and did the hair (you know, the one where Deville has half her head covered in dog sperm).

Friday, October 1, 2010

Stardoll Fashion Week: Day 5
This week feel like every other week on Stardoll, DULL and BORING. Stardoll Fashion Week hasn't been as what I pictured it to be. I feel if Writemarycat was running it, it would have been 10 times better! Next fashion week it should be run by someone like Tylerisbold, Star_awards, Style_magazine (yeah right), or even Elitenews. But Becka is doing a pretty good job being that Mary left her at the last minute, don't you think?

The time of the parties are like 2/3:00 pm eastern time so I miss every party but today I read through some of the page and not everyone was happy about having to wait for absolutely nothing, and some even called it a "BIG disappointment".

Out of the three project that were SUPPOSED to be release today only one did, so well that makes my job easier! I like Eeleenyte10's collection Fantasy Couture, was pretty good, but not my favorite. She could have worked on the poses a little more, and I'm not fan of the many colors from the stage to the black and blue walls. Big fan of the bathing suit though, and overall not bad!

5 down 2 to go. Opinions?

Star Awards Update
Owners of The Star Awards Miss_LolitaF and Star_awards, has just announced the schedule for the awards :
The 3rd Annual Star Awards
2010 Schedule

October 4th
Categories & Judging Panel Annouced

October 5th-17th
Public Nominations Begin

November 1st
Official Nominations Announced

November 1st-30th
Voting Polls Are Open

December 18th
Star Awards Ceremony

Have any questions about The Star Awards, ask them at Underneath Stardoll.