Monday, October 11, 2010


As you may have seen on the local news if you in America there has been a rise in suicide amongst the gay community. The latest to make headlines really caught my attention and my school even had a meeting about this. I attend a all girl catholic school and there a hand full of openly gay female and I'm friend with most of them so when I hear about the struggles they go through I can't think to wonder if my friends are going through the same.

I'm aware that Baya already posted about this, but she contacted me and we would really like to spread the word. HELP PEOPLE who are having problem with themselves, whether its about their sexual identity or something else! HELP, talk to them! No one wants someone they love to end their life over something that could resolved.

The great thing about Stardoll is that there is always someone online to talk to, suicide is NEVER the answer!

"S-A-SS-Y Sassy as I wanna be"

I love this song, and thanks to Perez Hilton the real one I know the video is out now! Woot woot!