Monday, October 17, 2011

KOM making a return!

Oh god. There are no words for how much I've missed blogging on Stardoll's King of Media. I miss all the drama created from the whole Maggie spreading a virus to my numerous fights with Tylerisbold. I treated this blog somewhat as a diary/gossip blog and I've just miss every moment of it. As I accepted an offer to write for Stardoll's biggest and baddest blog Stardoll's Most Hated, I basically said screw you KOM I'm moving on to bigger and badder! But I think it's time for a comeback, lets attempt to awaken Stardoll from this "dark age" and get our fun back!

Stardoll's King of Media will be getting a makeover (once I find a graphic designer), but I was hoping some of your lovely followers would help me with a theme.

Also, if you feel you are a perfect fit for Stardoll's King of Media, please message me via dollmail. My username is Elite-girl and I can't wait to hear from you all! I ask that you bring a playful personality, easy to work with, and you must be a trustworthy person(basically the polar opposite of Missmileycyrus9). Other characteristic, aren't as important to me so don't be a douchebag/douchebagguette.

I'm also in search for a manger of the blog, when I'm absent your boss.

Fino alla prossima volta il mio amore.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

T-shirt solves everthing!

*how embarrassing, wrong blog

Hey PSG followers, miss me?

As most of us are aware, there was an attack in Utøya, Oslo which reportedly killed atleast 92. Well I'm probably one of the few who hasn't heard much about/has had much time to research about what happened and surprising I heard about it today when my brother brought it up at dinner. Being that I got my first job, I've been more busy than usual and has had little to no time for all you peeps and obviously the too busy to watch the news. These killings were reportedly carried out about by a man, Anders Behring Breivik and this was overall an unfortunate thing to happen.

So if you could please keep them, their families, and any harmed by this attack in your prayers.

This topic brings me to another unfortunate thing, and his name is Mizzmileycyrus9. How much longer are we going to have to deal with him? From the looks of it Stardoll is too dumb to delete him, so a very long time.

For the first time in many day I viewed his page(his being just make me flustered), and let me tell you this boy has a HUGE heart (*note that sarcasm was used in this sentence). If you haven't read what was posted in his presentation, now is the time to do so.

Not only are we (non-hackers, etc.) sick people for caring about the death of Amy Winehouse, but we are also in the wrong for not buying his t-shirts which "support the attack in Utøya, Oslo". The only thing that those crappy t-shirt are supporting is his virtual wallet. Had he been an average stardollian I'm sure he'd have sold at least 10, but he is not. If there was an FBI on stardoll he'd be #1 most wanted to serve a life sentence behind bars, or in our case deleted.

Those t-shirt aren't for the support of what it's said to support, instead it's for himself. It's just another investment which I see failing like his others.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cyanide Magazine

By Yasmin (Yazzieblue) Looking forward for it. It releases on Friday one of the days of Stardoll Fashion Week! Do you guys want me to review some of the magazine releases or just feature a few of the best magazine covers/editorials?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Stardoll's Fashion Week

Hey guys, this post has to be a quick one due to my stack of homework staring me down tell me to finish it so I can go to be.

Well it seems as if I've missed the first day of Stardoll's Fashion Week, but I'm not interested in buy or even looking at stardesigns I just want to see the collections such as WOE, and the other many collections. I'm also looking forward to the Magazines of course that are all set to be released, I'm most excited to see the return of Runway, Cyanide, and the other I'm sure will be great.

What do you think of Stardoll's Fashion Week so far? Or is it to early to tell?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Model-Selena returns!

Model-Selena made a visit back to Stardoll today, no longer than 4 hours ago. She update her outfit and probably caught up with a few friends.

If you aren't familiar with Model-Selena work, she is a previous covergirl of Style Magazine, rumored to actually be Style_Magazine and Sudanese.Beauty, and the owner of Teen Style Magazine.

What do you think of her outfit?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

MizzPathetic Back? Tik tok tik tok...

Sorry the post is way over due, I was planning on post this yesterday, until I got strangled with all they homework those damn teacher assigned.

Lets jump right into the post. She back? Who you are asking? Well the one chick more pathetic than Tylerisold Tylerisbold, Mizzwhogiveafuck, no not Miss_LolitaF for she has gone from Stardoll's most hate, to Stardoll's most liked(I guess I could say) but that fool I was referring to is MizzMileyCyrus9, wow two crossed off words already, I'm on a roll!

After announcing she will be leaving Stardoll, the day that changed the lives of many Stardollians for the BETTER, soon came crashing to a end once the bitch return no later than a week after leaving. I know what you're asking yourself right now... WHY?Well she is back "temporary" as she stated in many of her guestbook replies, as long as you leave in the next 24 hours Jack and I will not behead this witch, joking I'd never cause physical harm on a human! Jack on the other hand...
This is by far my favorite guestbook comments she received today! Thanks toxxic.angel for doing we what we as girls do best, being bitchy!

Love you MileyCryus9 chick, well that is, WHEN YOU'RE GONE!

Speaking of Miley Cyrus, have you guys seen her Saturday Night Live skit of... oh hell just watch it!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tyleristwofaced fires employee + a fight!

Wait until you hear this story! The other day Tyler fired one of his employee's of Tyler Bottom Top Models, not because the employee Devie44 was doing a bad job at what he was assigned, but because he was best friends with me!

Tyler is so immature as you can tell, but he could also be described as two faced! After logging on to Skype Friday afternoon, I received a message from Patrick telling me that Tyler was pissed of at me. I was surprised that Tyler would even discuss our problems with someone, that shows how unprofessional he is. Then being the bitch I am, I simply told Tyler, "I hear your "pissed" off at me." He replies with "That's correct. You missed your due date."

That part might be confusing. OK well Tyler and I decides to have a baby and they baby is about 3 weeks late. No no no joking, but Tyler is pissed off at me because I didn't whore out his dumb Modeling Agency around on this blog. This isn't the first time Tyler MADE me post one of his projects. Yeah I said made, Tyler try to make you feel like your lower than he is and if you do things like advertise his projects he'll be buddy buddy with you. But one day I realized I don't need or want to have a friendship with him, he is dirty, disgusting, and two faced.

Something else that came up in the fight was that I was two faced. I guess your entitled to your own opinion, but if I were to put a finger on the two faced one it would be him. Tyler when he spoke to me he never brought up that he was mad at me but when he spoke to Patrick he start calling me numerous things and that's just fake. Then it gets better, I find out that him and N1mka4eva talking about me behind my back calling me a famewhore, all I have to say to them is fuck you. And one of you need to leave the word famewhore out your mouth because before your were fired from that very popular blog Stardoll's Most Hated you told me that your would do anything to be on blogs... anything.

The best part of that fight was when Tyler said,

"You're just made at me because you can't get into the Elite.HQ's club because Charlotte isn't a big fan of your famewhoring was. I had nothing against you until I noticed how two-faced you actually are. I hope you're still able to call my agency 'poorly ran', when it comes out on top. Please, do me a favor, and go back to pretending you're a man. Oh and fuck you, 'King of Media'.

Firstly I could give a shit for her stupid club... really after how she acted on PSG if she is an elite I want nothing to do with them. And I was never pretending to be a man, it called hiding my identity he should know a lot about that, after all he is the one pretend to not be the guy in those picture that were revealed, which its pretty obvious its is him. Last thing I want to say is that it did hurt my virtual feeling hearing that you and Charlie were talking behind my back because I honestly thought we were friend... I was wrong. And I was late on posting because my skype app on my phone crashed and none of my conversations transferred over to my computer(And I don't care if I sound like a little bitch for saying that).

So Tyler, heres the post you want.

Friday, March 11, 2011

MDM: 5th Elimination

I am still with the MDM's Next Top Blogger competition,
and guess what?

New post!

So, if you do like my posts, then I will post the link at the bottom of this post so you can read if you want. Remember...votes are wanted if you like it!

Anyways...since mizzmileyblahblahblah has left Stardoll, does it seem that things are bland? I mean, Marcela is leaving, Jenna's selling her blog, and everything seems to be fading away.

Death of Stardoll? Nahh!

Anyways, right now, I just watched Radio Perez for the 2nd time...I love it! It's a great way to get to know the opinions of other Stardoll bloggers. Oh, and Mia, Yumi, and Selena are the saviors of Beg for More! :)

Click here for the blog post on MDM.
Vote if you like!


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Admits to hacking!

The devil herself is admitting to hacking in the past. In her guestbook a girl by the name of momijigal911 was harassing the famewhore MizzMileycyrus9 whom goes by the name Destiny, which is the REAL Miley Cyrus's birth name. She finally got the truth out of that bitch Destiny and she revealed a "secret", she was the one who hacked freeduck_, jack jil joe. Surprise surprise, who would have know?*sarcastic undertone* Destiny also denied ever hacker others like Jenna or Mandy, but what about Blake and the others who were hacked.

Destiny you're a disgusting bitch!

Read Marcela's blog to hear what she has to say:

Marcela's HACKED!

The very naked Marcela, account has yet again re-appeared to on Stardoll! Her presentation has been being updated all morning and this is what it said when I first viewed her page:Then I refresh her page and it says this:

Now this is what the presentation said 1 minute later. So Miss_LolitaF put a 6000sd bid on the account, but minutes later posted a comment in Marcela's guestbook saying, "I am not going to buy this account, I know you lied and that you are not the real Marcela."

So whats Marcela hacked? Lol well, the story goes ON... minutes later her presentation was updated AGAIN, saying:Marcela was hacked! And she is pissed OFF! All you whores who bought her rares, all you whores who commented in her guestbook to sell more, all of you! Marcela always seemed like the super kind person, who would do something like that?

My question is how did she get on back on her account so fast? One second the hacker was on and the other Marcela was back. Is she still being hacked, is the hacker asking for her rares back just so she can sell it to her main account? Who knows?

Hacking is just taking over Stardoll at the moment, its pretty scary! I wonder who was behind this one?

Scary shit, ahh?


Well it looks like someone may know who is behind all of this crap. Read on:
As toxxic.angel said herself "OBVIOUSLY!!!!!!!" , its super obvious who was behind this now, Destiny MizzMileyCyrus9 chick! She asks EVERYONE to write for her unfamous, lame, unread blogs... did I mention no one reads them. She has asked Gia from PSG, SaltyDan from SMW, shall I go on? Was it a coincident that Marcela's hacked asked toxxic.angel to write for her blog? I think not!

Also the whole thing about what Lolita said about the Caribbean Island? Who do you think is behind this?

Friday, March 4, 2011

.Marcela.. , gone?

Missing Alert! Star Blogger, Top Stardesigner, successful blog owner .Marcela.. is missing, kidnapped? Perhaps! Everyone check your bloomers, pockets, missing doll on the lose. While looking searching for this stylish fashHOE I noticed she had been gone, missing, vanished! Where the hell did she go? Could she have been deleted? Taking a trip to lolly land, land of all the perfect medolls, I'm guessing not...?
(She was above Tylerisbold earlier, and she has been removed from the Star Bloggers list.)

Many well know accounts have been getting deleted recently on Stardoll, a good friend Devie44 was recently deleted, or had deleted himself, who knows? Do you guys care? I do since he is a friend of mine, but he isn't the most loved on Stardoll. And we all know Undamyumbrellla, Poohg_1994, along with many other. Even the unbelievably idiotic famewhore of them all, notorious hacker MizzMileyCyrus9 (I don't know that bitch's username, but no one cares anyways) was deleted and sent to stardoll HELL, I was so happy to say my goodbyes to that bitch, unfortunately Stardoll rarely listens to us members and invited her back.

Bye, bitches! Mwah.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It's official: Stardoll needs to go back to second grade.

So, I opened my inbox this morning and received a mail with a beautiful spring setting. I started to read the message and...BAM! Stardoll misspelled a word in a mail that they sent to over 96 million members. Yes, everyone makes mistakes, but they spelled surprise as "suprise". My sister, that's in 3rd grade, last year learned how to spell surprise, and now she knows. Doesn't Stardoll have editors that oversee what is written, or is it just carelessness shown through. Example X as to why Stardoll needs new staff. They don't care for members, and don't care to fix mistakes.



Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Covergirl: Part 2

A few weeks ago, I did a post on how everyone would love to become covergirl. But, according to Yumi on hunnlgall's blog, everyone just keeps begging to win Covergirl. The way she says it, it seems as though they want to win for some selfish reason. Look at her post below-

I am abaft at how she thinks this is pathetic. I'm sure everyone on Stardoll has at least thought about trying to be Covergirl. It isn't our problem if we are trying to run, based on the few votes from the little people that visit our suite each day. This is a problem you should put up with Stardoll, not the members that long to win the achievement of Covergirl. It is not pathetic, the broadcasting system has become hard to rank in. Highs of 1000 broadcasts will sometimes be devoted to covergirl. When I was browsing through Dollywood, I referred to the broadcasting section and saw a girl spend 10,000 stardollars trying to win Covergirl. Immediately, I went to see who was on the cover. Not her.

Now that designers and catwalk people have been more advertised on Stardoll, it is nearly impossible to win Covergirl, even if you spend money on 200 broadcasts.

Beg, beg, beg, is what Yumi suggests. Selfish reasons? For some. Most, it is to reach the achievement of Covergirl. I'm sure you would have brightened spirits if you had 200 GB comments and were on the cover one morning. This means you accomplished something through hard work, and money.

What really bugs me is this- People who say it is begging, and that people shouldn't do it. Then, they turn around, run for Covergirl, and try to change the words that flew out of their mouth. Upperclassmen like bluegreen86, emorox4eva, and .Marcela.. have won Covergirl in previous years. Do you believe they just asked around for votes? No, they too probably sent out broadcasts.

Yumi, this may be my opinion, but if you do run for Covergirl, you are a hypocrite. You insulted the title and the people that have won it. There is hard work behind it, people send them out.

Done with my rant.

Til next time,

Friday, February 25, 2011

Mandy Deleted!

(R.I.P to the account..)

After being hacker numerous amounts of times, Stardoll has done the unthinkable and deleted Poohg_1993's. Many believe Mandy was actually seeking fame, they believed the only one who hacked her account was herself, all in the name of being FAMOUS!

Yesterday she set things straight on Stardoll's Most Hated saying,

Is this the end of Mandy? Naww, she has an extra account but who knows if she would even want to return to Stardoll or not.

As a sidebar, everyone tune in to Radio Perez tonight at 6:00pm EST! Perez and Dan will be discussing things from Lolita and all the drama that surrounds her, to the whole Tyler scandal, to Gia's messy blog post (different fonts for every paragraph... really?). Also there will be music!

Tune in!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stiletto Magazine Returns!

Owner Toxxic.angel annouced that her Magazine will be returning in the near future, excited or could you give flapping horse (don't ask) if it returns or not?


Oh and co-blogger/good friend of mine has recently been hacked, she request you all to not buy her items.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hey everyone!
It has been so long.
Sorry for my short hiatus.
Well, it isn't quite that either, all the news is gone really.
If there was something that inspired me, then I could be writing more often..

Which leads me to..

Example #1: Sierra
Example #2: Sara
Even a quiet elite herself: Marcela

Me being a newer member, I still remember browsing through old blogs were big things had happened, that just filled numerous pages of Blogger. From It's Britney B!tch to the Ellie's rare spree, there was always something on our Stardoll tabloid.

Now, we have the outspoken people. People who make fashion statements. This site has went from a full newspaper of gossip and today with the fashion-obsessed and the minimal drama. Are there people that inhabit Stardoll that we don't know about?

No fame. Just the fame whores. That is what makes up Stardoll. While I am saying this...what does it take to earn the title of an "elite". Having the right friends? Being a socialite? Owning a good project? I surely do not understand. Maybe, the reason why there are fame whores, is because we refuse to put the fame whores into the fame category, and discard the people that we loved throughout the years.

I surely believe that now that Mary, Charlotte (sort of), Star_awards, Tylerisbold, Hunnigall, Mysecketlover, and emorox4eva (that are now sort of or in hiatus or have mostly left) had put a lot of time into the creation of the duration of Stardoll. Mary's Eternity and Stardoll Fashion Week, Charlotte's PSG and Eternity work, Star_awards's Star Awards, Tylerisbold's many projects (PR Now, the Stardoll Freakshow, etc.), Hunnigall's amazing graphics and Fierce Magazine, Mysecketlover's Stardoll Fashion Forward and Fierce work, and emorox4eva's neverending blog. This is quite a lot of things for a one person to do, and not enough time for them has fallen into why they can't be continued. Now what?

Well, I am done with my...rant?
'Til next time.


Oh and P.S. I am doing MDM's Next Top Blogger competition! I am proud to be competing for such a writer. I hope you all take some time to read my few posts and maybe send me a vote if you like them. ;)

Click here to view my current MDM post!

Credit: Pictures from MDM

Friday, February 11, 2011

Style pulls a Britney!

Its Britney Bitch! Ok no its not, she didn't fool you either, did she? As you can see our very own Style_Magazine brought the hot to stardoll with an outfit inspired by Britney Spears. Maybe she is getting in the spirit of Britneys since her new single "Hold it Against Me" is set to be released tomorrow.

Like her Britney look-a-like look?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Classique Awards

Graphic looks great! The 2nd annual Classique Awards are on its way! The theme is Burlesque, wooo! Seems fun! Voting starts today! King of Media was nominated once again, and the owner, myself was nominated for the BIGGEST FAME WHORE. Thank to all of you who nominated me, I'm so proud to hold the title for biggest fame whore. Love you all, bye!


For more information click: here

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stardoll Most Hated 3 years later! Party at PoisonApple?

Three years ago from February 12, 2008( yes I realize that its not the 12th yet) one of Stardoll's most known blogs was founded, a blog that I'd never pass if offered a writing position. Stardoll's Most Hated was the blog many Elites were featured in for numerous scandals-- fights, filthy whores (springate), loopholes, etc. and things you couldn't imagine happening in real life. This blog lead a pathway for many other gossip blogs, for explain Stardoll's King of Media and more.

Perez who identity it only known by a few stayed truthful for her first post,

Stardoll's gossip magazines are BORING. I'm tired of the same stories written about the same people in the same monotonous, poorly spelled, often grammatically incorrect style over and
over again. If only Perez Hilton wrote Stardoll gossip... Sure his spelling and grammar isn't often any better, but at least he knows how to present stories in a mildly entertaining way. Well here is my Stardoll ode to Perez. Stardoll's soon to be most hated website.

Most hated by the so called "Elite", that is. So many of these "elite" members are shallow, insipid, unintelligent snobs who try to make up for the emptiness of their lives by living out Stardoll fantasies. What's worse is this charade is often glorified by other members eager to find a leader to follow. These silly girls have an army of mindless drones.

Time to call them out on it.

I plan on doing not only that, but also promoting lesser known members who actually deserve the attention. Members with class and creativity, who until now have not been considered Elite. Let's get to know them a little better. Let's learn to not take ourselves so seriously. Let's have some fun!

She made things exciting, and entertaining as promised! We can't give Perez all the credit, without Fagpuff Danpuff SaltyAttitude SaltyDan and Undamyumbrellla the blog would have been missing some pieces. Recently spoke to Perezstargossip and mention the 3 year anniversary of the blog and she repied...
Ignore the first two sentences, and skip to this part "Maybe I'll throw a party at ThePoisonApple!". Then a few days later I read...

Does this idea have something to do with the anniversary party? You tell me!

PS: Stardoll's King of Media is not perfect for cell phone use, if you are ever grounded in your home alone as I was yesterday you can view KOM for the latest updates on Stardoll! Its actually really cool take a look, but unfortunately the banner doesn't show up because its used as a template.

MDM Next Top Blogger!

As a media partner with Memoires of a MeDoll, and their newest hottest project, MDM Next Top Blogger. Eighteen bloggers compete against each other for the title of being Top Blogger. Just when you thought all projects were done on Stardoll, the staff at MDM comes with an brilliant idea like this.

This weeks challenge is given by Aislin Victory, the girl behind Elite Exposed, whom asks the contestants a very important question. "Have you been NAUGHTY or NICE?" I would have not had problem with this challenge we all know I've been a very naughty girl, mwahaha(joking).

Lastly, the winner of task 1! The talented writer who won the first task was ColtonAttack! He is a co-blogger here are Stardoll's King of Media, one of my best friends here on Stardoll and a very talented blogger!

Sadly the 4 contestants were eliminated,...

giudyziamia97, Kate_couture, superdada & vampire_

Good luck to all and hope you do good on this weeks blog post! Kisses.

Are you a fan of the new MDM Next Top Blogger?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stardoll Fashion Week: Spoiler

As day goes by we reach closer to the week of Stardoll Fashion Week. All the designers are booked, and so are the media partners and if you haven't yet applied to be either of the, Becka clearly stated that YOUR TOO LATE.

Stardoll Fashion Week has been pushed back a week until March 7th- to March 13th 2011.

Do you remember the Face of Fashion SFW 2010 competition? Well if your were planning on being the next face of SFW 2011 get that thought out your mind, Becka clearly stated yet again that you can't be, Nicole (coconut_nicole) will forever be the face of SFW. BUT, and there is a big BUT, there is a competition that will allow you to be seen with this SFW 'Icon', click here to read for more information.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Running from Chantelle

Lizs is now coming out with a sort of "Stardoll parody" for the new movie, Running From Chantelle. A Stardoll movie? How creative! The graphic is quite exquisite, but the idea is giving me mixed feelings.

First off, we are probably all wondering how she is going to create such an elaborate mixture of graphics. Not to mention all the time that will be put into it for each single graphic to be made. Will she be making it just change graphics (gif's I think they are called) to show a story of this movie? This project could turn out to be a great success, don't get me wrong, but it could also turn into a great disaster. There is time, quality, and details to worry about.

*It will be a story, pause, story, pause sort of thing she claims. It is also not about a movie coming, but a story of her own.

Will it feature the whole story, or a shortened one?
When is it supposed to be released?
Is it going to be good enough to watch?
Will there be voiced actors?

Half your money back!

Congrats Stardoll, you've finally reach 90,000,000 members. As a awards to us loyal members, we get half our money back! BUT WAIT, this only applies to a shopping spree totaling 90 stardollars.

Go spend you money wisely!

Nose Jobs and Lip enhancement

As you all may have notice Stardoll has seem to go back under the knife and instead of change the website so more, they giving our medoll's a make over. Just recently they have gave us all nose jobs and did something with our doll's lips! Whats next boob jobs!

What start needs to do is create new poses for our medoll, its been the same FOREVER! As for what stardoll has change already, I'm not super disappointed I do like the hairs, eyes, nose, and eyebrows but instead of updating everything they should be fixing things like the guestbook, and add something for to our pages like music.

If you were part of the staff for Stardoll, what changes would you make? I'd add new poses, music to page, more...