Friday, February 25, 2011

Mandy Deleted!

(R.I.P to the account..)

After being hacker numerous amounts of times, Stardoll has done the unthinkable and deleted Poohg_1993's. Many believe Mandy was actually seeking fame, they believed the only one who hacked her account was herself, all in the name of being FAMOUS!

Yesterday she set things straight on Stardoll's Most Hated saying,

Is this the end of Mandy? Naww, she has an extra account but who knows if she would even want to return to Stardoll or not.

As a sidebar, everyone tune in to Radio Perez tonight at 6:00pm EST! Perez and Dan will be discussing things from Lolita and all the drama that surrounds her, to the whole Tyler scandal, to Gia's messy blog post (different fonts for every paragraph... really?). Also there will be music!

Tune in!


Gia is CommesDesGarcon said...

Different fonts for every paragraph though? LMAO. OH OK. ;-)

KingofMedia said...

:] Keeping it real, you really should keep an eye one that. But your post kind of makes up for it, kind of.

Anonymous said...

sorry have a question where is the post of poogh/mandy. She wrote about martini1966 or better she makes mobbing attack. yes i´m angry because i´m an older Doll abd what happen here is kiddisworrld.

my name? sorry i´m a good friend of Martini1966 and agerman blogger and i write about the attack ..