Saturday, July 23, 2011

T-shirt solves everthing!

*how embarrassing, wrong blog

Hey PSG followers, miss me?

As most of us are aware, there was an attack in Utøya, Oslo which reportedly killed atleast 92. Well I'm probably one of the few who hasn't heard much about/has had much time to research about what happened and surprising I heard about it today when my brother brought it up at dinner. Being that I got my first job, I've been more busy than usual and has had little to no time for all you peeps and obviously the too busy to watch the news. These killings were reportedly carried out about by a man, Anders Behring Breivik and this was overall an unfortunate thing to happen.

So if you could please keep them, their families, and any harmed by this attack in your prayers.

This topic brings me to another unfortunate thing, and his name is Mizzmileycyrus9. How much longer are we going to have to deal with him? From the looks of it Stardoll is too dumb to delete him, so a very long time.

For the first time in many day I viewed his page(his being just make me flustered), and let me tell you this boy has a HUGE heart (*note that sarcasm was used in this sentence). If you haven't read what was posted in his presentation, now is the time to do so.

Not only are we (non-hackers, etc.) sick people for caring about the death of Amy Winehouse, but we are also in the wrong for not buying his t-shirts which "support the attack in Utøya, Oslo". The only thing that those crappy t-shirt are supporting is his virtual wallet. Had he been an average stardollian I'm sure he'd have sold at least 10, but he is not. If there was an FBI on stardoll he'd be #1 most wanted to serve a life sentence behind bars, or in our case deleted.

Those t-shirt aren't for the support of what it's said to support, instead it's for himself. It's just another investment which I see failing like his others.