Friday, July 30, 2010

Two Much Style?

Looks like someone couldn't create a magazine themselves and had to copy another. Go to to see graphics taken out of Style_Magazine's magazine, Teen Style, and used the graphics as their own in it. They took it purposefully as there are no credit to Style or to the magazine. Maybe she shouldn't be so lazy and actually get up a team and work to get a magazine.
Here are some of the graphics that were taken.

What do you think about this copier aqua324?

Update: She has changed her magazine, and made it shorter with her own graphics.

Where are they now?

Do you remember this Martyangelo character? No he wasn't one of the guys Ashley (BeverlyHillshei), "Blair" (Springgates), or Teale was partying and whoring around with, he was actually much more better than that (I'm happy all three of them or two of them has turned out to be very less boy hungry and Anthony and Ashley are great.). Martyangelo was actually voted Best Newcomer of February 2010's Star Awards, and he was said to be polite friendly and sweet in the reviews Perez posted way back when. Oh I miss those days so much even though I was barely ever on.

Well he seems to still remember those day for when I caught up with him I asked "Hey haven't you won a Star Award back in 2008? Why did you leave Stardoll's socialite life?"
Stardoll seemed kind of scary back then (Like its kind of starting to feel now), I was a member but I wasn't very active back them and got on Stardoll like every other month. I do not remember to much of him, imagine if he was our Manolo of Stardoll right now... things what have been very different. Its funny how one day your loved by many, and that next your like last season fall/winter ready to wear collect in other words not loved.

He is one of the many Stardoll's popular people who walked out of the social scene.

Since I'm lacking knowledge of the past gossip can you guys tell me who The Sophs are? Those two girl name Sophie who met at one party and just start to refer themselves as The Sophs? I'd also like to know who was the one guy that everyone was obsessed with? And why at every party were people NAKED? I mean Stardoll made clothing for a reason.

BTW: We have reach over 10,000! Thats good news for me!

M by Marcela

M by Marcela is a new Stardesign brand made by the amazing Marcela. The patterns shown above will be released one every week in August on a maxi dress. More information is in the image above.
What do you think? Will you buy?

By the way, do you guys like my posts?

Who is Manolo really?

Who is the real 'Manolo'? Is Manolo is real name? He has always seemed robotic to me. Well a friend of mines who gave me the three letter nick KOM, Solo has told me a little something about what most of us don't know about Manolo. There is a reason why most of us don't know about these things.

Manolo and Nojarama (solo) used to be friends, that was until Manolo became a rude mess and called solo a "baby", a "child", and other names while they were having a conversation or lets just say a argument. Since that agrument a while back Manolo has blocked him from Skype, and Stardoll and are not longer in contact. First of all a anonymous source told Solo that Manolo's real name is Danny. Danny is a hot name, I kind of like it more than Manolo. But who really knows if thats the truth or not. Another thing that Solo found out about Danny Manolo is that he got the name Dioguardi from a American Idol judge and "not his cousin or whatever".

Well I found out who the anonymous source was and s/he told me that s/he was really upset with Manolo at the time and just spread those rumors. Solo isn't at fault because he didn't know the rumors were being spread out of spite of Manolo.

I wonder what led up to the name calling I think they should be great friend they could bond over man bags, don't you think?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lolita Gone Too Far?

Looks like Lolita has gotten fired from 3 jobs all because of one thing. Advertising. She advertised her useless blogs (which shouldn't be announced on a gossip site) for more popularity and followers. I for sure know why she was fired from Perez Hilton of Stardoll and Stardoll's Most Wanted, as shown here.

Lolita claims she wanted a break from Tea with Lolita (which was hardly posted at all after the first 2 or 3 segments).

But it looks like the owner of SMW, emorox4eva, has to say differently on the subject.

The 3rd blog she was fired from, Dioguardi Group, the reason is unknown. Maybe for advertising, but it isn't confirmed. Guess no one could take it up with her any longer.

Thanks to Baya, and Perez Hilton of Stardoll for the information.

Egle in Wonderland

Looks like Vampire_ has changed her mind about her line, Wonderland of E. This is what she says about her new Dreamland.
"I've decided to give this brand a fresh start.
New models, new sponsors, new style.
As you probably know, the first collection was supposed
to be shoes only, but I'm making something NEW."
Hmm...I wonder what her new style is and what it all will be like. I haven't seen much designing from Egle, but I think that she may have some potential.

Update: It will be shown in February 2011 on SFW.
Thanks Mary (:

Competition Ahead?

I am back from camping and happy to be!
I feel bad for not posting but I have been trying to keep up on gossip on my cell phone. So, I have 2-3 things to post today, so watch out ;)

I noticed that 2 new groups are on Stardoll, Disturbia Group and Beautule Group. I personally think that they will not be as good as Fashion Group and Dioguardi Group, but I still want to see what these groups have to offer :)

The first group, Disturbia Group, is owned by Miss_LolitaF and Shakira_Avril. Not much to say but that they are hiring, click here to visit the site a maybe apply to be a team member. They have also started on three new projects but nothing else has been said on the matter.

The second group, Beautule Group, is owned by Blahm3 and MissDancer853. They are also hiring, so click here if you want to be a part of their group. It looks like there will be a line of things designed by the team, and it will sponsor other people like the Icon Company.

What do you think? Which will you follow and support? Will you apply?

Other news: I'm sorry Dioguardi Group for saying that you copy FG, it was what the blogs said and now I will go by my own opinions. I do not think you copied, so, I'm sorry. I hope you guys are doing well!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Scared Tyler's going to steal a idea?

New magazine owner Erienne known as x.optimistic.x on stardoll has been scared by the sweet heart Tylerisbold.

The other day Erienne was speaking to Tyler and she was sharing information that she soon wish she never told him. She is planning a Fall issue of Cover Magazine and when she told Tyler the idea for the fall issue and soon after she found out that Tyler was also part of a another magazine Statement, and she was pretty worried that he'd steal her idea just like people accused him of doing in the past. So what they did they do to prevent this is add Tyler to the team, which I'm pretty surprised he accept.
The ideas for the fall is is sexy, boldest, and dangerous I don't know why he would steal a idea like that, hasn't it already been done.
Well can't wait to see the magazine! From now on I will try to speak positive about Tyler.

Recherche spoiler/Nylon Spread

Denim has been one of the hottest trends this summer. Since it such a big trend Recherche Spoiler feature so a topless model doing the whole Brooke Shields Calvin Klein ad set up.
When I seen the pose I automatically thought of my favorite actress Misha Barton, and her Nylon spread. I don't believe owner Doinker_Chic copied, but maybe she was inspired by the Nylon spread. I wouldn't be surprised if there were pages in Recherche Magazine that looks a little like the rest of the spread which could be seen below. But who care (me obvioulsy) that magazine is going to be hot!
Be at the release party August 1st, at 7pm GMT in Doinker_chic's guestbook.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Calling all Trendy Whores...

This month's trendy piece of clothing is denim. Denim jackets, pants, socks what ever send in a print screen picture of your medoll wearing your best denim get up. I've searched the Starplaza and seen lots of selections. Dress it up, or dress it down take a print screen and then upload it to and enter in your link in the comments section!

The winner wins a hand full of nothing, joking when I find a freaking store with Stardoll Cards the winner will get 50sd(maybe 100sd) and their outfit displayed on the side bar for a week.

Lipstick magazine spoiler

I'm sure you're all familiar with the 'hit' magazine Lipstick- formerly owned by Miss_LolitaF, are yes, you guessed it, making a comeback. Although not with the previous owner Lolita, instead Lipstick will be owned and ran by Lizs, after Lolita simply offered the magazine to her. Originally, the magazine only released 2 issues, although the blog did reach a signifigant number of followers and readers after yet another one of Lolita's golden ways of getting publicity- broadcasting.

By the look of the spoiler- the magazine will for sure have improved, I'm definitely eager for more, so keep an eye out!
The magazine is looking for a new team of corse to go with a new Lipstick, so if you're interested visit the Lipstick Magazine blog HERE.

Mary opens her heart.

These days on Stardoll people are not hesitant to speaking their opinion. Weather it be needed or not. Something that is for sure, Mary (writemarycat) has an attendancy of getting the wrong end of the stick. Yesterday however- Mary took a stand to the people who hate onto her, and made a valiant statement to the haters on her presentation, and personally- her message was inspiring.

Mary spoke her mind and was truthful of how she feels, (ah, honesty, how I miss you in the stardoll world.) and reading, my heart was lifted to see her to have bravery to be that open, exclaiming things some of us are too scared to say. Well done Mary!

Statement Magazine

Statement Magazine has return and from the looks of the spolier I want more, I can't wait for the magazine to be released.
I will be write a article for the magazine, and I'm not sure if I could tell what the article is about, but be on the look out! The magazine is going to be a hit, and one of a kind I imagine!
Statement Magazine's Site:

Monday, July 26, 2010

Your fired, and your hired

Well as everyone should know, the oh so great Elitenews was hired to replace Dan and the other many non-active bloggers for PSG. Hiring isn't the only thing not owner/lady in charge(N1mka4eva Charlie) was doing she was all firing people, like Lolita. Many say that Lolita wasn't really doing anything for the blog but whoring out project.

Lolita is a great girl but she has many other project, so really Charlie firing her has gave her time to focus more on TSS, BBS, and her new lingerie line. When I was speaking to Lolita she didn't seem to hung up on the fact that she was fired, she said she was planning on quitting but the reason why will stay between us two.

Something I also just realize that Charlie brought up is that me calling Tyler out about being possible gay is wrong and I'm truly sorry, I love all my gays and I thought that maybe me posting that would help you come out and possibly be a nicer person. Sorry, but for you to resort to a war, is very imature and for you to want pain upon someone is very evil of you.

Baya new writer for PSG!

Ok, first of all congratulation EliteNews, I so happy for you! Baya really deserve the job she is she sweet, kind, and a great writer. I was offered the same job, but then my good friends anonymous told me it wasn't me who would be the new gossip report, because N1mka4eva thinks Baya is more suited for the job than I am which I totally agree with. I can't wait for Baya to be part of the team, I'm sure she will be actively keeping us informed about the latest drama, and hopefully she bring Perez Star Gossip back alive.
Congrat Baya!
Oh and if you guys don't know Tyler has start a war against me, got to love him ,right?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Runway Spoiler

Okay, this is probably old news, but I needed something to post about since I am going camping until Thursday. I promise to be more active because I will miss a lot of time for the blog.

So, I bet everyone has seen the old issue of Runway, which is now posted on the new blog, along with the Spring and Winter spoilers. Runway was a really great magazine, and Vasia is a great writer. I will be looking forward to what the team members have to show us.

In other news, we all know about the semi-feud between Fashion Group and Dioguardi Group, but which do you think is better. I have heard rumors that DG is taking ideas from FG. FG just started the Fashion Arts University, but I doubt Dioguardi can top that. Fashion Group is really perspiring and I heard they are having more projects coming up that no one knows about.

Tyleris-insane, coward!

Well these pass couple of weeks I went from hating Tyler, liking him some what, and now just plan old disliking him once again. Well he just opened up his once a hit blog Tyler's Top Trends, and talks about he is leaving the social scene or in other words "Dollywood" and he made up his own city 'New Star City' and does the own fake imaginary world thing. Tyler, leave the fake reporting to Elitenews she is way better at it than you are.

Also read this beautiful ESSAY comment Tyler left on one of my post...

Like I said before Tyler, boys don't keep diaries, photo albums, or anything else you feel is masculine at least not the straight ones. I never seen my brother write in his pretty little Diary with a pink fuzzy pen talking about how is day was. Back to what I was saying, Tyler your are not hiding your secret very well. Many people have speculated that you were gay, and for you to just be hiding it seems that you aren't proud about who you are. I have no problem with people being gay, I mean I support gay marriage and I love Perez Hilton.

The only reason I bring up the Tyler being gay is because of what WriteMaryCat left in his guestbook,"And just so you know, Mr. unpacked Gay from Vegas, I earn my money myself, unlike you! Daddy, daddy, but my little Tyler a new Vibrator!".

And since Tyler feels the need of giving me advice, here is some advice for you Tyler. Don't do a webcam show and acting all feminine and not expect to be outed(this was a long time ago), and like I said before I'm not homophobic, I love my gays. So just come out already, you always seem to avoid that topic!

Another thing, at the time I posted that she was too relevant to your Stardoll life, and well SHE DID CALL YOU OUT!


OK that's was supposed to be published about 6-7days ago but that was a day I wasn't in a bitchy mood but it seems like I'm not the only one who was visited by the monthly gift.

Thanks for the information Tyler, I mean I'm so sorry that my very new blog with active 70 followers doesn't compare to you 2 active followers and two hundreds and something non active followers. This blog was made with a new account, 'he' was unknown, and everybody was surprisingly excepting. Well that's not to much of a failure to me, but yes Tyler you are INDEED a failure, you give up on most of your project. What happened to PR Now again? Are you still working on that project or did you give up of coarse? And wait, some of his followers on that blog are from my blog because I was so nice to post about is copied project (Which we won't get into) and get him a couple (2 or 3) more supporters.

But there many good things about Tyler like he... well I can't think of any but I look up to him. One day I will give up on this blog and then close it down, and then open up a new blog, but then I decided to do a award show (I'm Elite Awards new owner), and then close down the awards and the blog that I was doing, and then come back to this blog! Tyler your my inspiration!

Tyler, I know your going to write a whole lot of bull sh#t in the comment section which will just prove your a coward, seems to me like your revisiting Dollywood, when you said you have moved on to bigger and badder, in "New Star City" good job with that.

Describe our lovely Tyler in the comments section.

Fashion Arts University?

Mary has done it again- constructed yet another genius stardoll project, and they're just getting bigger and better. Mary has devised a new project, a Fashion Arts University, named FAU inventively.

Mary has created a impressively elegant system for the University, with two sections of studying the Fashion Arts. 'Public' And 'Privet'. Of corse Mary has smartly made this into a money-making project, and I applaud her for it! 3 of 10 students will study for free. They're chosen obviously in an interview, Mary stated in her FAU blog 'The most perspective students, the most hard-working and the most interesting ones will study for free.' And to me that seems perfectly fair. If you're going for private education, the whole price is one superstar code, affordable for most. Mary stated this on her blog: 'If you want to study 3 subjects, you have to pay for one of them (If you're in the public list. But if you're in the private list, then you have to pay for all three or more) Each 3 subject you choose - if you're in the Public List - you have to pay for one of them. Example: you need to pay 2 of 6. Also, a special faculty - Graphics Design - has only private form of studying. Paying before you start the course!' Simple and eccentric!

If you're interested in studying at this university visit Mary's blog for more information here.


New writer for KOM.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? .. No it's Fifi.

Yes- the wonderful Linda has given me a job writing for Stardoll's King of Media- I'll be blogging about the gossip, scandals, partys, and the fame whores, so keep an eye out for my posts- I promise to not dissapoint! You can visit me on stardoll if you like, fifibannana, I'll be posting as often as I can, and as plentiful as I can.

Thank you, I'll be blogging sooooon!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The True Elites?

A site all about the true 'elites'. Actually it's also about elite posers, and what they did to make them seem elite, but what makes them not.

First featured was the phenomenon, Style_Magazine, The post really compelled me to believe
that she was the first true elite.

Second, was the 'poser' Tylerisbold. We know that Tyler failed projects like the Stardoll Freakshow, The Freakshow Awards, and Tyler's Top Trends. Although he is trying to make a comeback with a world of his own.

This blog looks promising, I am sure you will want the link, so click here .
And, who is The True Elite owner?

Thanks for reading!

Formspring Us!

Ask the King of Media team things you are afraid to message to us personally. Do you need help in you life either on or of Stardoll? If you need some advice to a situation that has happened ask what we would do if we were in your shoes. We will reply to all the questions I hand pick personally.

This idea obviously is original, not, I've seen it on many blogs, and hell I would love to give it a chance.

Bring the question, write in the Formspring section of the sidebar.

A Competition! Win 200sd!

Okay socialites.

First post and all,Just thought it could be for something useful, So here it goes...

So, as the title says, it is a competition.You may be thinking of what it is, but
I'm gonna stop you right there and just tell you.This is a comp to get more followers,
they will comment this post saying that you invited them, so the person with the most people
invited will be crowned the winner, by receiving 200 SDs and a banner made by me.

The minimum entries will have to be ten, minimum number of followers will be 5.
So not too many rules.

So everyone come on and join!
Support the blog! ;D

New FameWhore

Hello everyone!

I'm Stardoll's King of Media's new Fame Whore!Yeah, I'm McKenzie1397, but call me Colton ;)
Anyways, I will bring you the latest gossip,along with the amazing owner, Linda.

Comment for post requests!

He is back, is it for good?

Manolo otherwise known as Lolo  which I didn't know until reading Dioguardi Group, is back and he will be back for a while. He is back in charge of Dioguardi Group, for now, and is said to be bring 'iconic' project and of course fashion to Stardoll.

Are you guys happy for him to be back?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Lingerie Line

Maybe some of you may know that Miss_LolitaF is working on new project which will be a, Lingerie line! The idea is crazy, I mean I don't want to see boobs and vay-jay-jays but with a mind like Lolita's I'm sure she will make is tasteful yet classy. With a graphics designer like ForeverGorgeous by your side its kind of hard to go wrong.

Lolita has a sexy side to her, when I was talking to her on KOM's account before I came out about who I really was she suggest that I'd do a Play Boy magazine for Stardoll. Thats a bit out there but she takes riskes which I love. Hopefully this project is successful.

Another thing I hope is that the models whom are wearing the lingerie aren't anorexic whore, starving for a cheeseburger!
The team members are
Miss_LolitaF - Creative Director
Hunnigall, Reira422 & Evita.Sweet - Graphic Designers.
Models are: Mirka_17, Superoh & M_Themis
Can't wait to see!

Is this her comeback?

(Eccentric Magazine September 2009 Issue)

The very absent Star_awards seems to be on Stardoll a little more than normal. When viewing her page I seen she has posted the link of her magazine:Eccentric Magazine, on her presentation so I ask her if she was planning on bring the it back to life and she told me...

Well this is exciting, a good possibility for the magazine to return is good news for all magazine lovers. She is correct she hasn't been active at all which is disappointing because I love all her projects the awards, blogs, magazine all successful, in my eyes at least.

"Is this her comeback?" Who knows, but I sure hope so.

Hiring anyone who knows their a,b,c's...

Hey everyone, I've just created a club for the blog "KingofMedia" so join! Other news I'm looks for a team of reports who can cover all media! I want the latest fashion trends, latest gossip; example the the fuel between Mary and Tyler which I predicted trouble was going to happen between them too. Anything, even if you already write for another blog but would like to get your name out there more (basically a fame-whore) with this blog then just contact me at Elite-girl via doll mail, and I'll evaluate you, in other words, I'll strip you down to the bone.

Give it a chance..

Also follow another gossip blog that I love if you haven't already, Stardolls Gossip Guy.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Male Whore.

Well I motto is to never date online definitely if the guy reminds you of a old man, or a girl. Well yesterday I received a strange request from x.optimistic.x herself I mean her online 'boo' (boyfriend/lover boy), saying "Hey beautiful ;)". First of all ewww, second of all never will I give you a chance in hell, and third of all your disgusting.

After a conversation I had with Erin in her guest book I guess he seen that I said he was a flirt, and not a good one at that and he messages me the follow:
He/she talked very old man-ish, I mean inconvenience really all you had to say was "Sorry to bother you", the only male on Stardoll I know who talk like that is... Tyler but I know he isn't behind that trash bag whore! Another thing I'd like to address is my attitude, I feel I am pretty nice to people, could be bitchy at times, but I'm nice and I was being nice to him telling him writing that old man speech to me wasn't necessary, at all.

This example of a man is a total opposite of what i would ever be interested in. I feel for Erin for having to deal with his coward ass, but I hope they get along, even though I do not support online dating at all, I mean virtual kisses aren't as good as the real deals.

Stardoll has being drama free theses pass couple of day, your faults I guess we will have to settle for stories like this.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Famewhore or Truthteller.

Well a while back Devie44 was outed for being a boy, but Kristen denied, denied, denied! Today she sent everyone and a message that explain that she is indeed a boy and that his real name is Patrick. I find it kind of weird because on Skype we were talking about girl issue at that time of the month when we are not such proud va-jay-jay owners. Is this just Patrick/Kristen's way to get in the limelight? I've heard some people think its total bull sh#t, but other think she may actually be a he.

But is /heshe a fame-whore? She asked me if I'd post this on my blog, I like him or her but it seems like a fame-whore to me. Love you Patrick!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Charlotte sticks up for a friends...

Charlotte (N1make4eva) sent my a message relating the last post I had made about her good friends Servati and the possibility of her being Teale. From what Devie44(Kristen) and Slaggot (Sloane) has told Lolita and I about Servati is that she doesn't want to be known as Teale anymore because of what she was known for. Well Charlotte could just be defending her friend because she know Debbie doesn't want to be known as Teale anymore, or Charlotte just know its a fact that Debbie is not Teale which may be right.

In the messages she said "Hey Linda :) Can you take down your post about Servati please? It's not true and I have no idea where Slaggot got the idea." and the second message said "The conversation that Slaggot posted... they were talking about Teale, with whom Servati is friends with and when Debbie said ''Uhh... Teale? :P'' she was asking Teale's account, she was NOT saying that she was Teale. If she was, wouldn't she refer to Teale as *I* not the name? The last sentence doesn't even make sense to be honest. So you know, the false post is sort of embarrassing for the blog. If you could please remove it. :)". Well I told her I wouldn't remove it because I stand by what I write, false or not this is what I've been told and I do not find it embarrassing at all.

A question to Servati is why does she look so much like Teale, and why would she bring Teale's name up after Sloane asked her whom her previous account was? I know Sloane has a history of not tell the complete truth but I somewhat believe her, shame on me?

Who do you believe?

Guess who is back! Teale

The girl behind the loop-hole conspiracy Teale/Hifof is back on stardoll. She has been a member since Decemeber 29,2009 and now goes by the name of Debbie but her stardoll account is Servati. Teale is know for many many things, she was part in the scam that took place with Singingmermaid and the friend at the time josie-io, the loop-hole, outing FakeShake3's ugly side and many other thing.

The other day Lolita and I interview Sloane because word on the street is that she knows who Teale is, and that Teale is still a active member on stardoll. Well the rumors are true, Sloane does know who Teale is and today she spilled it all.

[10:38:58 AM] I'll play it like Slaggy so you won't know it was meeeee: Still want to know who Teale is? It's Servati - warning, she's a big bitch, approach with caution. [10:40:06 AM] Linda: Servati is really teale? Woow! I don't know her but thanks you.:D [10:40:45 AM] I'll play it like Slaggy so you won't know it was meeeee: Yep, I have proof if you need it too. [10:40:54 AM] Linda: Yeah can you please show me? [10:41:55 AM] I'll play it like Slaggy so you won't know it was meeeee: ~Debbie~ /).(\ [02/02/2010 7:38:51 PM] Sloane: Asshole [02/02/2010 7:39:00 PM] Sloane: Ohh.. Who was your old account? [02/02/2010 7:39:01 PM] ~Debbie~ /).(\: I know. [02/02/2010 7:39:10 PM] ~Debbie~ /).(\: uh.. Teale? :P [02/02/2010 7:39:44 PM] Sloane: Noooooooooo [02/02/2010 7:39:48 PM] ~Debbie~ /).(\: D; [02/02/2010 7:39:56 PM] ~Debbie~ /).(\: heart break! [02/02/2010 7:40:11 PM] Sloane: Seriously? [02/02/2010 7:40:22 PM] ~Debbie~ /).(\: maybe (chuckle) [02/02/2010 7:41:16 PM] ~Debbie~ /).(\: But you made ur account July of last year so D; if you know who Teale was well you have to know from mostly negative

Well I don't know too much about Teale but from what I read in Perez Star Gossip, she Psycho, caused lots of drama, and the biggest fame whore on Stardoll at the time! Teale was the girl to be talked about, and well she is back and her medoll looks exactly the same as her other accounts Hifof/Teale before they were deleted. I'm sure Dan_Puffs can't wait to hear that she is back!

If there is more to the story I'll update later.

Poser or real deal?

Last Chance to vote!

The Stardoll Elite Awards

Today is the last day you could vote for the nominees of The Stardoll Elite Awards.

Click here to vote.

Stardoll made some changes

Stardoll has just change "My Last Visitors" list from 3 to 5 people. 5 is better than 3 but what happen to the like 8 or 10 visitors we used to have? I'm guessing Stardoll's plans are to change the guestbook, and BFF list, I really hope they do.

*Update* Stardoll also allows us to have more friends on our BFF list.

Mary calls Tyler out.

Bad Media Karma blog launch a week or so ago and there has been very interesting things being posted which you all should go check out. A recent post talks about Tylerisbold announcing his being on his PR Blog. He said "I am now fully proud to say that I do and will now consider myself Elite - rather than an Elite. It is considered a rank, not a personality". If it was in personality I'm sorry to say but he would not have a chance being a Elite.

Some people dis-agree with him knowing thinking he is an Elite for expamle his good friend Mary. Mary said that he loves himself way too much, and his Ego is way to big, well thats my take on it lets see what she has to say, "
LOL at Tyler for this, to be honest. He has gone too far with his love to himself. Huge ego, right? I am friends with him, but I must admit that he's blind to the fact that people don't really pay much attention to him."

Amen, I totally agree, I like Tyler but when your head is that big and you think your like a God, thats a huge problem.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Late night with Chad.

Yesterday MadWorld (Chad) release a project that he has been working on for a long time, Late Night with Chad. Late Night with Chad is a blog thats based on Gossip and Fashion, there will also be interviews of all the Stardoll member you'd like Chad to interview.

Just check out the blog and you'll see what he has in store.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Stardoll on its way...

Well Stardoll just shutdown to update the database and well I can't wait to see the final result! Are you guys ready for the new Stardoll to be revealed?


Well as we all know Slaggot accused Findurlove of blackmailing her. She tells EliteNews (Baya) that Maggie has dirt on her and threaten Sloane that she was going to spread it if she didn't change the story, and that's why she put out the false statements that Vasia was the real bad guy. I didn't really believe this at first because, I've heard that Sloane plays a lot of games and does whatever it takes to get famous.

When I spoke with Maggie she let me know that she has no dirt and anyone and Sloane is full of it.This message reads:
"You have to know this about Sloane, she's does anything to get into Stardoll fame, and will say anything to stay there; she is going to become your friend, yet later would betray you; I find her hypocritical, very two faced, and says a lot of Bull. For instance, I never have "secret things" on people, I'd never really blackmail people to get fame, I am not her, and most certainly not going to be. As for what she said to me on Skype the other day, she was like " Oh I am sorry Maggie, everyone started attacking you and I think Vasia is mean" blah blah blah, I can see all that talk was very dishonest.

If you wish to see my conversation with her, just ask, I have a copy of our Skype conversation. "

That's funny how she apologized to Maggie because Vasia told me that Sloane apologized to her too. Sloane you can't play the fence and not expect to get caught because you were caught in this case. What was a fake fight got real, and really ugly and I can say that neither Maggie or Vasia is at fault. It is Sloane who is instigating, lying, and doing a lot to become famous.

French Flamingo Nightclub:Best Dress list

The French Flamingo Night grand opening was a success! Owner Missricopenguin (Kylie) was happy with the results I'm sure and she is planning to have another party next week.

So we have some posers one our best dress list. First is the ever so sweet To_Royal (Dei) she is the beautiful bluegreen86 (mel), next is Mini_Mami who came as the super sophisticated, Fakeshake3 (Ellie), next is Looc123 she was one of the many people who showed up as Vasia28 (Vasia), but she was one of my favorite Vasias at the party, and Marco came close second! Punkyfish2007 was also part of the whole poser theme and came as N1mka4eva (Charlotte), Coconut_Nicole came as a very believable Hunnigall (Alicia), Brit-on-me was his good friend (Marcela) and he looks as fabulous as he always does, and last was the owner missricopenguin (Kylie) who hosted the party as Style_Magazine (Does Style have a name?). Lol there was also a Lolita poser there talking about if she want to be like her, she would have to be more of a bitch-- I agree with that!

The party was great as I said before, drama didn't really start up like the end out the party when this whore called me a name, but she is not worth tell all you guys about. If you weren't at this party there is one next week supposedly, so be there!