Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This monTh, mysTery will occur.

Well Tyler sent messages to everyone which read, "This monTh, mysTery will occur." I had no clue of what he was talking about I just notice some werid capital letter in his sentence where they should be. But when I seen his presentation and all the capital "T" were green I knew what he was talking about, he is bringing Tyler's Top Trends back. I have very little knowledge on this blog I just know Tyler shut it down, and then came "The Stardoll Freakshow" which just shut down.

Tyler when are you going to just stick with one blog?

Click here to view the blog.


Tylerisbold said...

I didn't send messages to EVERYONE. Just you, silly. But you'll never know whether or not Tyler's Top Trends is coming back, until it actually does. You must constantly change things in order to stick around. Shutting down a blog doesn't mean I can't make up my mind, nothing lasts forever. And why own just one blog when you have the power to own many more?

KingofMedia said...

Very true, see 'Mister' isn't it good to get along.

Thanks for thinking of me!

Dei said...

Haha. I love who you use the photo from when he was kind of 'Hobo Chic'.

nik - firecracker. said...

They were two different kinds of blogs, anyways.
A fashion + a gossip blog, so it's different. ( :

Personally, I'm excited for it's return because it used to be a really great blog.

-Pop_Tart- said...

Me love Tyler's Top Trends long time