Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hunnigall has a lover boy

14 year old Steven Mclean(Oldman33), who was once a stardoll member many years ago is now back and its because of Alice(Hunnigall). Steven told me that he was once very good friends with Alice on his old account and when he left Stardoll he kept in contact with Alice via MSN, and that when Alice told Steven he should return to Stardoll. He also wrote a little something for her:


Dear you,

Your So Special, You Make The Sun Shine In My Life When I'm Feeling Down And When i Need To Lift My Chin And Head Up. You Run Through My Fingers Like Sand Thats How Special You Mean To Me. You Once Said Steven You Make My Bed Rock when Thats The day i laughed so hard i couldn't stop crying, you could of told me that i meant that much to you but i guess i had to find that out for myself. Now That i know it's not the same without you we never contact anymore but when i do get a message from you it's like if you dont talk to me your deleted from my list when she didn't even relise she sent that message to me, now that we are alone i can tell you honesly how i feel, i can reach for your beautiful soft musk hands and beg on my knee's for another beautiful day with you "Just Like We Use Too said hunnigall" <3"

Is there a little Stardoll love I should be looking out for? Woo woo, he is obviously sprung of her, at least her medoll, I wonder what Alice thinks about this because I'd be kind of creeped out.


Kylie/missricopenguin said...

Haha xD
He visited my suite and I thought he was an old pedo because of his user :D

Dei said...

Awww, thats cute.

Queen-of-mean. said...

oh... he's so sweet !


Alice in Wonderland said...

He's sweet and all, but I don't have an MSN account XD