Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Elite Awards.

The Stardoll Elite Awards
The Elite Awards conference was today and everything is now final, except for the date . Voting is possible starting today and the categories are out, and they are:

Most Loved Female-4 nominees (The girl everyone loves)

Most Loved Male- 4 nominees (That Boy that's everyone's favorite)

Most Loved User- 2 nominees (choosen by the Team between the most loved male and most loved female)

Biggest Persona- 4 nominees(The best personality from all the members on stardoll)

Drama Queen/King- 4 nominees (Who has been on every blog bitching about other, who have made the drama around everyting)

Interior decorated- 4 nominees (The medoll with the best suite on Stardoll)

Magazine furor-4 nominees (The best magazine alive)

Stardoll Artist-4 nominees (the member with the best graphic skills)

Blog Buzz- 4 nominees (The blog that brings you all the news. The best blog in stardoll)

The Elite Award- 8 nominees ( The awards that eveyone wants. This is the awards of popularity. The most popular users will be on this category. 4 are choosen by public 2 from previous categories and other 2 by the judges)


I already know who I'm voting for and who I'm not voting for, do you?

A question asked during the conference was "What will the word ELITE define in this awards?" Kxcatarinaxk (Bruno) , owner of the awards says"The ELITE word here is that the show is like the old ones,please thought that only elites were nominated, and by that now that we don't add anyone and only let the public choose."

To find out more about the awards click:here.

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