Friday, July 30, 2010

Where are they now?

Do you remember this Martyangelo character? No he wasn't one of the guys Ashley (BeverlyHillshei), "Blair" (Springgates), or Teale was partying and whoring around with, he was actually much more better than that (I'm happy all three of them or two of them has turned out to be very less boy hungry and Anthony and Ashley are great.). Martyangelo was actually voted Best Newcomer of February 2010's Star Awards, and he was said to be polite friendly and sweet in the reviews Perez posted way back when. Oh I miss those days so much even though I was barely ever on.

Well he seems to still remember those day for when I caught up with him I asked "Hey haven't you won a Star Award back in 2008? Why did you leave Stardoll's socialite life?"
Stardoll seemed kind of scary back then (Like its kind of starting to feel now), I was a member but I wasn't very active back them and got on Stardoll like every other month. I do not remember to much of him, imagine if he was our Manolo of Stardoll right now... things what have been very different. Its funny how one day your loved by many, and that next your like last season fall/winter ready to wear collect in other words not loved.

He is one of the many Stardoll's popular people who walked out of the social scene.

Since I'm lacking knowledge of the past gossip can you guys tell me who The Sophs are? Those two girl name Sophie who met at one party and just start to refer themselves as The Sophs? I'd also like to know who was the one guy that everyone was obsessed with? And why at every party were people NAKED? I mean Stardoll made clothing for a reason.

BTW: We have reach over 10,000! Thats good news for me!


WTF said...

i didn't understand one word from that article

KingofMedia said...

Sorry, it was 2am and I was pulling a all-nighter,with friend on skype, but I'll fix it, Mr./Ms. WTF!