Thursday, July 8, 2010

French Flamingo Nightclub:Best Dress list

The French Flamingo Night grand opening was a success! Owner Missricopenguin (Kylie) was happy with the results I'm sure and she is planning to have another party next week.

So we have some posers one our best dress list. First is the ever so sweet To_Royal (Dei) she is the beautiful bluegreen86 (mel), next is Mini_Mami who came as the super sophisticated, Fakeshake3 (Ellie), next is Looc123 she was one of the many people who showed up as Vasia28 (Vasia), but she was one of my favorite Vasias at the party, and Marco came close second! Punkyfish2007 was also part of the whole poser theme and came as N1mka4eva (Charlotte), Coconut_Nicole came as a very believable Hunnigall (Alicia), Brit-on-me was his good friend (Marcela) and he looks as fabulous as he always does, and last was the owner missricopenguin (Kylie) who hosted the party as Style_Magazine (Does Style have a name?). Lol there was also a Lolita poser there talking about if she want to be like her, she would have to be more of a bitch-- I agree with that!

The party was great as I said before, drama didn't really start up like the end out the party when this whore called me a name, but she is not worth tell all you guys about. If you weren't at this party there is one next week supposedly, so be there!


Kylie/missricopenguin said...

Thanks (:

Queen-of-mean. said...

Congratz ! you all look amazing !