Monday, August 30, 2010

Eccentric Magazine Spoiler

Star_awards (Vanessa), owner of Eccentric Magazine has just released the spoiler for September's issue. The spoiler keeps us all guessing as to what this issue is going to have in stores for us. Watch out Eccentric is back!

What do you think of the spoiler?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stardoll Fashion Week: Designer Update

UPDATE: Supposedly Esther001's collection isn't included in fashion week, but she did apply and I guess the fashion show will be during the same week... but she isn't include in SFW. Weird?

As stardoll fashion week, gets closer and closer designers get busier and busier. One designer (Esther001) has already gave the audience a little sneak peek of the runway and the hair styles that will be walking down the cat walk this season on her blog .

Looks good can't wait to see the finale project, to view Esther001's blog (which is in a different language) click: Here

Other news about SFW designers, one of them whom I've been really looking forward to seeing was Hunnigall's collection, but she has been injured by a flower pot and will not be able to finish her collection as she stated in her presentation a few days ago. That's a bummer, but I hope you feel better Alice.

Word on the street is that something happened within the Dioguardi team, between the designer and someone else, but I promised to keep that secret and you guys are going to have to suffer... Since then they are moving on and is getting the collection ready for fashion week! Wooo can't wait, very excited! Am I the only one?

Sorry the blog hasn't been very active, school is about to start for me and I will not be on too often. Anyone want to write for KOM? We're kind of lacking a team, Blake left he moved on to bigger and better(PSG Woooo!), and Colton... who knows?

Friday, August 27, 2010


With the absence of one of stardoll's fame-whores T, Haus of Sin is sure to fall behind, and its certainly not the first time, ever since the first set back where the original owners left, its just not the same. Where is M? Has she died in another train accident? she sure has us fooled! I am speculating T's return to stardoll will be soon, perhaps incognito?With one Haus down one builds up, as Lady G spills the hottest gossip in stardoll, wonder if this blog will stay up long? or will it fail like the failed attempt of riving a dying Haus Of Sin?

Saturday, August 21, 2010


The Gloss Awards run by P have just started the voting poll, here is Gossip Girl's views to the nominees:

Gossip-Girl's Picks = blue
Who are you? = Green
Why are you there? = Red
Best Dressed Female:
Best Dressed Male:
Nicest Person
Best Suite:

Most Awesome Blog: (TSS) (SMW) (BBS) (USD) (TSI)
Most Amazing Album:
Stardoll's Most Greatest Elite:
Gloss Award:

Hilarious how the owner is in almost all the categories.

You know you love me,
Gossip Girl

Nudity is Fashion!

You must have heard of Cover Magazine, and the always love-able Eternity Magazine, and how they used the main idea of 'nudity' in their photo-shoots, and of course, people disagreed, and some didn't just display their agreement, yet they resorted to aggressive comments, which discourages the workers. I personally think the idea was simply fashionable, and innovative.

In art, artists used and still use nude models, should they be female or male, and paint explicit portraits - nude portraits - for royalty, for museums, and these masterpieces are nothing less than perfect, and are admired by artistic people all around the world, not for the fact its a nude portrait, but because of the artistic touch it has, the style, the detail, the meaning. Nudity is nothing to be ashamed of, nudity in art is merely showing the roots of a human body, to simplicity, the basic analogy of a human body. The way the body looks, the shapes, the sizes, the dimensions, all that you can think of. Are these artists blamed and ridiculed for having a nude model in it? Of course not! The artist is admired for his or her hard work, because of the dedication they put up to make this portrait.

In modern times, nudity is an offense, in public, people do get arrested, although, in ancient times, people roamed nude, with nothing to wear but a piece of cut clothing, nudity is an offense to whom thinks it is 'unsanitary', for most it is unsanitary, of course, it would be for me too, if I saw a naked man roaming around my neighborhood O_O Although, if it was used for the right usage, such as art, or fashion, I would be admiring the artist's/designer's work!

Nudity is in fact fashion! The trend that has been and is still seen on the runway of various designers, sheer, sheer is a style that is found in shows such as Givenchy, Chanel, House of Holland, and perhaps other designers, why do they use these types of styles that expose body parts, to show you, you shouldn't be ashamed of your body, your curves, your whole look depends on your body, and clothes sometimes tend to show off skin. Givenchy produced a top which was released to stardoll that reveals the chest area, and that is considered as high fashion. Many celebrities, and highly known people wear these outfits, why? That is because it fashion, nudity is fashion.

To apply the same rule on stardoll, we cant deny the fact that actually the magazines do not show full nude bodies, yet show semi nude figures, even though we have at stardoll underage members, we cant deny the owners freedom of thought and action, because this is a certain thing, a person should not be judged by, yet criticized so that the next issue turns out 100x better!

What do you think?

Thank youu,

LipStick Magazine Spoiler!

First of all, "OMGTCIH" (Oh my gosh, this cover is hot)! I wonder who the blond and the brunette chicks are, the cover looks great, boobs look real, expensive aswell as the bikinis and I can't can't can't, wait until the magazine is released!

Who do you think these covergirls are? I'm pretty sure I know.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Targeted: Tylerisbold

What I really don't understand, is why everyone targets Tylerisbold? Because he claims he doesn't care what we thinks? Because what he says in defense is offending? Because he believe him to be a fame whore? But what is the real reason?

Why aren't we going for the people that do need to be targeted? Like...actually I am at a loss for words, who should we target? Maybe Lolita, for paying her way and gaining popularity by fake-befriending other elitists? Or maybe Anthony, for attacking people (like Kasia) in public? But really, I don't think anyone deserves this.

I know, I played along with this, thats the point, I played to not like Tyler. The thing is, its the total opposite, Tyler is amazing! He has had blogs with many, many followers and was able to keep up to posts. Like TTT opening again, and he posts daily, which is great for him to do, so maybe he quit projects, but don't you think it would be hard? Every month to hire sometime to do graphics for the Freakshow Awards, or maybe even pay them? To come up with the ideas, the people, to actually eliminate them? Or maybe post each day, and find someone's outfit to rate?

So, why don't we like him. I think its maybe because we feel intimidated. Personally, Dan's post was childish. I mean, give him a nickname, with some things like TylerisGay, but we don't know that now do we? I did it, but I am stopping right now with this Tyler crap. Really, the blogs are making him a headline, and more popular, as he has been saying all along. So, if you have any comments, or you are in denial, comment below. Your choice.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Applead/PonijsLV Takes A Hint

I'm probably going to get bashed to the floor for posting this, and it is not my personal take on Tyler.
It's official- PonijsLV is leaving Stardoll. Tyler has decided to leave Stardoll, and only come to check up on things. Upon hearing this, I immediately said that I would miss him, even though we fought a lot. I mean, who else would I call a skanky bedheaded hoe? (:
Apparently, some people feel happy that he's leaving. Some people have questions that will always be left unanswered- such as is Tyler gay? Many many people have questioned this and think he'd be happier if he just admitted it.
I have come out to just four people, and now it'll be the whole Stardoll world. I'm bisexual, and proud. I don't care if you hate me for this, it's your problem, not mine.
Anyway, drop by his account to leave him goodbye messages! Leave your opinions in the comments.
I wish Tyler the best of luck!
Ta-Ta Tyler.

From Linda:

If you don't know Tyler... he is/was the last active (somewhat) blogger left on Haus of Sin.

Servati Is A Liar

In addition to the obvious HOAX message in her presentation, Servati has been officially 'outed' by myself. I took the liberty of emailing Eurotunnel, as I wanted it straight from them that it had not happened. I must personally say that this is the best customer service I have ever experienced! Haha! One day response! Anyway, here is the screenshot of the email I received. (Sorry if the image doesn't work...Click?) It reads:
Good Morning,
Thank you for your email. The story you read is merely a vicious rumor, as no such accident has occurred. Could you please send us the details of the website where you read the article.
Kind regards,

So basically, this is the official fuck you to Servati. I told you all it wasn't real. Can we stop moaning over fake deaths now? Charlotte is on a holiday/vacation to Disney.

Message from Linda: This should be the last post about this event, I promise.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just to add

So Blake posted earlier about how the whole Charlotte dying story is fake; as much as I would like to believe Servati, I just cant believe anything happened. As Blake said, nothing of any sort was on the news. If there was a train crash, and all the passengers died, then it would be a huge crisis, it would be on BBC, CNN, London newspapers, French newspapers, it would also be on the biggest newspapers world-wide. If it did happen, you would have seen it on TV, or heard it on the radio.What made me suspicious was that I saw Servati's guestbook, and one of the french members on stardoll, EugineS, hasn't heard of the report, nor has she witnessed anyone talking about a crash. Again, how would no french citizen know about all of this? I know I haven't talked to all of them, at least I talked to a few, as well as a real life friend that lives there as well, I am sure if my best friend died and I read the report that I would bookmark the page, plus when you google it you wont find anything, I tried filtering the data and I didnt get anything :S
If you see the above chat with Cassandra (ad.astra) she told me that not her entire family were with Charlotte in the train, of course, that would mean that not all of them died right? but then when I saw Servati's reply to our very own Linda, she said that the whole family were with Charlotte and all of them died, which should I believe?
Anyway, I then saw the other party Cassandra said, that they identified Charlotte's body, but what made me think was that it was too early, because as Servati said on her presentation that no body will be identified until ALL the families are notified, it would take quite a long time till they get a hold of all the families, and for them to come to paris and identify the body.

I am not saying Servati is a liar, but I find it hard to believe that just because they have family connections that everything she says is entirely true, if in fact the whole story is true (which I am pretty sure it isnt) then R.I.P

Thanks for your time,

A Big F*CK You To Servati!

So, you've all heard about that fake news of Charlotte's death. I can say fake with a firm belief that it's true. If this train accident had occurred, I'm positive it'd be all over the news. Servati says they were all killed, or required amputation. I'd think up a plausible rumor next time Servati. The latest recorded train wreck was today, August 17th.
"August 17, 2010 - A sewage tanker lorry strikes and derails a passenger train (the 17:31 service from Sudbury to Marks Tey) on a level crossing at Little Cornard, Suffolk. Eighteen people are injured, two seriously"
I don't know where Charlotte lived, and neither does her best friend, Nojarama. I know this is a horrible thing to say, but A lot of members are taking this too far. It is NOT real at all. 100% fake. Here are some giggle-worthy comments posted on Charlotte's guestbook.
I blocked out most of the names and faces, but I'm sure you can find them by looking through the guestbook. Anyway, I want to see this article that bdogg28 posted about. (NOTE: She posted this BEFORE Servati posted about it in the guestbook! Suspicious?) ad.astra might be talking about the thing Servati posted, but it could be something else.
So I'm done writing about this, it's...weird.

Is she really dead?

The news today in Dollywood today is that the lovable N1mka4eva (Charlie) has died in a terrible train accident. The person spreading this terrible news its her good friend of Servati which some believe to be the old crazy Teale/Hifof. As most of us know Teale was a crazy bitch whom was obsessed with Dan.

That is what Servati had to say, some ask how do you know about this train crash, this information been shared with any of the world as of right now. Google train crashes, and there is nothing linked to what Servati is explain on Charlie's guestbook. She could possible just be making things up, wouldn't be the first time.

Well some other news about this story is that if Charlie really has died, which I hope didn't happened, she was talking how she feel about going on the train to Nojarama (solo).

Read the following:

(they were talking about her trip to Disney Land, and when solo say "I hope you ride breaks down, he was talking about the roller coasters at Disney Land)

[15/08/2010 20:20:44] Blue Gummy Bear: i hope a ride breaks down and you die in it (rofl)
[15/08/2010 20:20:50] Charlotte//;/x: HAh can you imagine? :D
[15/08/2010 20:20:55] Blue Gummy Bear: IKR :O
[15/08/2010 20:21:01] Charlotte//;/x: I'm really scared about the underwater train thing
[15/08/2010 20:21:05] Blue Gummy Bear: and you'd no be on stardoll
[15/08/2010 20:21:05] Blue Gummy Bear: OMG
[15/08/2010 20:21:10] Blue Gummy Bear: IT'S NOT UNDERWATER
[15/08/2010 20:21:13] Charlotte//;/x: IT IS
[15/08/2010 20:21:14] Blue Gummy Bear: IT'S SO COOL THOUGH
[15/08/2010 20:21:16] Blue Gummy Bear: :O
[15/08/2010 20:21:17] Blue Gummy Bear: OH
[15/08/2010 20:21:17] Blue Gummy Bear: WAIT
[15/08/2010 20:21:18] Blue Gummy Bear: :D
[15/08/2010 20:21:19] Blue Gummy Bear: I know
[15/08/2010 20:21:21] Charlotte//;/x: it's not on top of the fucking water:D
[15/08/2010 20:21:24] Blue Gummy Bear: yeah not underwater :D
[15/08/2010 20:21:27] Blue Gummy Bear: IT IS NOT UNDERWATER
[15/08/2010 20:21:28] Blue Gummy Bear: :O
[15/08/2010 20:21:30] Charlotte//;/x: IT IS
[15/08/2010 20:21:36] Blue Gummy Bear: Which ride are you on about?
[15/08/2010 20:21:37] Blue Gummy Bear: (think)
[15/08/2010 20:21:39] Charlotte//;/x: Nooooo
[15/08/2010 20:21:44] Charlotte//;/x: the train
[15/08/2010 20:21:45] Blue Gummy Bear: or train
[15/08/2010 20:21:45] Blue Gummy Bear: :D
[15/08/2010 20:21:47] Charlotte//;/x: to get to freance
[15/08/2010 20:21:47] Blue Gummy Bear: WHICH train
[15/08/2010 20:21:49] Blue Gummy Bear: Oh
[15/08/2010 20:21:50] Blue Gummy Bear: xD
[15/08/2010 20:21:50] Charlotte//;/x: france*
[15/08/2010 20:21:51] Charlotte//;/x: yeah:D
[15/08/2010 20:21:52] Blue Gummy Bear: I WENT BY PLANE
[15/08/2010 20:21:53] Blue Gummy Bear: :D
[15/08/2010 20:21:58] Blue Gummy Bear: GO BY PLANE :O
[15/08/2010 20:21:59] Charlotte//;/x: we're driving D;
[15/08/2010 20:22:02] Blue Gummy Bear: YOU GET THERE FASTER
[15/08/2010 20:22:03] Blue Gummy Bear: YUCK
[15/08/2010 20:22:04] Blue Gummy Bear: :O
[15/08/2010 20:22:04] Blue Gummy Bear: D:
[15/08/2010 20:22:11 | Edited 20:22:16] Blue Gummy Bear: We went by Flybe :D
[15/08/2010 20:22:29] Charlotte//;/x: cause it cost my uncle like £3000 for everyone cause he paid for the people that are coming with us too

I really have a hard time believing Servati, I mean do you guys know her supposed past? She is crazy! If you were too lazy to read the Skype conversation between Solo and Charlie it was basically saying that Charlie was scared about the underwater train. She has only been gone a day and Servati is going crazy say she died, I have yet to see any reports about this train, if you have heard about it please leave a comment. So Solo believe its a cruel jokes, and I starting to feel the same way.

I hope she isn't dead, what do you believe happened? Still alive, sadly passed away?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Stupid Stardoll Designers

So, as you all probably know, the new shop identiTEE was released earlier with a new collection. Sometimes I wonder who designed the clothes on Stardoll- a trendy 20 year old, or a jittery trashy 50 year old. It's disgusting some of the outfits they release, and even when they're super chic outfits in real life, but then get turned into trash on the site. I mean seriously?!Anyway, to the point of my post, Stardoll has probably pissed me off more than the Hotbuy re-release season. Why? They decided that for the identiTEE shop, they'd release trashy cut-off shirts with the emoticons from the chat section. *facepalm*Not only are the smileys fugly already, they didn't need to put them on a purple cut off shirt. I don't understand what goes through their minds when they design these things. The other shirts were okay, but I would've liked to see something along the lines of the following pictures. All shirts are from Forever 21. I understand some of them they wouldn't be able to do, but they're just ideas of what I'd like to see. I really like the Harvard shirt and the Don't Litter. Something happened to the picture after I posted it, and there are random white marks all over.The shirts are for the most part whole, except for the last one.

Miss Stardoll World

Miss Stardoll World is a competition which is coming to Stardoll soon. Luckily for us Stardoll's Offical Blog gave up some secret detail which are:
  • Stardolls from any of the following countries will be able to compete. USA, UK, Poland, Ireland, France, Australia, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Netherlands, Turkey, Portugal, Finland, Russia, Spain, Greece, Saudi Arabia.
  • 18 Stardolls from each of these countries will be hand-picked for the local finals to be held in October. We hear our judges are scouting for finalists already, so make sure your Suite is sweet and your MeDoll is dolled-up!
  • 1 winner from each country will go through to the Miss Stardoll World Final at the end of the year.
  • Prizes have not been confirmed, but we’re hearing a 1 Year Superstar Membership for the overall winner, plus tons of SDs and glamorous outfits. Oh, and of course a majestic crown and sash!
1 Year Superstar Membership, I'm expecting everyone to be clean up their suite glaming up their medolls in hope of winning Miss Stardoll World!

So basically Stardoll will hand pick 18 people from each country listed and the winners from each country will compete at the end of the year. So this seems very exciting, do you have what it takes to be Miss Stardoll World?

By the way, everyone in America, WATCH OUT!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Super Critic or Super Bitch?

Well the hottest Stardoll trend of the summer is making a anonymous account and trashing people, or just telling them something your just too scared to do on your main account, patheic! I didn't want to be one of those people so I came out about who I really was and I'm do not regret it at all. Well one of the new anonymous user on Stardoll goes by the name of Super.Critic, she goes to your suite roams around and tell you whats wrong with you medoll/ suite and everything else you'd care less to know(she must be really busy in real life). One of my favorite critics she gave was the one she gave Tylerisbold, well I could care less about what she said but Tyler's response was kind of funny. I find it kind of funny because, when I first did KOM he kind of said the same thing to me something like, "Who named you King of Media"? And he is right about the shoes thing, I don't see many people wearing their Jimmy Choo's while eating a TV dinner in front of the plasma, or maybe that's just my family.

Has she bitch 'critic' your medoll and suite yet? What she say?

Tyleris- bringing new things to stardoll?

I'm back for my little vacation to 'New Star City' home town of Tylerisbold, thinks are quite different up think in the big city, way different than Dollywood. Instead of the gossip being out on blog and all that jazzy stuff, gossip is being spread ear to ear. Let just say I'm happy to be back in Dollywood, OK enough with the role play.

After a post was posted on TTT (Tyler's Top Trends) it was quickly deleted, well I only read as much as the blog updater would let me, but then someone message me on skype saying Tyler was wrong about SFW taking away all of their Media Partners and that they were just using use for all our followers. Well anyways he noticed he was wrong so he deleted it, so that's not such a big deal.

Have you guys notice they very popular blogger Dan is back? Well his second post to the blog for his return was a name Tyler game, Tyleris______.... you answer. Well I found it kind of mean because all of his publicity was bad publicity lately and odiously people are going to answer with pretty mean words, but the bigger person Tyler is took no offense to the situation and seemed to be happy that his videos were being put on blogs, I'd feel the same way. Since Tyler is a good sport and isn't mad with the whole name Tyler game lets list some of the names all you guys named him. TylerIsYetToHitPuberty posted by the so lovable Nojarama, TylerIsA40YearOldVirgin yikes harsh right posted by AlexcendraBurke, TylerisTyler which legit posted by Starserge, TylerIsNailingDudes just rude, TylerIsTrannylious, TylerIsHotForDan, tylerisawanker, and more and more disgusting/hilarious/ weird comments, this post has reached almost 100 comments.

Well what I was trying to get to is that Tyler is THINKING, not exactly sure but is THINKING about vlogging! That's new for Stardoll right, well I don't know if it will be for Stardoll or not but vlogging seems exciting.

Also new polls on the right side of your screen, vote!

Sorry posted twice by mistake.

Recherche Exclusive!

You Africans and Indians out there, you could write for Recherche! Yes, you! You could be a part of a great magazine, just contact doinker_chic! It may be your time to shine, check this picture for more info.

Will you sign up? Is this a clue for Lily's next issue's theme?

Dioguardi Gets A Makeover!

Hi All! I haven't posted too much lately, and that's going to change. Colton's staying, so be prepared for some gossip and news updates to hit the scene!
Anyway, here is some interesting facts, tidbits, and informative pieces on Dioguardi Couture, Stardoll's hottest brand. This is literally thrown together after visiting the site and realizing that the design had changed. Please excuse the sloppiness of the layout.

1. Dioguardi has a new color scheme! In preparation for a new collection, Dioguardi has changed it's banner and background to a monochromatic gray. The header is a simple 'DIOGUARDI' in black, with a lace overlay. What do you think this collection's theme will be? Leave your guesses in the comment section!

2. Dio Perfume? That's right! Dioguardi has a Fragrance section! Many people are not aware of this, as they don't visit the Team page on the blog. The owner/organizer of the Fragrance division is none other than Lizs. I'm excited to see what she has in store for us!

3. Manou (Manolo.DiCicco) does not own Dioguardi! While he still has an impact on the decisions of the clothing brand, Dioguardi is not based solely on his decisions. The recognized owner is Maggie (Findurlove).

4. No more Stylists for Dioguardi! I'm not sure if anyone has realized this yet, or if I'm supposed to release Emma's decision yet, but there are no stylists for Dioguardi. The previous stylists were xLou26 and mysecketlover. Unfortunately, Lou left, and Emma is cutting down her Stardoll time to make room for real life. Who's next?

5. Dioguardi has a cosmetics line! Yep, it's true! The owner/organizer of this, is myself, -Pop_Tart-. After applying in an open application, I was overjoyed to hear I received the job. Anyway, I can say that there is some fantastic ideas coming to you soon!

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Read the latest post by Colton, all about Cover magazine's release, below! I'll make my post on it next week, when the rest of the issue is posted. I've got some interesting ideas about it that need to mull over.

Cover Magazine Released!

The first part of cover magazine was released here. I was surprised, I counted 23 pages, but only half of it was released, the other part of it will be released next week. Overall, I enjoyed the magazine, the graphics were good, and the articles were good, and it could still use work, but so does every magazine. It can always be improved. I will show you a couple of my fav graphics (:

I love the pose and outfit for this one, but I would try to alternate lips between them, or changing the color, its a bit distracting and they do not look like Stardoll lips (probably from i-dressup), but otherwise another good one.

I love the idea of this one, nude but covering up with a towel, sexy and classy, I would have to make her a bit wet, if she was getting out of the bath, but otherwise its good.

This one was probably my favorite graphic of them so far, the lips look a bit awkward (with the color) but overall its really great. The lighting is wrong, I mean, the fire is in the back, shouldn't the light be on her back then and not her side?

What did you guys think of the issue?
Should they continue making more?

I will not be leaving, so look forward to more posts! :D

Thursday, August 12, 2010

She is at it again

I'm back from my little vacation, I've been trying to catch up on what I missed this past week. So something that I missed were all these little pictures that have been left in Haus of Gossip's comment sections.

In this particular picture the annoymous drawling trash M by Marcela saying her items a over priced for the little time she spends and is making money off of all the many people desperate enough to pay they're money on something because the items being sold are from a 'Elite' as we call them.(Ok she did say all that but I had to throw my bitchiness in it.)

My honest opioin on her items are that they are worth the price, but if they are selling who are we to tell her to lower it. And because I love the new Style_Magazine's slang I'm going to take part in the new trend, " Gett it gurrl, youz betta gitz thatz paper gurrrrrlfriend!"

Thanks to the ever so popular blog, and one of my favorite gossip blogs: Haus of Gossip

Double Crossing?

You remember the new projects M announced on the Dioguardi blog? Well, after a tip sent to my email, I hear that M might be looking for other sponsors? Does this mean she'll be quitting Dioguardi? Who knows? There is also a rumor about M quitting! Will she do it?

Gossip Girl

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hey Stardollians, Queen M has been very successful at her area of work; first Eternity, now her own group, then her own university; but what you dont know is that M does not do her own poses, yet she traces over real poses. Scandalous! And we thought you were a graphics genius M, so now I guess you'll be teaching your students how to trace?

You know you love me
Gossip Girl

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

JOM: Stardoll's Most Wanted

So, new segment on KOM is Stardoll's Judge of Media, or Judge of Media, or JOM for short. Me and Linda came up with this idea about a week ago, and this segment is about judging the projects, blogs, and collections of Stardoll. This may stay, but also may go, depending on your vote.

This week's media that I am judging is a blog, the most popular blog on Stardoll, Stardoll's Most Wanted.

Stardoll's Most Wanted is a blog owned by Jenna or emorox4eva. The blog has many comps, much news, spoilers, new releases, new dolls. This blog is truly amazing and I know that I can go there after a month away and be like, now I know all that happened. It is truly a blog that I recommend. With its almost 3000 followers, I am sure you will agree. I always look forward to the hot buys dress up comps to see how many people dress up their dolls to compliment the HBs. The graphics are always amazing, done by the great John_2el_mejor (I think ^^), like the Easter graphic, and the Valentine's Day one, you will never know with John. If your one that isn't on the computer a lot, check this site for everything you missed, all the Stardoll news will be there, just not gossip.

I am leaving Stardoll, dears. Which means this blog too, I may choose to say, but this is a goodbye until later posts. I hope you all enjoyed them (:
Seems like S has been hanging out in the hood, what else would explain her new language. The slang doesn't work on you S, and the only thing that has zero quality is your spot in Stardoll's Elite.
Dont forget to send me your tips at
Gossip Girl

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dangerous Blog?

This image popped up while I was looking through Stardoll's Most Wanted, and it got me curious, and I thought I would post since I had nothing else. But, I thought it was so wierd, do you think that its true?

Did anyone else get this?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cover Preview

The owner of Cover Magazine, lovekuting, will be away for a week. So she released the Cover preview a day early. Here are the images that will be in the new Cover Magazine.

Well, I like how the graphics improved, but her butt looks a little big, but I have seen great improvement. So what do you think?

SFW- Exclusive Spoiler!

If the word 'wow' isn't the first thing to shoot to mind when you see this spoiler.. you have problems. Mary has once again blown our minds with more and more of her amazing graphical abilities, and in the spoiler you may notice the dress Coconut_Nicole is wearing (and incase you live under a rock- Coconut_Nicole is the face of Stardoll Fashion Week) is designed by writemarycat herself for her new fashion clothing live Seventy One.

(Click image on enlarge)

Well done Mary!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Face of SFW

The new face of SMW, would be...coconut_nicole.

Mary was not able to attend the party for SWF, and so the winner was announced on SMW, and she announced that coconut_nicole. She had a gorgeous entry and I think she deserved it. I entered, but part of the reason may be that I had a male MeDoll. I congratulate her on winning. Do you think she deserves it? Did you enter?

Group Copier?

Yesterday, Beautule Group claimed that Elite Vogue Group copied their layout and ideas. It turned out the group did, this picture shows what they wrote and how they copied and how she lied about who she is.

For me, that makes the group disappointing and I don't wanna be a part of it if they are gonna copy and lie. What do you think?

Update: Look, they are suggesting a Couture like Beautule already has, a concidence or no?

Sorry everyone for not posting, I haven't been inspired on my right side of my brain, its not just writing but graphics, and all those things. But I hope to post more!

The Erin Fo Project

So hey guys- it's no secret that I haven't posted near to non recently, I've had things going on in my personal life *wink wink* that are... 'occupying?' Yeah, I guess that's the word. I'm going to try put much more dedication to my posts on the blog, so much more frequent posts will be coming from me, woooo.

Now, back to buisness.
The latest project to hit the stardoll scene is none other than The Erin Fo Project, self named by the latest stardoll socialite Erin- x.optimistic.x.

The overlook of the project is simple; the concept is and I quote 'users to express their inner being through fashion'. So as a whole simply dress your medoll in your style- emphasis on YOUR style, (individuality people!) And the winners are cast through the voting system, resulting in a post about them on the newly released but wildly sucsessful fashion blog, State of Fashion owned by Stardoll's new daring duo writemarycat and Vampire-E!

So what's your view on this new project? Shooting for the stars or falling to the ground?

Friday, August 6, 2010


You must have heard the whole controversy behind L being fired out of her jobs in Perez Hilton and other organizations; although as I analyzed the whole story I find hypocrisy, and all of you know Gossip girls loves hypocrites.

Well, well, well - we can see that C herself uses Perez as an advertisement center; I would like to also point out that these advertisements are for projects she owns or is a part of. Nothing interesting to write about C? We find that hard to believe!

I think not!

Gossip Girl