Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Erin Fo Project

So hey guys- it's no secret that I haven't posted near to non recently, I've had things going on in my personal life *wink wink* that are... 'occupying?' Yeah, I guess that's the word. I'm going to try put much more dedication to my posts on the blog, so much more frequent posts will be coming from me, woooo.

Now, back to buisness.
The latest project to hit the stardoll scene is none other than The Erin Fo Project, self named by the latest stardoll socialite Erin- x.optimistic.x.

The overlook of the project is simple; the concept is and I quote 'users to express their inner being through fashion'. So as a whole simply dress your medoll in your style- emphasis on YOUR style, (individuality people!) And the winners are cast through the voting system, resulting in a post about them on the newly released but wildly sucsessful fashion blog, State of Fashion owned by Stardoll's new daring duo writemarycat and Vampire-E!

So what's your view on this new project? Shooting for the stars or falling to the ground?

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