Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stardoll Fashion Week: Designer Update

UPDATE: Supposedly Esther001's collection isn't included in fashion week, but she did apply and I guess the fashion show will be during the same week... but she isn't include in SFW. Weird?

As stardoll fashion week, gets closer and closer designers get busier and busier. One designer (Esther001) has already gave the audience a little sneak peek of the runway and the hair styles that will be walking down the cat walk this season on her blog .

Looks good can't wait to see the finale project, to view Esther001's blog (which is in a different language) click: Here

Other news about SFW designers, one of them whom I've been really looking forward to seeing was Hunnigall's collection, but she has been injured by a flower pot and will not be able to finish her collection as she stated in her presentation a few days ago. That's a bummer, but I hope you feel better Alice.

Word on the street is that something happened within the Dioguardi team, between the designer and someone else, but I promised to keep that secret and you guys are going to have to suffer... Since then they are moving on and is getting the collection ready for fashion week! Wooo can't wait, very excited! Am I the only one?

Sorry the blog hasn't been very active, school is about to start for me and I will not be on too often. Anyone want to write for KOM? We're kind of lacking a team, Blake left he moved on to bigger and better(PSG Woooo!), and Colton... who knows?


Jessica/Jay.Pattinson said...

Very nice catwalk. The colors are just perfect. This collections seems to be really good (:

I wouldn't mind to write for the blog (:

Fifi-Jayne said...

The runway is remarkable, and I'd LOVEEEE those hairs to be on stardoll. :)

Alice in Wonderland said...

I will still be making it, but there's only gonna be about 7 designs :P
And now that I've seen that runway, I be worried :D
I gotta get started on mine asap really...

Esther said...

Thank you, that you like my fashion shows! I know that blog is in Polish and it is difficult to translate everything ... In the future there will be more posts in English:)

Esther said...

My collection isn't included in fashion week... Nobody wrote to me, maybe I sent a comment too late there, I do not know... But you can see my fashion show in September 2010:)

iswim19 said...

Very good. :)

KingofMedia said...

Yeah I just heard you weren't included and I was shock! I really think you should be include in SFW, but I saw you applied!:D

Can wait to see the fashion show, I'll be there!

Esther said...

Thanks:) If you want to be a model in the future, just tell me!:)