Monday, August 16, 2010

Miss Stardoll World

Miss Stardoll World is a competition which is coming to Stardoll soon. Luckily for us Stardoll's Offical Blog gave up some secret detail which are:
  • Stardolls from any of the following countries will be able to compete. USA, UK, Poland, Ireland, France, Australia, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Netherlands, Turkey, Portugal, Finland, Russia, Spain, Greece, Saudi Arabia.
  • 18 Stardolls from each of these countries will be hand-picked for the local finals to be held in October. We hear our judges are scouting for finalists already, so make sure your Suite is sweet and your MeDoll is dolled-up!
  • 1 winner from each country will go through to the Miss Stardoll World Final at the end of the year.
  • Prizes have not been confirmed, but we’re hearing a 1 Year Superstar Membership for the overall winner, plus tons of SDs and glamorous outfits. Oh, and of course a majestic crown and sash!
1 Year Superstar Membership, I'm expecting everyone to be clean up their suite glaming up their medolls in hope of winning Miss Stardoll World!

So basically Stardoll will hand pick 18 people from each country listed and the winners from each country will compete at the end of the year. So this seems very exciting, do you have what it takes to be Miss Stardoll World?

By the way, everyone in America, WATCH OUT!


Effy Paige/Star.Oscars said...

do you have to sign up or do they just randomly choose?

KingofMedia said...

That's the weird part, I think they just randomly pick.