Friday, August 6, 2010

Bye guys!

OK, well I just hired a new gossip report whom is hiding his/her identity. The reason for hiring her is because out of all my co-blogger I'm the only one who could be a bitch and that's the wrong way to run a gossip blog. I'm leaving for Orlando tomorrow afternoon and won't be back until next week Thursday. Bye, see you guys then and don't miss me too much, if that's possible.

Oh and when I get back next week I expect drama, a great way to start some good drama is at Fashion Group's first party! Its going down on Saturday night 8pm GTM at the French Flamingo nightclub. Well I'm assuming you all can read so just take a look at the invite and start some DRAMA!

Fashion Group has been producing lots and lots of new and great ideas, ever since Manolo return I haven't really seen any good come out of Dioguardi Group, rumor in Dollywood is that Maggie maybe quiting. Shocker?

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