Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dioguardi Gets A Makeover!

Hi All! I haven't posted too much lately, and that's going to change. Colton's staying, so be prepared for some gossip and news updates to hit the scene!
Anyway, here is some interesting facts, tidbits, and informative pieces on Dioguardi Couture, Stardoll's hottest brand. This is literally thrown together after visiting the site and realizing that the design had changed. Please excuse the sloppiness of the layout.

1. Dioguardi has a new color scheme! In preparation for a new collection, Dioguardi has changed it's banner and background to a monochromatic gray. The header is a simple 'DIOGUARDI' in black, with a lace overlay. What do you think this collection's theme will be? Leave your guesses in the comment section!

2. Dio Perfume? That's right! Dioguardi has a Fragrance section! Many people are not aware of this, as they don't visit the Team page on the blog. The owner/organizer of the Fragrance division is none other than Lizs. I'm excited to see what she has in store for us!

3. Manou (Manolo.DiCicco) does not own Dioguardi! While he still has an impact on the decisions of the clothing brand, Dioguardi is not based solely on his decisions. The recognized owner is Maggie (Findurlove).

4. No more Stylists for Dioguardi! I'm not sure if anyone has realized this yet, or if I'm supposed to release Emma's decision yet, but there are no stylists for Dioguardi. The previous stylists were xLou26 and mysecketlover. Unfortunately, Lou left, and Emma is cutting down her Stardoll time to make room for real life. Who's next?

5. Dioguardi has a cosmetics line! Yep, it's true! The owner/organizer of this, is myself, -Pop_Tart-. After applying in an open application, I was overjoyed to hear I received the job. Anyway, I can say that there is some fantastic ideas coming to you soon!

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Read the latest post by Colton, all about Cover magazine's release, below! I'll make my post on it next week, when the rest of the issue is posted. I've got some interesting ideas about it that need to mull over.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posting the updates blakee! And for the stylists, I will be hiring a couple of stylists soon, we lost a couple of great ones, hard to replace but will be quite interesting for the hunt!