Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tyleris- bringing new things to stardoll?

I'm back for my little vacation to 'New Star City' home town of Tylerisbold, thinks are quite different up think in the big city, way different than Dollywood. Instead of the gossip being out on blog and all that jazzy stuff, gossip is being spread ear to ear. Let just say I'm happy to be back in Dollywood, OK enough with the role play.

After a post was posted on TTT (Tyler's Top Trends) it was quickly deleted, well I only read as much as the blog updater would let me, but then someone message me on skype saying Tyler was wrong about SFW taking away all of their Media Partners and that they were just using use for all our followers. Well anyways he noticed he was wrong so he deleted it, so that's not such a big deal.

Have you guys notice they very popular blogger Dan is back? Well his second post to the blog for his return was a name Tyler game, Tyleris______.... you answer. Well I found it kind of mean because all of his publicity was bad publicity lately and odiously people are going to answer with pretty mean words, but the bigger person Tyler is took no offense to the situation and seemed to be happy that his videos were being put on blogs, I'd feel the same way. Since Tyler is a good sport and isn't mad with the whole name Tyler game lets list some of the names all you guys named him. TylerIsYetToHitPuberty posted by the so lovable Nojarama, TylerIsA40YearOldVirgin yikes harsh right posted by AlexcendraBurke, TylerisTyler which legit posted by Starserge, TylerIsNailingDudes just rude, TylerIsTrannylious, TylerIsHotForDan, tylerisawanker, and more and more disgusting/hilarious/ weird comments, this post has reached almost 100 comments.

Well what I was trying to get to is that Tyler is THINKING, not exactly sure but is THINKING about vlogging! That's new for Stardoll right, well I don't know if it will be for Stardoll or not but vlogging seems exciting.

Also new polls on the right side of your screen, vote!

Sorry posted twice by mistake.


Anonymous said...


who cares about tyler anymore?

i don't!

he's old news!

2peicesofcandy1 said...

I do feel bad for Tyler. I think that post by Dan had great intentions and had the potential to be HILARIOUS. But I dont think that people making fun of Tylers sexual orientation is very funny... just my opinion

KingofMedia said...

That exactly how I feel that why I didn't take part in it.

Princessvx said...

I don't think it is appropriate to make fun of Tyler or his sexual life :/ That's why the post won't be taking my particapation.