Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rage-Going to be on Top?

Seems as though Starlandia is running out of gossip. Do you think Stardoll's media could be fading away? Just a thought...Sometimes I can't even think of one thing to post, even on Friday. I came here back in late 2009, now beginning of 2010, and it seems as though the Stardoll gossip records have faded. All we are left with good media, yet not much, but what is the fun in that? :)

Well, I leave you today with this gorgeous spoiler for the new Rage Magazine. My opinion is that from the first view..
1. The Covergirl is not bluegreen86 (some difference from other dark-skinned models)
2. The skin shading is very good.
3. This looks outstanding for the first spoiler!

So, what do you think of this magazine spoiler? Will the magazine perspire into something as high in Starciety as Eternity or Fierce?


Nicole Jones said...

Yes, it does seem very promising. I fortunately am a writer and graphics artist for it, and it would be amazing to see it go to the top!

Deidra said...

"The Covergirl is colored (e.g. black, dark, whatever you would like me to refer them as)"


Not trying to be rude but that kind of offended me..


Ciara said...

I agree with Dei,
(Not that it was offending to me, but it did annoy me)
I found what you said in the first point quite ignorant.. it sounded as if you were seperating Black people to white people...
This probably wasn't your intention at all but, choose the way you put your words together a bit better next time...

Anonymous said...

Sorry if I offended them, I don't know what to proclaim people like Mel and Dei as really. I mean, I do hate to make it sound offensive, but if you have any suggestions to what you would like. I'm sorry if you thought it was rude, I truly wasn't trying to make any suggestions.

Anonymous said...

*them as in Dei and Ciara