Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When did the hatred start?

As I talked to Vasia (Vasia28) and Maggie (Findurlove) today I found out that its not just that Maggie sending the virus that had Vasia mad its also when Vasia want to be apart of Dioguardi group she wasn't allowed.

As we all know Manolo had to leave his business under the hands of two others, mysecketlover and Findurlove. Vasia thought that she was a good candidate to be co-owner of Dioguardi as well but both Manolo and Maggie thought she didn't deserve the title over Maggie, and so that's what started the fuel between Vasia and Maggie.

That would explain a comment I seen on Haus of Sin that she posted, and it went something along the line "Manolo doesn't deserve all the credit, her barely did any of the graphics, the shoes he had nothing to do with". I'd show you what she said be of coarse Applead would deleted the post after realizing he was trash talking Manolo, his so called friend.

Well Vasia, I guess you can't be the co-owner of Dioguardi, but you could be the co-owner of my heart. If that makes you happy.


vasia28 said...


KingofMedia said...

Never happened? This is what Maggie told me.

Or are you talking about the comment you left on Haus of Sin.

vasia28 said...

About the dioguardi thing! I left ages ago,before manolo announced that he would leave and I was not planning to come back.NEVER.

KingofMedia said...

Maggie told me you wanted to be Co-owner of Dioguardi and niether one of them thought you deserved it, then you guys got into a agurment, but become friends again shortly after.

KingofMedia said...


nik - firecracker. said...

Aww I miss Manolo. : (
He better get back on skype.
He just disappeared out of nowhereee .

As for this whole thing, I think I remember Manolo saying something like Vasia got mad because she wasn't the owner ? I don't know , I can't really recall but I'm pretty sure he mentioned it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah this is kind of late, but, she wanted to be co-owner at the beginning, before all of this happened!