Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I was notified recently by Stardoll user hay_lin75 about the Dollacker that's sweeping Elites one by one. Stardoll user, McKenzie1379 has others worried, because he was hacked and lost about $8,000 Stardollars worth of clothes. The hacker sold all of his rares and kicked him out of every club he was a part of. Read his comment in writemarycat's guestbook:

His presentation also asks that everyone pitch in to repay him...

Hm, is the Dollacker real or is this just a myth to trick users into giving away money. All other evidence has been deleted, and his guestbook has been shut down.


Anonymous said...

Colton would never do that. He did get hacked.

Erin Fo Abourne said...

I never said he wasn't. There's always two sides to one story.