Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vasia Revealed !

Hey everyone, it's Rachel again ! So, I was speaking to Vasia (Vasia28) on skype just a while ago. We got on the topic of a recent post on here, then moved onto some old Diogaurdi drama.

Personally, back when Manolo (Manolo.Dicicco) handed off his company, etc. off to his co-workers, I was confused. Vasia had suddenly left, and I'd wondered what was behind it.

Here is the reason why Vasia left Diogaurdi Couture so suddenly.

Here, Vasia just let's me know that there was some animosity between some of the Diogaurdi workers, particularly Emma (mysecketlover) and her. Vasia says that it was without reason, and she began to dislike Emma due to mutual distaste. Apparently, the fact that Vasia did not like Emma was passed on through Charlotte + Manolo, if I understand correctly.

Well, Vasia wants to put it all behind her and 'clear everything around her name', hopefully sorting any problems out between Emma and her.

In this next one, Vasia recalls why she left the group. Manolo apparently had planned to make it that no one was the complete owner, and that everyone worked together. But, according to Vasia, Manolo + Maggie began to "act like bosses while they were not".

All I know is that Vasia still thinks 'maggie is a stupid bitch', and all of this with Diogaurdi was why she sent her the virus.

Confused, much ? Ahh, well. I'm sure we'll be hearing even more on this.



miki said...

i wonder what happened to manolo. when stalker turned scammer nicole did an mia, he also left the scene. with something as big as the Diogaurdi project, why would he leave? uhm right.... the finding a new muse excuse....can you think of a lamer excuse? lol!

Miss_LolitaF / Lolita Elisabeth said...

This is just a part fo the story, there is more and more of it and there are more people involved.

Don't ask me becuase I will not say a thing about it.