Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tyleris-"A Sour-Puss"

Today looking through Stardoll's ever so famous tabloid blog, Elite News, I seen that Mr. Sour-puss (Tylerisbold) left a very un-needed comment. Tyler posted:

"I would be more then delighted to clear the rumors up right now.

It is nice to provide the public with juicy gossip -
but when you use quotes from people that are not
even relevant to the situation or to anything I would say,
people are going to get furious.

Ellie and I have never dated and I am not sure where the
rumor sparked. We do go and have lunch as well as
spend time with each other, often - but it has never been more
then that. So therefor, the tabloids can stop
gossiping about the 'baby blues' rumors.

Thank you for your time."

Well, that was not really needed. We all know that Elite News is a fake gossip reporting blog, and yet you feel it is important you get the fact straight. TylerisSour-puss has been absent from Stardoll for a little while now, but from his updated presentation, he is back and more boring than ever. Wow, a person with such great grammar has to be so boring some times. Well I'm falling asleep talking about him so I'll just leave it to you.

Does Tyler deserve the title as Mr. Sour-Puss?

Definition of Sour-Puss:Someone that gets uptight about things easily, takes jokes the wrong way.

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