Sunday, June 27, 2010

Who is she really?

So today I released the blog, and its seem that Gwenee was happy by what I had to say about her being a fame-whore. After getting to know her and giving her a interview I noticed that she is no where near being a desperate as I said.

I started the interview saying...

Kingofmedia-So I know the scamming must have been
hard for you to go through, and a shocker that it was
Nicole-0 who scammed you. But what were you more
shock of Nicole's actions, or the public’s opinion of you?

-I would say the publics opinon, some people
were judging me before I could say a word,
saying I was an attention whore, and I was milking my fame.
But that's okay with me, because everyone does have
the right to their own opinion.

Kingofmedia-Well the people who knows you as
“The girl Nicole-0 scammed”, what would you like
for them to know about you?

-I would like them to know me, for me, not for
someone i'm not. I would like them to know that
I am a loyal friend, I can be trusted, and that I am definitaly
not trying to be an attention whore.

Kingofmedia-What do you think of Manolo’s disappearance from
Stardoll? Don’t you think it’s kind of weird how they were
“good friends” and they both left Stardoll around the
same time? I personally was thinking they are the
same person what is your thought on that?

Gwenee-Actully, I one time pointed out I thought they
were the same people. Before Nicole's dissapearance,
She was on Manolo's Best Friends List, and he was supposely his
"Muse" and they did have their Medoll Similarities.
I also thought it was a bit fairytale-ish, that he lived in Europe,
and is going all the way to Arab, in South America, just to find a wife?

-Are you working on any projects on Stardoll
that we should all keep our eyes out for?

-Unfortuantely no, but I've always wanted to.
I might, one day atleast :]

-Well since your Birthday was the other day I’d love to wish you
a Happy belated Birthday, and have a great day! Nice chatting with you!

-You too! I hope to talk to you soon and thank
you for taking your time to interview me!

She was super polite after me being very rude to her, and this is proof where you should not judge a book by its cover.

Last but not least, the question about Nicole and Manolo being the same person, I think its so true because being such a good friend Nicole was to Manolo, she never appeared at his Fashion Shows which had to mean alot to him. So the real question is... Is s/he a he or she?


Anonymous said...

this blog reminds me of
it's clearly the same person

u will never be the 'king' of media dear

KingofMedia said...

Ok thanks. And to clear things up I'm not the person whom created

miki said...

hmmm...might be the same person. who knows. i think its just so "convenient" for them to disappear at the same time.