Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tyleris-insane, coward!

Well these pass couple of weeks I went from hating Tyler, liking him some what, and now just plan old disliking him once again. Well he just opened up his once a hit blog Tyler's Top Trends, and talks about he is leaving the social scene or in other words "Dollywood" and he made up his own city 'New Star City' and does the own fake imaginary world thing. Tyler, leave the fake reporting to Elitenews she is way better at it than you are.

Also read this beautiful ESSAY comment Tyler left on one of my post...

Like I said before Tyler, boys don't keep diaries, photo albums, or anything else you feel is masculine at least not the straight ones. I never seen my brother write in his pretty little Diary with a pink fuzzy pen talking about how is day was. Back to what I was saying, Tyler your are not hiding your secret very well. Many people have speculated that you were gay, and for you to just be hiding it seems that you aren't proud about who you are. I have no problem with people being gay, I mean I support gay marriage and I love Perez Hilton.

The only reason I bring up the Tyler being gay is because of what WriteMaryCat left in his guestbook,"And just so you know, Mr. unpacked Gay from Vegas, I earn my money myself, unlike you! Daddy, daddy, but my little Tyler a new Vibrator!".

And since Tyler feels the need of giving me advice, here is some advice for you Tyler. Don't do a webcam show and acting all feminine and not expect to be outed(this was a long time ago), and like I said before I'm not homophobic, I love my gays. So just come out already, you always seem to avoid that topic!

Another thing, at the time I posted that she was too relevant to your Stardoll life, and well SHE DID CALL YOU OUT!


OK that's was supposed to be published about 6-7days ago but that was a day I wasn't in a bitchy mood but it seems like I'm not the only one who was visited by the monthly gift.

Thanks for the information Tyler, I mean I'm so sorry that my very new blog with active 70 followers doesn't compare to you 2 active followers and two hundreds and something non active followers. This blog was made with a new account, 'he' was unknown, and everybody was surprisingly excepting. Well that's not to much of a failure to me, but yes Tyler you are INDEED a failure, you give up on most of your project. What happened to PR Now again? Are you still working on that project or did you give up of coarse? And wait, some of his followers on that blog are from my blog because I was so nice to post about is copied project (Which we won't get into) and get him a couple (2 or 3) more supporters.

But there many good things about Tyler like he... well I can't think of any but I look up to him. One day I will give up on this blog and then close it down, and then open up a new blog, but then I decided to do a award show (I'm Elite Awards new owner), and then close down the awards and the blog that I was doing, and then come back to this blog! Tyler your my inspiration!

Tyler, I know your going to write a whole lot of bull sh#t in the comment section which will just prove your a coward, seems to me like your revisiting Dollywood, when you said you have moved on to bigger and badder, in "New Star City" good job with that.

Describe our lovely Tyler in the comments section.


Mary said...

This blog is rather successful, by the way. It has commenters, that's the main thing. And Tyler... duh, let a funny child to built it's own *star city cought* rehab himself.

Mimi_Mami said...

This post was amazing! You go girl! I love this blog and all the followers. Tyler thinks so big about himself and how elite-ish he is. Sorry Tyler, but you're out of the elite track.
Actually you never were or am I wrong? Nahh, I'm right :P

Anonymous said...

Nicely done Linda (:

Anonymous said...

I don't know Tyler at all, so I'm not gonne write anything about him. But this is one of the best blogs I know. And I enjoy reading the posts you make. I can't say the same about 'tyler's top trends.

Nojarama said...

Boys don't have diaries....(well not the guys I know) KOMersz said isn't it a bit..feminine?

Princessvx said...

Tyler is one of the attention-seekers, that don't have a life, and try to seek out as much media and attention as possible... go back to writing your diary please ;D

Alice in Wonderland said...

"boys don't keep diaries, photo albums, or anything else"
Since when did a diary determine whether someone was masculine or feminine? Put yourself in Tyler's shoes for one minute. What has he done to make people hate him?! Nothing! It's so irritating seeing how ignorant people are. I've said this SO many times, get to know him FIRST.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't bother reading this all, but thanks for the press! Oh - and there comes a time when you don't use your blog for personal gain.

KingofMedia said...

Well Alice to answer your question, Tyler say that boy also keep diaries, and well more boys a masculine do you think, and well most girl are feminine unless that did the people I hang out with.

Tyler your welcome! I knew you would enjoy reading about you godly, I envy the power you have over stardoll.*Sarcastic undertone*

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered what and where the line is crossed when it comes to masculine and feminine tactics. I am in no way related to hate - it is obvious you are, I do not accept it at all.

Why should it matter what anyone wears? It is so funny, it is just fabric. That brings me to the point about a diary, this blog is a diary - a form of one. Every user on Stardoll has a Starblog which is another form of a diary, so I am not sure where any of you got the idea that men do not use any form of a diary.

Come to think of it, I love how everyone in the comments trash me. Alice is the only one who stuck up for me and Alice is the only one on my best friend's list with the label,'REAL FRIEND'.

You will soon be hurting, King.

I declare... War.

Mary said...

Movie tonight: 'Oops, Tyler failed Again!'
*takes popcorn*

KingofMedia said...

War, really?

Aren't people where we from (America) trying to end war, but you think its smart to start one?

All I have to say to you Tyler is bring it.

LatteHoney said...

The real question Tyler, is have you lived? You question Linda's sanity when she questions your habits but then again, you are the one on Stardoll 24/7 trying to make it big and creat a new dolly world or whatever you call it. Most boys are practicing for football season, while little Tyler is playing with dollies. Think next time before you post.

Stardoll Gossip Guy said...


Miss_LolitaF / Lolita Elisabeth said...

No Comment, I like both Tyler and Linda.

Mimi_Mami said...

LOL at Tyler's comment once again... Gosh you are pathetic. You declare war?

How many will stick up to you? 1-2
How many will stick up to Linda? All the rest.

LOL Tyler, just LOL.

Anonymous said...

War? Are you serious? Lol.



Nojarama said...

Wow you DECLARE war? What are you, King of 'New Shit City'?

-Pop_Tart- said...

Hahaha King of New Shit City.
I do have to say that you shouldn't get involved with Tyler's bad side, all of his ass kissers will pwn you.