Sunday, July 4, 2010

PR Now 2 new clients

As we all know PR Now, owned by Tylerisbold, is a company that is promoting projects to get their name out there for people to view and for their projects to succeed. Basically its the whole idea of the Fashion group and Dioguardi group sponsoring a blog. PR Now has just took in two new project, Stardoll Style Diary, owned by Psychotic-Freak and the second project being Distinct Models owned by alice2078.
Both projects are new to me, I have heard of Stardoll Style Diary but never got the chance to read it, its about a girl named Becka (which is the owner) who trying to make it in a tough city, Dollywood. From what I've heard its kind of similar to Elite Diary (which is sponsored by Elite Entertainment) but who knows, it may be better.

The other project named Distinct Models, is a modeling competition which relates to both Mel Models and Country Models. This competition is far better than the others because the winner of the competition get to be featured in the upcoming Fierce Magazine. So join the club if you got what it takes, even if you look like a man at the age of 90, JOIN!

Even though Tyler could give a FUCK about my blog, I really do believe in his project and I think it'll be successful along with Maria and Vasia Company-- Icon (Click to view)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the feature, and now I actually do like your blog because you have made up for the bullshit you have published about me. Whether anyone likes it or not, I am here to stay.

I hope you follow the firm as it continues to grow with new and intriguing clients.

KingofMedia said...

Yeah, and here is a tip, work with that Style Diary's blog its really unpleasing, the font is way to big, the background is kind of awkward, and she should add some pictures to the post to spicy it up.