Friday, February 25, 2011

Mandy Deleted!

(R.I.P to the account..)

After being hacker numerous amounts of times, Stardoll has done the unthinkable and deleted Poohg_1993's. Many believe Mandy was actually seeking fame, they believed the only one who hacked her account was herself, all in the name of being FAMOUS!

Yesterday she set things straight on Stardoll's Most Hated saying,

Is this the end of Mandy? Naww, she has an extra account but who knows if she would even want to return to Stardoll or not.

As a sidebar, everyone tune in to Radio Perez tonight at 6:00pm EST! Perez and Dan will be discussing things from Lolita and all the drama that surrounds her, to the whole Tyler scandal, to Gia's messy blog post (different fonts for every paragraph... really?). Also there will be music!

Tune in!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stiletto Magazine Returns!

Owner Toxxic.angel annouced that her Magazine will be returning in the near future, excited or could you give flapping horse (don't ask) if it returns or not?


Oh and co-blogger/good friend of mine has recently been hacked, she request you all to not buy her items.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hey everyone!
It has been so long.
Sorry for my short hiatus.
Well, it isn't quite that either, all the news is gone really.
If there was something that inspired me, then I could be writing more often..

Which leads me to..

Example #1: Sierra
Example #2: Sara
Even a quiet elite herself: Marcela

Me being a newer member, I still remember browsing through old blogs were big things had happened, that just filled numerous pages of Blogger. From It's Britney B!tch to the Ellie's rare spree, there was always something on our Stardoll tabloid.

Now, we have the outspoken people. People who make fashion statements. This site has went from a full newspaper of gossip and today with the fashion-obsessed and the minimal drama. Are there people that inhabit Stardoll that we don't know about?

No fame. Just the fame whores. That is what makes up Stardoll. While I am saying this...what does it take to earn the title of an "elite". Having the right friends? Being a socialite? Owning a good project? I surely do not understand. Maybe, the reason why there are fame whores, is because we refuse to put the fame whores into the fame category, and discard the people that we loved throughout the years.

I surely believe that now that Mary, Charlotte (sort of), Star_awards, Tylerisbold, Hunnigall, Mysecketlover, and emorox4eva (that are now sort of or in hiatus or have mostly left) had put a lot of time into the creation of the duration of Stardoll. Mary's Eternity and Stardoll Fashion Week, Charlotte's PSG and Eternity work, Star_awards's Star Awards, Tylerisbold's many projects (PR Now, the Stardoll Freakshow, etc.), Hunnigall's amazing graphics and Fierce Magazine, Mysecketlover's Stardoll Fashion Forward and Fierce work, and emorox4eva's neverending blog. This is quite a lot of things for a one person to do, and not enough time for them has fallen into why they can't be continued. Now what?

Well, I am done with my...rant?
'Til next time.


Oh and P.S. I am doing MDM's Next Top Blogger competition! I am proud to be competing for such a writer. I hope you all take some time to read my few posts and maybe send me a vote if you like them. ;)

Click here to view my current MDM post!

Credit: Pictures from MDM

Friday, February 11, 2011

Style pulls a Britney!

Its Britney Bitch! Ok no its not, she didn't fool you either, did she? As you can see our very own Style_Magazine brought the hot to stardoll with an outfit inspired by Britney Spears. Maybe she is getting in the spirit of Britneys since her new single "Hold it Against Me" is set to be released tomorrow.

Like her Britney look-a-like look?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Classique Awards

Graphic looks great! The 2nd annual Classique Awards are on its way! The theme is Burlesque, wooo! Seems fun! Voting starts today! King of Media was nominated once again, and the owner, myself was nominated for the BIGGEST FAME WHORE. Thank to all of you who nominated me, I'm so proud to hold the title for biggest fame whore. Love you all, bye!


For more information click: here

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stardoll Most Hated 3 years later! Party at PoisonApple?

Three years ago from February 12, 2008( yes I realize that its not the 12th yet) one of Stardoll's most known blogs was founded, a blog that I'd never pass if offered a writing position. Stardoll's Most Hated was the blog many Elites were featured in for numerous scandals-- fights, filthy whores (springate), loopholes, etc. and things you couldn't imagine happening in real life. This blog lead a pathway for many other gossip blogs, for explain Stardoll's King of Media and more.

Perez who identity it only known by a few stayed truthful for her first post,

Stardoll's gossip magazines are BORING. I'm tired of the same stories written about the same people in the same monotonous, poorly spelled, often grammatically incorrect style over and
over again. If only Perez Hilton wrote Stardoll gossip... Sure his spelling and grammar isn't often any better, but at least he knows how to present stories in a mildly entertaining way. Well here is my Stardoll ode to Perez. Stardoll's soon to be most hated website.

Most hated by the so called "Elite", that is. So many of these "elite" members are shallow, insipid, unintelligent snobs who try to make up for the emptiness of their lives by living out Stardoll fantasies. What's worse is this charade is often glorified by other members eager to find a leader to follow. These silly girls have an army of mindless drones.

Time to call them out on it.

I plan on doing not only that, but also promoting lesser known members who actually deserve the attention. Members with class and creativity, who until now have not been considered Elite. Let's get to know them a little better. Let's learn to not take ourselves so seriously. Let's have some fun!

She made things exciting, and entertaining as promised! We can't give Perez all the credit, without Fagpuff Danpuff SaltyAttitude SaltyDan and Undamyumbrellla the blog would have been missing some pieces. Recently spoke to Perezstargossip and mention the 3 year anniversary of the blog and she repied...
Ignore the first two sentences, and skip to this part "Maybe I'll throw a party at ThePoisonApple!". Then a few days later I read...

Does this idea have something to do with the anniversary party? You tell me!

PS: Stardoll's King of Media is not perfect for cell phone use, if you are ever grounded in your home alone as I was yesterday you can view KOM for the latest updates on Stardoll! Its actually really cool take a look, but unfortunately the banner doesn't show up because its used as a template.

MDM Next Top Blogger!

As a media partner with Memoires of a MeDoll, and their newest hottest project, MDM Next Top Blogger. Eighteen bloggers compete against each other for the title of being Top Blogger. Just when you thought all projects were done on Stardoll, the staff at MDM comes with an brilliant idea like this.

This weeks challenge is given by Aislin Victory, the girl behind Elite Exposed, whom asks the contestants a very important question. "Have you been NAUGHTY or NICE?" I would have not had problem with this challenge we all know I've been a very naughty girl, mwahaha(joking).

Lastly, the winner of task 1! The talented writer who won the first task was ColtonAttack! He is a co-blogger here are Stardoll's King of Media, one of my best friends here on Stardoll and a very talented blogger!

Sadly the 4 contestants were eliminated,...

giudyziamia97, Kate_couture, superdada & vampire_

Good luck to all and hope you do good on this weeks blog post! Kisses.

Are you a fan of the new MDM Next Top Blogger?