Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hey everyone!
It has been so long.
Sorry for my short hiatus.
Well, it isn't quite that either, all the news is gone really.
If there was something that inspired me, then I could be writing more often..

Which leads me to..

Example #1: Sierra
Example #2: Sara
Even a quiet elite herself: Marcela

Me being a newer member, I still remember browsing through old blogs were big things had happened, that just filled numerous pages of Blogger. From It's Britney B!tch to the Ellie's rare spree, there was always something on our Stardoll tabloid.

Now, we have the outspoken people. People who make fashion statements. This site has went from a full newspaper of gossip and today with the fashion-obsessed and the minimal drama. Are there people that inhabit Stardoll that we don't know about?

No fame. Just the fame whores. That is what makes up Stardoll. While I am saying this...what does it take to earn the title of an "elite". Having the right friends? Being a socialite? Owning a good project? I surely do not understand. Maybe, the reason why there are fame whores, is because we refuse to put the fame whores into the fame category, and discard the people that we loved throughout the years.

I surely believe that now that Mary, Charlotte (sort of), Star_awards, Tylerisbold, Hunnigall, Mysecketlover, and emorox4eva (that are now sort of or in hiatus or have mostly left) had put a lot of time into the creation of the duration of Stardoll. Mary's Eternity and Stardoll Fashion Week, Charlotte's PSG and Eternity work, Star_awards's Star Awards, Tylerisbold's many projects (PR Now, the Stardoll Freakshow, etc.), Hunnigall's amazing graphics and Fierce Magazine, Mysecketlover's Stardoll Fashion Forward and Fierce work, and emorox4eva's neverending blog. This is quite a lot of things for a one person to do, and not enough time for them has fallen into why they can't be continued. Now what?

Well, I am done with my...rant?
'Til next time.


Oh and P.S. I am doing MDM's Next Top Blogger competition! I am proud to be competing for such a writer. I hope you all take some time to read my few posts and maybe send me a vote if you like them. ;)

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KingofMedia said...

Colton returns! Love the post and leave us a link of the your post for the competitions so we can read!

Blahm3 said...

Those were the comments from my post in PSG :L

KingofMedia said...

Yeah I notice, they were also on MDM.

Anonymous said...

Yeah..I got them from MDM.
Which will be credited above.