Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stardoll Most Hated 3 years later! Party at PoisonApple?

Three years ago from February 12, 2008( yes I realize that its not the 12th yet) one of Stardoll's most known blogs was founded, a blog that I'd never pass if offered a writing position. Stardoll's Most Hated was the blog many Elites were featured in for numerous scandals-- fights, filthy whores (springate), loopholes, etc. and things you couldn't imagine happening in real life. This blog lead a pathway for many other gossip blogs, for explain Stardoll's King of Media and more.

Perez who identity it only known by a few stayed truthful for her first post,

Stardoll's gossip magazines are BORING. I'm tired of the same stories written about the same people in the same monotonous, poorly spelled, often grammatically incorrect style over and
over again. If only Perez Hilton wrote Stardoll gossip... Sure his spelling and grammar isn't often any better, but at least he knows how to present stories in a mildly entertaining way. Well here is my Stardoll ode to Perez. Stardoll's soon to be most hated website.

Most hated by the so called "Elite", that is. So many of these "elite" members are shallow, insipid, unintelligent snobs who try to make up for the emptiness of their lives by living out Stardoll fantasies. What's worse is this charade is often glorified by other members eager to find a leader to follow. These silly girls have an army of mindless drones.

Time to call them out on it.

I plan on doing not only that, but also promoting lesser known members who actually deserve the attention. Members with class and creativity, who until now have not been considered Elite. Let's get to know them a little better. Let's learn to not take ourselves so seriously. Let's have some fun!

She made things exciting, and entertaining as promised! We can't give Perez all the credit, without Fagpuff Danpuff SaltyAttitude SaltyDan and Undamyumbrellla the blog would have been missing some pieces. Recently spoke to Perezstargossip and mention the 3 year anniversary of the blog and she repied...
Ignore the first two sentences, and skip to this part "Maybe I'll throw a party at ThePoisonApple!". Then a few days later I read...

Does this idea have something to do with the anniversary party? You tell me!

PS: Stardoll's King of Media is not perfect for cell phone use, if you are ever grounded in your home alone as I was yesterday you can view KOM for the latest updates on Stardoll! Its actually really cool take a look, but unfortunately the banner doesn't show up because its used as a template.

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PerezStarGossip said...

You're very quick! It's true, there will be a party and a few surprises in store for the anniversary, and it's really thanks to you because I hadn't even remembered it until you brought it up lol! I'll announce it on the blog once I have all the details set.