Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stardoll Fashion Week: Spoiler

As day goes by we reach closer to the week of Stardoll Fashion Week. All the designers are booked, and so are the media partners and if you haven't yet applied to be either of the, Becka clearly stated that YOUR TOO LATE.

Stardoll Fashion Week has been pushed back a week until March 7th- to March 13th 2011.

Do you remember the Face of Fashion SFW 2010 competition? Well if your were planning on being the next face of SFW 2011 get that thought out your mind, Becka clearly stated yet again that you can't be, Nicole (coconut_nicole) will forever be the face of SFW. BUT, and there is a big BUT, there is a competition that will allow you to be seen with this SFW 'Icon', click here to read for more information.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Running from Chantelle

Lizs is now coming out with a sort of "Stardoll parody" for the new movie, Running From Chantelle. A Stardoll movie? How creative! The graphic is quite exquisite, but the idea is giving me mixed feelings.

First off, we are probably all wondering how she is going to create such an elaborate mixture of graphics. Not to mention all the time that will be put into it for each single graphic to be made. Will she be making it just change graphics (gif's I think they are called) to show a story of this movie? This project could turn out to be a great success, don't get me wrong, but it could also turn into a great disaster. There is time, quality, and details to worry about.

*It will be a story, pause, story, pause sort of thing she claims. It is also not about a movie coming, but a story of her own.

Will it feature the whole story, or a shortened one?
When is it supposed to be released?
Is it going to be good enough to watch?
Will there be voiced actors?

Half your money back!

Congrats Stardoll, you've finally reach 90,000,000 members. As a awards to us loyal members, we get half our money back! BUT WAIT, this only applies to a shopping spree totaling 90 stardollars.

Go spend you money wisely!

Nose Jobs and Lip enhancement

As you all may have notice Stardoll has seem to go back under the knife and instead of change the website so more, they giving our medoll's a make over. Just recently they have gave us all nose jobs and did something with our doll's lips! Whats next boob jobs!

What start needs to do is create new poses for our medoll, its been the same FOREVER! As for what stardoll has change already, I'm not super disappointed I do like the hairs, eyes, nose, and eyebrows but instead of updating everything they should be fixing things like the guestbook, and add something for to our pages like music.

If you were part of the staff for Stardoll, what changes would you make? I'd add new poses, music to page, more...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Extraordinary Spoiler

Eamon, owner and designer of Extraordinary has release its spoilers for its first collection.

The graphics are nice, not the best but nice. What do you think of the spoiler?

My Favorites at the Golden Globe Awards

Scarlett Johansson wearing Elie Saab
Scarlett Johansson wearing Elie Saab

I'm a pretty big fan of Scarlett Johansson. The recently divorced women looked stunning as she walked the Golden Globes red carpet. Did I mention she looks stunning in this Elie Saab dress?

Natalie Portman wearing Victor & Rolf

Natalie Portman wearing Victor & Rolf

Natalie Portman, or shall I say the very pregnant Natalie Portman probably had a harder time finding a dress due to the baby bump, but she looks... nice in this Victor & Rolf dress.

We loved Leighton Meester's different Burberry look!

Leighton Meester wearing Burberry

As a huge fan of Leighton Meester as Blair on Gossip Girl I don't think she could ever go wrong. This was a great look for the Golden Globes red carpet, if I were her stylist I would have gave her a simple clutch opposed to what gold 'thing' she has in her right hand.

Jennifer Lover Hewitt and Alex Beh looked so sweet and Jen brought the drama in this white Romona Keweza statement dress
Jennifer Love Hewitt wearing Romona Keweza

Ms. JLH showed up with a date whom goes by the name of Alex Bleh. This Romona Keweza dress if resembles a wedding dress which has been on every stylist racks when dressing celebrities for red carpet events.

Anne Hathaway was super sexy in this metallic Armani Prive dress
Anne Hathaway wearing Armani Prive

One of my favorite actors in one of my favorite designers, could it get any better. Hathaway wearing a metallic long sleeved shoulder padded Armani Prive dress, wore it simple with simple earrings and a clutch.

That's just to name a few but the rest of my faves are...
Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. She was wearing Monique LhullierOlivia Wilde tried to steal the show in her sparkly Marchesa gownHalle Berry in Nina RicciZac Efron alone on the red carpet!

Who were some of your 'Best Dress' at the Golden Globe Awards?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dolly Wear: Released!

The moment many of us has been wait for, the release of Dolly Wear, a collection by Ashantiboo.

The overall collection looks amazing, and the graphics were pretty good.

Here were a few of the stand out items in the collection. There were about 7 looks, 2 models Lolita(Miss_LolitaF) and Mel(bluegreen86). For a first collection she did pretty darn good! Good job Ashantiboo!

If I were to rate it I'd give it a 8.5 out of 10, what would you rate?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rage-Going to be on Top?

Seems as though Starlandia is running out of gossip. Do you think Stardoll's media could be fading away? Just a thought...Sometimes I can't even think of one thing to post, even on Friday. I came here back in late 2009, now beginning of 2010, and it seems as though the Stardoll gossip records have faded. All we are left with good media, yet not much, but what is the fun in that? :)

Well, I leave you today with this gorgeous spoiler for the new Rage Magazine. My opinion is that from the first view..
1. The Covergirl is not bluegreen86 (some difference from other dark-skinned models)
2. The skin shading is very good.
3. This looks outstanding for the first spoiler!

So, what do you think of this magazine spoiler? Will the magazine perspire into something as high in Starciety as Eternity or Fierce?

Late Night Awards- VOTE!

As a proud team member of Late Night Awards I'm tell you all to vote, vote for who you want to win the awards!

Remember to follow the rules.

If you want to vote click: here


Saturday, January 8, 2011

old Socialite returns to Stardoll...

Do you guys remember Lindsay (xxdrivebylove) she has returned to Stardoll after being gone for over like a year. She was nominated for Star Awards back in 2008, and won a 1 or 2 of them. Lindsay also was the first to grace the cover of Teen Style Magazine, which was one of my favorites out of them all.

Lindsay, seen doing something people now days wouldn't dare to do, online dating Branman4545, which got her into problems like this:Credit for Images: PSG

But before you get all excited about seeing her on he Dollywood Scene you'll probably have to look very hard, because it doesn't look like she came back to Stardoll for all that. After she sent me a request and I got to speak so her she seems really sweet.

Remember? or Not?

"How big is your EGO?"
This is a question many of you should be ask, "How big if your EGO?". Many people think they are just so awesome, myself being one of them has very big Ego, which has been proven not such a good thing.

If you haven't heard by now, there is a new magazine coming to dollywood. One that I'm uberly EXITED for, one that I already know WILL be HUGE! Ego Magazine owned by the two Tcholas93 and .marcela.. is set to my understanding to be release at the end of February, beginning of March. Honestly just by looking at the spoiler I'm sold!

Are any of you looking to be a Model? Here your chance to be one of the models in Ego Magazine! And there will also be some advertisement pages in the magazine so contact the owners!

Esther Fashion Spoiler!

Here is one, one of my most favorite Stardoll fashion designers, Esther001! I have admire every single of her project even if some were in different languages!

Esther Fashion
which previous collection show during Stardoll's Fashion Week had lots of amazing ready to wear pieces, there had to be over 50 looks. I think she was one of the hardest working designers during Stardoll's fashion week.

Theres a new collection will be hitting runways soon! What do you think of he spoiler?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cycle 2 Vanity Models Winner

Hey All,
It has been such a long road, took such a long time and so far, its been all worth it, because in the end of the day you know you got such a talented bunch of models that are really giving off the best of their abilities and you know that they make this interesting.

In around a month the winner of Vanity Models was announced and with a unanimous vote she won the cycle, and you can really make out that she deserves it because she gives in such a great effort. Of course, she is one of the best models you can work with, and that why she won. She now is the judge of the third cycle. She can officially add to her accomplishments the win of Vanity Models cycle 2, she is Brumilicous (Click on the name to go to her suite)

In addition to that, I know that Vanity Models sometimes brings a lot of features to models because the models are outgoing and have such a great personality and have grown so much during the competition. Recently, .pease. and Polincik won features in the Pauline Armstrong Line, and BYS fashion line. Missricopenguin of cycle 2 runner-up also won a feature in this line.

Enjoy some of Julie's (Brumilicious, winner of cycle 2) best photoshoots:

With love,