Saturday, January 8, 2011

old Socialite returns to Stardoll...

Do you guys remember Lindsay (xxdrivebylove) she has returned to Stardoll after being gone for over like a year. She was nominated for Star Awards back in 2008, and won a 1 or 2 of them. Lindsay also was the first to grace the cover of Teen Style Magazine, which was one of my favorites out of them all.

Lindsay, seen doing something people now days wouldn't dare to do, online dating Branman4545, which got her into problems like this:Credit for Images: PSG

But before you get all excited about seeing her on he Dollywood Scene you'll probably have to look very hard, because it doesn't look like she came back to Stardoll for all that. After she sent me a request and I got to speak so her she seems really sweet.

Remember? or Not?

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iswim19 said...

She might be forgotten.
Two years is a long time. Is it me, or is everybody returning to stardoll?

Sorry to sound so bitter, but it's the truth.