Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cycle 2 Vanity Models Winner

Hey All,
It has been such a long road, took such a long time and so far, its been all worth it, because in the end of the day you know you got such a talented bunch of models that are really giving off the best of their abilities and you know that they make this interesting.

In around a month the winner of Vanity Models was announced and with a unanimous vote she won the cycle, and you can really make out that she deserves it because she gives in such a great effort. Of course, she is one of the best models you can work with, and that why she won. She now is the judge of the third cycle. She can officially add to her accomplishments the win of Vanity Models cycle 2, she is Brumilicous (Click on the name to go to her suite)

In addition to that, I know that Vanity Models sometimes brings a lot of features to models because the models are outgoing and have such a great personality and have grown so much during the competition. Recently, .pease. and Polincik won features in the Pauline Armstrong Line, and BYS fashion line. Missricopenguin of cycle 2 runner-up also won a feature in this line.

Enjoy some of Julie's (Brumilicious, winner of cycle 2) best photoshoots:

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