Thursday, January 20, 2011

Running from Chantelle

Lizs is now coming out with a sort of "Stardoll parody" for the new movie, Running From Chantelle. A Stardoll movie? How creative! The graphic is quite exquisite, but the idea is giving me mixed feelings.

First off, we are probably all wondering how she is going to create such an elaborate mixture of graphics. Not to mention all the time that will be put into it for each single graphic to be made. Will she be making it just change graphics (gif's I think they are called) to show a story of this movie? This project could turn out to be a great success, don't get me wrong, but it could also turn into a great disaster. There is time, quality, and details to worry about.

*It will be a story, pause, story, pause sort of thing she claims. It is also not about a movie coming, but a story of her own.

Will it feature the whole story, or a shortened one?
When is it supposed to be released?
Is it going to be good enough to watch?
Will there be voiced actors?


Laura Torronley / Lizs (on stardoll) said...

It isn't a parody of another movie, it's a movie about a story I wrote x) And yeah I'm doing a stop-motion sort of thing, so It will be frame by frame or something.

iloveanimals28 said...

Where can you see it and when will it come out?

iswim19 said...

watch trailer;