Wednesday, September 29, 2010

KOM is getting a makeover!
Yes, King of Media has is currently under constructions. It doesn't stop at the banner we are also receiving a template, writer signature, and also logo. All this adds up to a very cheap price of 45sd.

Graphics designer Rascal313 is that one I cried to when I needed the makeover, so if you in need of graphics you know who to ask.

Rascal313 'sPrices
Full Blogger Makeover : 45sd
- Banner, Template, Writer's Signatures & Logo

Website Header/Banner : 15 - 30sd
- Depends on what you want it to look like, let me know and I'll give you the price ;)

Blogger Template: 15sd
- If you order a banner too, the template is only 10sd

Writer's Signatures: 6sd
- 3sd added for each additional signature

Website Logo: 7sd
Posed MeDoll: 10sd
Party Invites: 12sd

Vasia gets nasty! Rawwwr.

Blog Tyler Top Trends, the blog that open closed and opened back up owned by Tylerisbold, you know the blog right? Tyler has been doing a great job keeping up the blog lately but recently has started some DRAMA with a post he calls "What were they think?: Vasia28" featuring Vasia. Well he say that the segment isn't being used anymore, yet last week or the week before that KOM did a segment called "Kom's "What were you thinking" list", ironic right?

Any who, seems like Vasia wasn't happy to see herself being criticized on his blog and she has some harsh words for both Tyler and Lolita, which WAS one of her good friends at one time. She wrote the following:

To Tyler:

"* Know someone who is sporting an awful outfit? Leave a comment below for a chance to have them featured in our daily 'What Were They Thinking?' segment!

Of course,I know someone! His username is Tylerisbold!

Do you think I care now? I like ym outfit and I don't give a shit about what you think,and actually,how can a gay idiot like you have a good fashion taste?!

I will tell to everyone my opinion about your little friends later,though."

To Lolita:
"@Lolita Haters make you notorious ;)and if you think you are something,you are completely wrong,hun! Albanians are nothing! ;)"

Wow! I like Vasia more and more every day. What she said to Lolita was pretty wrong, and I didn't know Lolly was from Albany, NY not too far from me.

Keep the hurtful word flowing you guys, enjoying every minutes of it!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stardoll's Fashion Week: Day 3

Stardoll Fashion Week Its day 3 here in SFW and things are getting hotter and hotter. Take a look at what was released today.

'L'arte de Lily': a collection released by Lily Rose ToddOut of all 14 looks that were in this collection I honestly like it a whole lot more then the collect her and Bruno released yesterday. Most of the looks actually blend well with each other and the last look was jaw dropping. Nice job!

Eccentric Magazine': owned by Vanessa Mendieta

With a covergirl like Devie44 there is many ways you can go wrong (joking) but this wasn't the case with owner of the magazine Vanessa. The graphics were okay, article good, I think you all should take a look at it.

'Coconut': a line created by Becka Lavendale and Nojmul Alfred-Darnley

Last but not least is my favorite of the day, Coconut by Becka and Solo (Nojmul). Graphic weren't the best but I did not notice that because of the great designs! Best of day, could it be best of the week?

Congrats for Nojmul, Lilly, and Vanessa, and to Becka for throwing another day of SFW, until tomorrow, Adios.

Best Dress List: Elite Fashion

KOM Fashion Week Review: Day 2

Stardoll Fashion Week Day 2 of Fashion week reviews start now...

Lets start with Runway Magazine, I think editor-n-Cheif Vasia28 and her team did a great job! I love the whole 'hippie, funky, natural' look. I do think the graphics could have used a little more work, and a page or two could have had some more on it, but overall good magazine.

Wonderland of E is the next we'll review. I feel designer Vampire_ did a amazing job, when I first saw it I knew this was going to be one of the best accessory lines on Stardoll. I want more looks Vampire_!

Perfection was my least favorite for the day. It wasn't terrible by any means but no were near perfection. I feel the line up of the girl should have been different, the 2nd look (Blue dress with black waist high belt) should have been first because you should always start and finish with a bam! Not a fan.

Well that's Tuesday fashion week for you! Opinions?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Stardoll's Fashion Week: KOM Review
Credit for Schedule goes to: Stardoll Most Wanted

As Media Partners of Stardoll's Fashion Week, I will be reviewing all the shows and all the looks that came down the runway. I will also be putting a list of best dress of the people who showed up to the event.

Let see how this thing turns out!

Star_award back to blogging?

Stardoll blogging has been around for years now, and some of my favorite bloggers has been Star_awards, followed by Tylerisbold and Perezstargossip. Well I just found out that Lady V has just opened up new blog called Doll Exposed.

Sound somewhat like a gossip blog correct? Well the blog is still private at the moment, so time will tell what Doll Exposed is all about.

SFW Runway Looks Leaked

Yesterday some anonymous person left us a little gift in KOM comments section. S/he leaked some looks that will be embracing the runway this week!

Who could this anonymous person be? Well I'm guess not any of the employers, BUT THE OWNER! She probably want publicity for her line, and what other way to get it than to create a scandal like this.

Lucky for the owner I love the looks, so I won't tear her apart. (Who is the owner?)

Okay you probably knew but the owner is Evita.Sweet, and I'm supposed to be in her show, so I can't wait to see the rest! Opinions?

Evita.Sweet didn't publish this and she says this is just the rough draft.


It's the begining of Stardoll Fashion Week, hurrah! It's really exciting but I wonder how everything will pan out. Just lastnight a post on Stardoll's Most Wanted was made sort of like a notification refreshing our brainless brains about the big thing-I must say I even forgot it was this week...yeah. ANYWAYS they're doing shitloads of segments as Linda is aiming to get on each and every Best Dressed list I'm hoping to score all the worst dressed ones(that is If I attend the event)! Anywho I noticed they're doing this raffle thing where you have to buy this t-shirt which is pretty plain and says 'SFW' and it is for 14 stardollers! I really like th eidea, I really do! But like where does the money go? They are making a profit of 8 stardollers and just one of the entries (or stupid customers) get to be in Eternity I think...frankly not worth it in my books I'd probably get it as a souvenir because I am stupid (aren't we all? we buy virtual money....) and a customer! but yeah I really want to know where in the world of warcraft do the proceedings go?
(I'm expecting a reply now in the comments box by one of the workers :D)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Partick has been busted!

Today was a very interesting day for me. I've found things out that I wished stayed a secret but didn't, but since its out i'll tell you guys the story. Well when I entered a tinychat conversation posing as Fakeshake3 (lol) I notice some boy ' singing', it was that or someone was under his laptop ... which was placed on his lap (o_O). Anywho let get to the real story, the boy was cooldeer123 one of Stardoll's trannies (still adore Shayne/something like that), well some how I brought up Devie44 and thats when all hell broke lose.

Cooldeer123 was expressing his thoughts by saying Partick was a cunt, ya yadadad. Then of course I told Patrick and then he said... yad yadad I'm a bigger person, blah blah. Then we took this convo to skype, and that when things were said that kind of scared me. Firstly Patrick deleted Shayne as a friend on skype so I add him to our convo and well just read what went down.

Convo Between Shayan, Patrick, and Myself.
[11:25:39 AM] SHAYAN.: heello cunt face.
[11:26:00 AM] :)Patrickk♥: hey cum eater :) and I have been? and im not a coward?
[11:26:15 AM] SHAYAN.: Die of aids dipshit.
[11:26:33 AM] SHAYAN.: Hehe.
[11:26:35 AM] :)Patrickk♥: My uncle has aids, that was offensive.
[11:26:40 AM] SHAYAN.: you so are, making shit.
[11:26:47 AM] SHAYAN.: fuck off.
[11:27:02 AM] SHAYAN.: Tell the freaking truth.
[11:27:14 AM] :)Patrickk♥: (shake)
[11:27:21 AM] :)Patrickk♥: and I am telling the truth
[11:27:25 AM] SHAYAN.: im leaking the convo to the blogs shit.

Haha, yes we here at KOM got Shayan to give us the convo (that he was referring to) and it reads:

Convo between Shayan and Patrick August 22nd.
[22/08/2010 7:16:33 PM] :)Patrickk♥: I know you want me
[22/08/2010 7:17:06 PM] whatshayanwhispered.: Ok.fine.
[22/08/2010 7:17:10 PM] whatshayanwhispered.: I WANT YOU :P
[22/08/2010 7:17:29 PM] :)Patrickk♥: :O really? :O
[22/08/2010 7:18:39 PM] whatshayanwhispered.: Pssht xD
[22/08/2010 7:19:06 PM] :)Patrickk♥: :O
[22/08/2010 7:19:13 PM | Edited 7:19:21 PM] :)Patrickk♥: lying or not? :O
[22/08/2010 7:19:24 PM] whatshayanwhispered.: you're cute and all :
[22/08/2010 7:19:30 PM] :)Patrickk♥: :D
[22/08/2010 7:19:33 PM] whatshayanwhispered.: but cyberdating isnt my thing xD
[22/08/2010 7:20:27 PM] :)Patrickk♥: :D
[22/08/2010 7:21:09 PM] :)Patrickk♥: I'd date you but you seem to not want to
[22/08/2010 7:21:10 PM] :)Patrickk♥: :D
[22/08/2010 7:22:00 PM] whatshayanwhispered.: you really fucking would ?
[22/08/2010 7:22:06 PM] whatshayanwhispered.: are you really serious ?
[22/08/2010 7:22:22 PM] :)Patrickk♥: huh
[22/08/2010 7:22:53 PM] whatshayanwhispered.: omfg.
[22/08/2010 7:23:07 PM] :)Patrickk♥: ? :D what
[22/08/2010 7:24:00 PM] whatshayanwhispered.: nothing :
[22/08/2010 7:24:19 PM] whatshayanwhispered.: LIm so happy you like me based on my personality and not my looks :D
[22/08/2010 7:24:21 PM] :)Patrickk♥: is it a good omfg or bad
[22/08/2010 7:24:28 PM] whatshayanwhispered.: its a really good one(:
[22/08/2010 7:24:32 PM] :)Patrickk♥: :O
[22/08/2010 7:25:05 PM] :)Patrickk♥: But I like ya'

Wow, pretty distrubing. Well Patrick who claims he is straight and has a girlfriend has been busted getting very friendly with someone he now hates and doesn't want anything to so with. Of course he denies it all saying that his Skype get hacked one a month... but the person who hacks never seems to change his password.

I like both of you guys... but if Patrick who used to pretend to be a girl, then was found on cam as a boy, then claim he was still a girl, then told everyone that he was indeed a boy, NOW claims he is straight, caught acting super friendly with a guy, and then still claims to be straight... I don't know what to believe. I really don't care for someone orientation, but I like when people are honest.

So is Patrick boy crazy? or is Shayan is delusional?

Attention seeking taken to a whole different level

A female, (one who closely resembles a four year old trolly dolly on crack) has been (according to Brit-On-Me) been going around 'bothering' one of the higher classes of this god forsaken site which we all-along with myself worship.
Just some of the names would be N1MKA4EVA, Servati, Queen-Of-Mean and Brit-On-Me himself!
I want to get it clear that when I said upper classes I was really talking about Charlotte, no offence to the other targets but I wouldn't consider them being on...anything A-Listed so It makes me wonder why this wicked girl named Cheer-for-love (she was obviously on something when she made this account since it seems as though she really jus
t cheers for attention even if she has to get her vagina out..**oops**)
So apparently this chic has been going around slandering people (what a jerk-off right?) except Effay decided to get into it by defending Char and that's pretty much how he got involved I;m not sure how and why she decided to piss of Ashley but there was a lot of animal leg humping going on from what I can see..(cries) and how does Servati come into this? Well apparently she was on Charlotte's account when all this happened in Char's GB...confused? So am I!
(Mind you this has come out of Effay's virtual gullet and we all know what sort of trash has gone down there if you know what I mean!)
Will Effay ever end his crazy orgy!? Won't Charlotte get robbed
with all those rares hanging around!? IS SERVATI GONNA GET AN ICY BLOWJOB?! AND WHAT THE F*** IS A PAINTED CABBAGE?! Only the (ugly) future will tell us...


Friday, September 24, 2010

Mandy Accused of Scamming

Today ColtonAttack has told people that he maybe leaving Stardoll today, and he has also made a announcement about poohg_1993 allegedly scamming him. If I'm not mistaken she was also accused of scamming someone before, or maybe she accused someone of scamming her who cares!

Any who, after read what she posted on her blog: World of Mandy I see both sides of the story, I think that if what she wrote in her blog is true, about having a agreement of giving him 3 one month codes then giving him a 1 year code later, then Mandy is right and Colton isn't. But I don't really understand why Colton is selling stuff for Stardoll Codes when he is leaving stardoll, shouldn't he sell if for real money?

I still adore you Colton, but I gotta say if you agree with Mandy for giving you your 1 year membership later on then your wrong.

What do you think of the scamming scandal?

Oh and by the way, I'm selling a account Male account, a little of 3000 starpoints, both female and male clothing. Username Ddlm11, Contact me for more info!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Discounted Stardollars blog? Scam?

Okay, well as I log onto Skype, I notice Servati (whom is advertising SDR) and a couple other people were online and and I was just looking around when I came around her status/mood bar, whatever you guys want to call it and it read " ~200sd for $3.50".

Well could this be a scam? Sure it could, but after reading the blog over I see that you pay $3.50 us dollars and then you put up a item in you starbazaar for 222sd and i guess the owner of the blog or the advertise will buy the item and you'll have your 200sd.

When I spoke to Debbie I was debating on buying the stardollars but then I thought of past events that happened, and what if this another part of a joke?

Has anyone tried this out yet?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ich bin so gepumpt meine Bälle sind juckende!

Hello! Hej! Hgkas! Hrets! Horndogs! It's your most loved citizen of Dollywood! (Well that's what John said on one of his sex addiction filled nights...)
ANYWAY guess who the Prince of Media? (No not Colton he is adopted) ME! I'll be doing what Linda does best even better than she does it and hopefully when she dies this blog will be mine! MUAHAHA! I've found myself being more up to the paint (in other words insulting) in some of the blog posts I want to write on some blogs and like where can I let out that sort of sh!t? HERE! So you'll definately be seeing tonnes of me (until Linda starts reading my posts and deletes them) and can I just clarify nothing I write should be taken to heart, it's just and opinion! Yours right now might be 'ZOMFG I CAN'T BELIEVE NOJARAMA IS WRITING FOR KOM! *VIRTUAL SCREAM*' whereas others might take a more dark approach for example 'YUCK! *VOMITS* WHY IS THAT DOUCHEBAG HERE?! ()*&%^(%*^*(%(!@'
All sh!t is welcomed! Green or pink, nice or bad, smelly or scented!

The Elites Are Back!

Looks like they didn't leave us after all! Mary changed to an amazing outfit and Lolita changed back to big things. Does that mean BBS is owned by Bruno still? What will happen with TSS? Mary promised a school, does that mean there will not be? I was actually accepted for a student, but I am quite sad that there will not be one. I hope Mary fully comes back, and continues, I don't think that anyone could do the things that she did. Not anyone. I will be more active now, I quit a few blogs, as you may have noticed, and it will be sad, but oh well. Linda made me co-owner and I am ready to live up to it (: What do you think will happen next with these too? Now that they are not so...gone.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Why did 'LOLita' leave?

As many of you have already heard 'LOLita' has left Stardoll! For all your guys how despise her and think she is just a prostitute fame whore, well then you guys are in luck!

Lolita has decided to leave Stardoll but what you guys may not know is that this was planned months ago, she told me before she told any of her close friends, which was a shocker.

Will she be back to stardoll? I'm not sure but really I think Lolita will be back by December

Here is our skype convo from July 27, 2010:

[7/27/2010 3:01:58 PM] Lolita E.: I will try all I can to leave sd with great memories
[7/27/2010 3:02:05 PM] Lolita E.: I am leaving by december.
[7/27/2010 3:02:35 PM] Linda: Why? You need to stay!
[7/27/2010 3:02:43 PM] Lolita E.: Nope
[7/27/2010 3:02:50 PM] Lolita E.: I really am not needed here.
[7/27/2010 3:02:56 PM] Linda: Lolly, I'm going to miss you!

She didn't feel needed so she left, great timeing right? She was working on The Star Awards, Edgy Magazine, BBS, TSS, I guess all of that is down the toilet.

You'll be missed Lolly Pop the Penguin♥

KOM's "What were you thinking" list

As we know so people either got style or not, and if you are under the not category expect to see yourself on this list! It is more fun to make fun of a outfits than to congratulate them so here are some people I've gather together.
Seriously, this frightens me. The shoes doesn't belong with the dress or blazer/jacket, dress doesn't belong with blazer and she top it off her animal ears which just made her one of the WORST dressed on stardoll. Congrats hun.

Really, what were you thinking? Maybe you were just playing around in your closet, but the socks are only cute(yet not fashionable) when you put 1 to 2 or maybe even 3 pairs on, not 20! I do adore the shoe though.
Little Miss/Mr. Blair/Anthony is this the same person who was known for his great fashion sense? Doesn't look like it to me, this outfit is... well terrifying! The bow on the collar looks terrible, and well the whole look, yuck! The only thing good about Antony look is that he is the best looking tranny on Stardoll, all those other posers can't compare!
Now Ellie's outfit isn't so bad, but the dress mix with the shirt didn't work for me. Also the Sunglass doesn't complement the outfit- at all.
Now now now, I've never seen this done before. This is one of the rarest cases I've ever witness and it is.... MIXING TWO FURS (that doesn't match) AT ONCE! Its not allow, ever! And it just looks really crappy.
She seems to be the queen on turning couture into trash. She has a really nice red lip, but the necklace or whatever is at the top of that dress just made an already ugly dress, hideous! This is the worst of the worst.

If your on this list and you hate me now, well you won't be the last.

And if you weren't on the list who should be? Visit my second blog Stardoll's Fashion Wonderland.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Well, well, looks like there was a tip in Tyler's Top Trends blog comments, Vaniteen's cover! Covergirl? Kylie Winters (missricopenguin) and for a beginner issue it looks decent.

Looks like Vaniteen should be re-named to VaniSeen.
Gossip Girl

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Red Carpet Extravaganza

Looks like Erin is gunna try to spice it up with a party, featuring best dressed on Elite news. Personally, I am not sure, it may be a hit or also be a miss. I am sorry for not being active, I have been sooo very busy, it sucks! Linda has been going MIA, so this blog will be not active for a bit, but most projects should end soon, so, look forward to more!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dioguardi Better?

Please, everyone knows that Dioguardi Group, Manolo was the founder, I guess he owns now, opened a few project, no the group, Cassandra in specific said this,
"I'm going to tell you that Beyond Beauty's goal IS to stand out from the rest!! Because we're talking high fashion here!! Forget everything you've ever read on any other Stardoll fashion blog because this is the real deal and I'm sure that this blog is going to be a rather delicious feast for your fashion eye!!"
Which I think is totally unfair. I mean yeah, lets use a graphic by Manolo to show that we are better than everyone else. What experience do you have? You aren't known for anything besides Manolo's blogs, only because you are his friend. Which is fine but, you have no right to criticize other fashion blogs by Stardoll Owners, they have potential to. Wow, desperate to hang on to Lolo? Maybe, maybe, not, looking for attention maybe. Like all the other blogs you "have started". But, why? Are you saying that my blog's failing? Or Linda's? Or Coco's? I'm sorry, Cassandra is great, but I don't feel she should have that right. Let's show her (:

TTT's Prep Style Competition Exclusive

Tyler Top Trend exclusive right here, the Prep Style competition has news for everyone who entered. Judging the competition will be Tylerisbold along with Style_Magazine. There will also be the new judge there is a new prize if you win, which is a makeup makeover given to you by Style_Magazine.

Woot Woot!

Have you join yet? If not enter now! Actually don't enter I want to win!


Tyler thinks Dioguardi Group Suck!

It came straight from the horse's mouth, Tylerisbold himself posted his thoughts on Dioguardi Group and its new project Beyond Beauty on his fashion blog, Tyler's Top Trends. Tyler was standing up for all Fashion blog and all blog in general after what the DG team had t0 say about Beyond Beauty.

"I'm going to tell you that Beyond Beauty's goal IS to stand out from the rest!! Because we're talking high fashion here!! Forget everything you've ever read on any other Stardoll fashion blog because this is the real deal and I'm sure that this blog is going to be a rather delicious feast for your fashion eye!!"

Tyler says this message is calling all fashion blog "shitty" and must have been offended because he put so much work into his blog.

To read exactly what Tyler say click:HERE

Tyler is correct, DG does suck? Or did Tyler took the message too personal?

Lolita and Vanessa tag team?

Looks like The Star Awards is making a come back this year. Really? The person spreading all this news is new owner Lolita (Miss_LolitaF), who asked Vanessa (Star_awards) for the copyright of the Star Awards.

Will Lolita and Vanesa be co-own the awards? Answer would be yes, both will be putting their brains together and bring the best award show Stardoll has ever had.Can't wait, very excited!

Follow to get the latest news on: The Star Awards

That's not it, friend of Lolita's, shakira_avril (Petra) who is owner of Gloss Awards may have some competition now. Hope something like this wouldn't cause a fuel between the two. I know the Star Awards will blow Gloss Awards out the water. Also Petra I saw what you put on Gloss Awards blog something like "For all of you dummies & gossipers out there; No I will not make myself a winner, I aint that shallow" you aren't shallow enough to declare yourself a winner but you were shallow enough to put yourself on almost every weird category Gloss awards has.

Hope the best for all three of you girls, and good luck with the Awards!