Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lolita and Vanessa tag team?

Looks like The Star Awards is making a come back this year. Really? The person spreading all this news is new owner Lolita (Miss_LolitaF), who asked Vanessa (Star_awards) for the copyright of the Star Awards.

Will Lolita and Vanesa be co-own the awards? Answer would be yes, both will be putting their brains together and bring the best award show Stardoll has ever had.Can't wait, very excited!

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That's not it, friend of Lolita's, shakira_avril (Petra) who is owner of Gloss Awards may have some competition now. Hope something like this wouldn't cause a fuel between the two. I know the Star Awards will blow Gloss Awards out the water. Also Petra I saw what you put on Gloss Awards blog something like "For all of you dummies & gossipers out there; No I will not make myself a winner, I aint that shallow" you aren't shallow enough to declare yourself a winner but you were shallow enough to put yourself on almost every weird category Gloss awards has.

Hope the best for all three of you girls, and good luck with the Awards!


Miss_LolitaF / Lolita E. said...

Personally I really appriciate this chance Vanessa gaved me and I really admire her, she really is an icon.

No comment for Gloss Awards.

Blahm3 said...

Wow cannot wait to see the nominations and that always exciting scrolling down the list trying to look for your name lol :D

ParanoidPetra(: said...