Tuesday, September 28, 2010

KOM Fashion Week Review: Day 2

Stardoll Fashion Week Day 2 of Fashion week reviews start now...

Lets start with Runway Magazine, I think editor-n-Cheif Vasia28 and her team did a great job! I love the whole 'hippie, funky, natural' look. I do think the graphics could have used a little more work, and a page or two could have had some more on it, but overall good magazine.

Wonderland of E is the next we'll review. I feel designer Vampire_ did a amazing job, when I first saw it I knew this was going to be one of the best accessory lines on Stardoll. I want more looks Vampire_!

Perfection was my least favorite for the day. It wasn't terrible by any means but no were near perfection. I feel the line up of the girl should have been different, the 2nd look (Blue dress with black waist high belt) should have been first because you should always start and finish with a bam! Not a fan.

Well that's Tuesday fashion week for you! Opinions?

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Anonymous said...

and Did you really think that Wonderland Of E was amazing?
WTF, the owner just mixed brands and she created something awful.
and the graphics are badly made.