Friday, September 17, 2010

Why did 'LOLita' leave?

As many of you have already heard 'LOLita' has left Stardoll! For all your guys how despise her and think she is just a prostitute fame whore, well then you guys are in luck!

Lolita has decided to leave Stardoll but what you guys may not know is that this was planned months ago, she told me before she told any of her close friends, which was a shocker.

Will she be back to stardoll? I'm not sure but really I think Lolita will be back by December

Here is our skype convo from July 27, 2010:

[7/27/2010 3:01:58 PM] Lolita E.: I will try all I can to leave sd with great memories
[7/27/2010 3:02:05 PM] Lolita E.: I am leaving by december.
[7/27/2010 3:02:35 PM] Linda: Why? You need to stay!
[7/27/2010 3:02:43 PM] Lolita E.: Nope
[7/27/2010 3:02:50 PM] Lolita E.: I really am not needed here.
[7/27/2010 3:02:56 PM] Linda: Lolly, I'm going to miss you!

She didn't feel needed so she left, great timeing right? She was working on The Star Awards, Edgy Magazine, BBS, TSS, I guess all of that is down the toilet.

You'll be missed Lolly Pop the Penguin♥

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