Friday, September 24, 2010

Mandy Accused of Scamming

Today ColtonAttack has told people that he maybe leaving Stardoll today, and he has also made a announcement about poohg_1993 allegedly scamming him. If I'm not mistaken she was also accused of scamming someone before, or maybe she accused someone of scamming her who cares!

Any who, after read what she posted on her blog: World of Mandy I see both sides of the story, I think that if what she wrote in her blog is true, about having a agreement of giving him 3 one month codes then giving him a 1 year code later, then Mandy is right and Colton isn't. But I don't really understand why Colton is selling stuff for Stardoll Codes when he is leaving stardoll, shouldn't he sell if for real money?

I still adore you Colton, but I gotta say if you agree with Mandy for giving you your 1 year membership later on then your wrong.

What do you think of the scamming scandal?

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Rachweee123 said...

idk what to believe but Mandy has been accused of being a scammer in the past.