Monday, September 27, 2010

SFW Runway Looks Leaked

Yesterday some anonymous person left us a little gift in KOM comments section. S/he leaked some looks that will be embracing the runway this week!

Who could this anonymous person be? Well I'm guess not any of the employers, BUT THE OWNER! She probably want publicity for her line, and what other way to get it than to create a scandal like this.

Lucky for the owner I love the looks, so I won't tear her apart. (Who is the owner?)

Okay you probably knew but the owner is Evita.Sweet, and I'm supposed to be in her show, so I can't wait to see the rest! Opinions?

Evita.Sweet didn't publish this and she says this is just the rough draft.


Anonymous said...

the owner had left tinypic links of these exact images on psychotic-freak's guestbook

it's all for publicty

Evita.Sweet said...

excuse me but cant you see that i did not posted this as a comment!
i ve talked with Becka about something and i left her some images there.
And this is not SFW final product, it is just my draft!
The person who saw it in GB, probably posted it.