Saturday, September 25, 2010

Partick has been busted!

Today was a very interesting day for me. I've found things out that I wished stayed a secret but didn't, but since its out i'll tell you guys the story. Well when I entered a tinychat conversation posing as Fakeshake3 (lol) I notice some boy ' singing', it was that or someone was under his laptop ... which was placed on his lap (o_O). Anywho let get to the real story, the boy was cooldeer123 one of Stardoll's trannies (still adore Shayne/something like that), well some how I brought up Devie44 and thats when all hell broke lose.

Cooldeer123 was expressing his thoughts by saying Partick was a cunt, ya yadadad. Then of course I told Patrick and then he said... yad yadad I'm a bigger person, blah blah. Then we took this convo to skype, and that when things were said that kind of scared me. Firstly Patrick deleted Shayne as a friend on skype so I add him to our convo and well just read what went down.

Convo Between Shayan, Patrick, and Myself.
[11:25:39 AM] SHAYAN.: heello cunt face.
[11:26:00 AM] :)Patrickk♥: hey cum eater :) and I have been? and im not a coward?
[11:26:15 AM] SHAYAN.: Die of aids dipshit.
[11:26:33 AM] SHAYAN.: Hehe.
[11:26:35 AM] :)Patrickk♥: My uncle has aids, that was offensive.
[11:26:40 AM] SHAYAN.: you so are, making shit.
[11:26:47 AM] SHAYAN.: fuck off.
[11:27:02 AM] SHAYAN.: Tell the freaking truth.
[11:27:14 AM] :)Patrickk♥: (shake)
[11:27:21 AM] :)Patrickk♥: and I am telling the truth
[11:27:25 AM] SHAYAN.: im leaking the convo to the blogs shit.

Haha, yes we here at KOM got Shayan to give us the convo (that he was referring to) and it reads:

Convo between Shayan and Patrick August 22nd.
[22/08/2010 7:16:33 PM] :)Patrickk♥: I know you want me
[22/08/2010 7:17:06 PM] whatshayanwhispered.: Ok.fine.
[22/08/2010 7:17:10 PM] whatshayanwhispered.: I WANT YOU :P
[22/08/2010 7:17:29 PM] :)Patrickk♥: :O really? :O
[22/08/2010 7:18:39 PM] whatshayanwhispered.: Pssht xD
[22/08/2010 7:19:06 PM] :)Patrickk♥: :O
[22/08/2010 7:19:13 PM | Edited 7:19:21 PM] :)Patrickk♥: lying or not? :O
[22/08/2010 7:19:24 PM] whatshayanwhispered.: you're cute and all :
[22/08/2010 7:19:30 PM] :)Patrickk♥: :D
[22/08/2010 7:19:33 PM] whatshayanwhispered.: but cyberdating isnt my thing xD
[22/08/2010 7:20:27 PM] :)Patrickk♥: :D
[22/08/2010 7:21:09 PM] :)Patrickk♥: I'd date you but you seem to not want to
[22/08/2010 7:21:10 PM] :)Patrickk♥: :D
[22/08/2010 7:22:00 PM] whatshayanwhispered.: you really fucking would ?
[22/08/2010 7:22:06 PM] whatshayanwhispered.: are you really serious ?
[22/08/2010 7:22:22 PM] :)Patrickk♥: huh
[22/08/2010 7:22:53 PM] whatshayanwhispered.: omfg.
[22/08/2010 7:23:07 PM] :)Patrickk♥: ? :D what
[22/08/2010 7:24:00 PM] whatshayanwhispered.: nothing :
[22/08/2010 7:24:19 PM] whatshayanwhispered.: LIm so happy you like me based on my personality and not my looks :D
[22/08/2010 7:24:21 PM] :)Patrickk♥: is it a good omfg or bad
[22/08/2010 7:24:28 PM] whatshayanwhispered.: its a really good one(:
[22/08/2010 7:24:32 PM] :)Patrickk♥: :O
[22/08/2010 7:25:05 PM] :)Patrickk♥: But I like ya'

Wow, pretty distrubing. Well Patrick who claims he is straight and has a girlfriend has been busted getting very friendly with someone he now hates and doesn't want anything to so with. Of course he denies it all saying that his Skype get hacked one a month... but the person who hacks never seems to change his password.

I like both of you guys... but if Patrick who used to pretend to be a girl, then was found on cam as a boy, then claim he was still a girl, then told everyone that he was indeed a boy, NOW claims he is straight, caught acting super friendly with a guy, and then still claims to be straight... I don't know what to believe. I really don't care for someone orientation, but I like when people are honest.

So is Patrick boy crazy? or is Shayan is delusional?


Brit-On-Me said...

Shay is an awesome person, he isn't a liar, Patrick, idk, At first he was "she" and idk much about him, just gossip so. Patric is the boy crazy

Alice in Wonderland said...

Whover uses AIDs as an insult should go die in a hole. It's a serious illness, I mean, THOUSANDS die from AIDs and we decide to use that as an INSULT? Sorry, but I thinhk that's completely barbaric. As for the sexuality of these two, I'm uncertain, but Patrick looks like he's joking, when he says stuff like "I know you want me" I assume that's a joke, 'cause he's said stuff that's similar to me, Emma, pretty much everyone. But hey, it doesn't matter, gay, straight, bi, asexual, everyone deserves respect for being themselves :P

PonijsLV said...

I am sorry but this is getting really really Stupid for god sake its STARDOLL!!!!!!!!

KingofMedia said...

Ok Applead,anywho I'll talk to the person who is worth my time...

I would say Patrick was joking with him, BUT when I showed him the message he like deny ever saying it, he blamed it on being hacked. If he was joking he would have just told me he was joking. But I patrick is a good person, he just not to honest.

Anonymous said...


blueberry-dream said...

I have a suspicion you are Evita.Sweet, I may be wrong...I mean, the hands on the graphics are still incomplete and on one of the graphics the hands and head are incomplete, and no one but the owner could have them. Even if it wasn't Evita.Sweet, why would they give incomplete designs to Becka anyway?
Just a thought here, I think everyone should stop trying to give out their designs anonymously to stir up drama.

Shayan. said...

Haha, love you too alice.