Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vasia gets nasty! Rawwwr.

Blog Tyler Top Trends, the blog that open closed and opened back up owned by Tylerisbold, you know the blog right? Tyler has been doing a great job keeping up the blog lately but recently has started some DRAMA with a post he calls "What were they think?: Vasia28" featuring Vasia. Well he say that the segment isn't being used anymore, yet last week or the week before that KOM did a segment called "Kom's "What were you thinking" list", ironic right?

Any who, seems like Vasia wasn't happy to see herself being criticized on his blog and she has some harsh words for both Tyler and Lolita, which WAS one of her good friends at one time. She wrote the following:

To Tyler:

"* Know someone who is sporting an awful outfit? Leave a comment below for a chance to have them featured in our daily 'What Were They Thinking?' segment!

Of course,I know someone! His username is Tylerisbold!

Do you think I care now? I like ym outfit and I don't give a shit about what you think,and actually,how can a gay idiot like you have a good fashion taste?!

I will tell to everyone my opinion about your little friends later,though."

To Lolita:
"@Lolita Haters make you notorious ;)and if you think you are something,you are completely wrong,hun! Albanians are nothing! ;)"

Wow! I like Vasia more and more every day. What she said to Lolita was pretty wrong, and I didn't know Lolly was from Albany, NY not too far from me.

Keep the hurtful word flowing you guys, enjoying every minutes of it!


Anonymous said...

Does Vasia know that most fashion designers are gay? LOL. She can call out my outfit all she wants, I didn't try on it and even if I did. It's an opinion of what that person thinks is fancy or trashy. The fashion world has their opinions and the fashion world is harsh. Vasia is so used to being protected and worshiped that a little reality check couldn't hurt.

Don't you remember dear, it's virtual.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, don't you remember T-Y-L-E-R, it's virtual?

2peicesofcandy1 said...

I'm of Albanian heritage and I honestly I wasnt too fond of the comment she made. lmaoo

Anonymous said...

But there's many kinds of gays (:
The Idiots ones and the amazing ones
and you're one of the idiots.
It's not hard to get (:

Miss_LolitaF / Lolita E. said...

Vasia sweety, my opinion was just my rate to your outfit and I don't think maybe because we were/are friends I should lie, I did NOT liked it and I gaved my vote. 3.5/10 Enjoy it :)

About Albania Issue... Albania does not goes and asks Germany for Money......

VampireLady33/Milena said...
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Alice in Wonderland said...

@Anon: Idiot gays? We get idiot straight people too, but they rarely get the kicks up the asses they deserve. I really wish people would stop using gay as an insult, it's nothing to be ashamed of, it's so common you could do a survey in your own town and find about half the people were actually bi or gay. Anyone who thinks gay people are inferior or whatever should go die in a hole (I've use that phrase alot lately... hehe)

Anyways, the whole Albania thing confuzzled me, but like I said, anything homophobic, racist etc. really pisses me off.

PS. I love the new layout :)

Lindsay said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm getting sick of people who have something agains gay people. seriously SICK.

KingofMedia said...

Thanks Alice! :)

Rachweee123 said...

"Wow! I like Vasia more and more every day. What she said to Lolita was pretty wrong, and I didn't know Lolly was from Albany, NY not too far from me."

She doesn't mean the capital of NY, she means the country, Albania.

KingofMedia said...

Lol, yeah I kinda figured that out after everyone started saying that Albanian (or something like that, never really heard of that country)... Haha